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Wow. This is the literal best novel I’ve ever read, and dayum it is not what I was expecting it do be 😂 I was just lookin for some casual OP MC books with the occasional face-slap, and I stumbled upon this masterpiece! The plot has INCREDIBLE potential and the development is also very good, with hints at what is to come but nothing concrete. The class development so far is also very good, with seemingly (😏) balanced classes, whether they be balanced with more speed and less strength, or more everything and less “oH iF I sWING mY sWORD lIke tWICE iLL gET eNOUGH eXP tO lEVEL uP.” Overall, this novel is going VERY well so far, and the only excuse I can find that would be reasonable to not read it is that it’s only got 60 chapters right now. Also, just because of how relatable the MC and the other characters are, I’m going to point this out. The characters style of humor, their hobbies, and even their daily life is incredibly relatable. While this man is incredibly talented in-game, outside of it he’s just one of the bois, going to bars with friends, riding his back, playing some old nostalgic childhood games from time to time, and just not being a douchebag based on peoples’ backgrounds, etc.. It really gives this book a great comedic affect even making you laugh about things that weren’t even meant to be funny. Overall, this novel deserves five stars without a doubt, and if you’re debating reading it, read through at least the first two chapters, and you’ll know whether you like this or not.


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