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Don’t even bother to read this. The author of this book obviously has some mental issues and can’t have less than 3-4 plot holes a chapter. I’m not saying that the translator is bad. The MC supposedly has a cheat ability to absorb the power/energy of those he kills to strengthen himself, which should theoretically allow him to zoom past the others due to this cheat. However this does not happen, there are many ranks ( S,A,B,C,D,E,F,G ) ( Level 1-9 within the ranks) the MC has awakened his ability the moment when he received the serum for awakening which is a super super genius, considering they thought that awakening 14 days layer was at genius level and he has still stayed at the G level. Later on he discovers a rift when the hand of a Rank S, yes a rank S, comes and attacks him, but his silver fox somehow rescues him and the Silver fox which is also at G rank cuts the Hand/finger ( can’t remember) off with the swipe of a tail. Now here is where it gets stupid and where I decided to drop this story, The MC absorbs the Finger/hand and only goes from tier G5 to tier G6 from a ******* S rank creature which is 7 ranks above him and he only gains one tier( even if it was only the hand/finger). If you don’t find that bull**** then here’s the real kicker, the enemy of the MC which awakened way later than the MC has somehow ranked all the way up to Rank E which is 2 whole ranks higher than the MC. How much bull**** does the author think that we readers can handle? I could handle the broken English from the Translator which is a blessing considering MTl, but it feels like the author has added every single cliche known to man and plot holes large enough to create a black hole out in the open, plot holes shouldn’t be happening every single chapter yet this author preceded my expectations and has done it. I’m astonished by the rating that this novel has and how people can keep lowering there IQ with this bull****. Fuck this my rant is over


Master of the End Times

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