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i love this novel,great humour,great side characters and a nice cold blooded and sophisticated mc. i do have some questions i hope can be answered it appears mc has the ability to copy peoples powers(or even his own like 'vexing gaze')but cannot use it freely it seems? some conditions need to be met. i can understand in terms of others ability but why impose such restrictions on his own i wonder. what is the mc's class and power level mc does not take any active measures to increase his strength. does it increase passively or does it increase based on the strength of guild invictus? i love the overall story its a great joy to find a protagonist who does not fall to the usual chiche though i do hope that in future chapters author would shed light on the world and its power systems in detail. what happened to the previous tycon? did he die? sigh. i would be most thankful if my queries are answered, thank you.


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Slight spoilers: Thank you for the review, friend-cultivator. In theory, it helps with the algorithm to attract new readers. Blood and thunder. Now for your answers: 1. Tycon's Skill Usage To make a horribly oversimplified analogy: Tycon is akin to a professional chef that has cooking tools, ingredients, and a cabinet full of spices. Tycon can use [Vexing Gaze] due to his bloodline. The chef can make a Sichuan-style dish because he stocks Sichuan peppercorns. Tycon can demonstrate a basic [Fire Slash] due to his basic understanding of fire magic. The chef can make a Mexican-style taco with a basic carne asada marinade and a general understanding of a corn tortilla. It might taste... odd, but it will be palatable and filling. He doesn't make tacos often, as he'd rather make what he's familiar with. It's easier for him, uses ingredients he has plenty of, and the result is far superior. 2. Tycon's Class & Power Level Tycon's Class is Warlord, a subclass of Tactician. I'm unable to check on where exactly in the story you are, but he reaches Gold-Rank somewhere around Chapter 281. Most humans don't reach higher than that, outside of fortuitous circumstances. Humanoids that do are long-lived, 800+ year old elves. At that point in time, a human adventurer's strength increases by mastering versatile Skills, amassing enchanted gear... and gathering powerful allies. 3. What happened to Tycon? Some light is shed on this as the story progresses. Notable would be the reveal of Tycon's previous name at the end of Volume 3 and a stand-off with a bothersome woman at the end of Volume 4. Feel free to ask questions in the chapter comments or send me a message on the Discord.