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I think there's nothing more to say, this is probably the best novel out of this batch of trial novels. This is the type of novels people are looking for. If I had to list the disadvantages, then it is the author's focus on sex. He's like a virgin teenager. Players go around having sex with NPCs as soon as possible. All NPC girls give away their body to any noble/mage NPC/player. Raped girls, murder girl cases... MC gropes a girl with mental power by mistake... MC stays in an Inn that is a brothel... MC gets info from a tavern that has girls serving customers with their bodies... the Chief of Magic Association has young pretty girls serving him in Tower. Every f girl is blushing and ready to have sex. ALL THIS IN 60 SHORT CHAPTERS The spoiler is the reason why I can't give this story 5* even though the MC is a honest and decent guy. All the author thinks of is s*x and every next situation must be somehow involved with it!!!


Mages Are Too OP

Soaring Flames

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No offense, but you’re sort of being a prude. In no way was what you’ve listed focused on.


No offense, but you’re sort of being a prude. In no way was what you’ve listed focused on.


I don't think it's that bad. First of all it's often repeated that it's a kind of medieval culture there. Not to be offensive but I feel like people were a lot more focused on their instincts and as males were mostly in power the mindset of women to be a mistress of a noble (or spellcaster) or to only sleep with them is quite understandable in this context. Actually the mention of gold digger players who slept with the NPCs for benefits felt really realistic and also just the players who slept around just for the sake of it... And if a young girl sees a handsome (and maybe rich) lad why can't she blush?


I agree with _mori you are being kind of prude


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