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Shit. The MC is a self-entitled, idiotic coward. If you have to wait till chapter 40+ for the story to get good, then it's obviously shit. Who's masochistic enough to read 40+ chapters of pure garbage for something that might not even give satisfying returns? Anyways MC awakens nothing, and being the son of two famous awakened people, he cries like a little shit head, understandable. What's annoying is that he gets a system and takes it for granted, which obviously proves his 2 intelligence points to be true. He constantly ridicules the system and doesn't even want to work hard for power, when he's given the chance to, he whines like a little bitch about it, which mind you is almost every chapter. MC despite having the "Calm Mind" perk, is anything but calm, think of someone that's innately timid, matched with Naruto's boisterous personality and the IQ of a brain dead chimpanzee, that's what the MC is. His "veteran" parents practically ditch him at the start despite knowing that his system is a variant and they might use MC to get to her. There's no part of MC that's realistic at all, even for that blacksmithing perk where he got 20% in a bit, he still went ahead and bought it, proving his sub-human(Literally) IQ to be true. The story reads out like a typical school novel where the MC attends and goes through cliche encounters and crap, which is boring as ****. Overall I wouldn't recommended it to anyone, unless you have the attention span of a retarded squirrel.


The Ancient Genes


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So what you're saying is... I'm a masochist? Sorry to tell ya mate, but I don't pain yet I'm at chapter 540


honestly, at chapter 79 and the first 40 chapters of mediocrity were worth it.