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It's a passable story at first but at one point, the author started narrating the story from several points of views and it got really annoying really fast. In a same chapter it jumps 4-5 times from one point of view to the other and it ruins and confuse the reading. Showing the PoV of a character that was not properly introduced for which readers have no affection for make us feel one thing...annoyed. At chapter 20, MC is still weak as heck without any real action nor any prospect of MC having a passable strength any time soon. Would be acceptable if the story/world building was there to make up for it but so far nothing. I stopped reading it at chapter 20.


The Ancient Genes


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I did corrected the problem. And as for other thing. If u could read it up to 60. I think u will have a bit of different opinion Thank u for reading anyway


The biggest problem for me is the 8th grade syndrome comedy it has going on in it chapter after chapter after chapter... On top of this if he is supposed to be going to school to become a blacksmith then why hasn't the author written about the blacksmithing stuff and just jumps into a random adventure before even establishing his life as a blacksmith in training in the new school?