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I've reviewed it before, now gonna post another review again: this novel is awesome!!!!! I thought before it was promising, but i can say now that it's a gem. Some people may think it's a bit of a slowburn (for those who love whirlwind romance), but for me this is perfect. I was just getting tired of all those overbearing CEOs, and this is very refreshing! An ML that's like a loyal and gentlemanly knight, gentle and caring, inwardly loving but unable to express it into words, like a knight willing to stay in the shadows to sacrifice himself for his treasured princess! Reminds me of my favorite Knight Tsuzaku in Lelouch of the *********.... And the FL, very independent and assertive, i love how she eats tofu without detection, flirting with and teasing the gentlemanly knight. The plot progression is quite smooth, the newbie author (i think she mentioned before that it's her first novel, was it? But it was already really good) so far is able tow write almost like a genuine chinese web author, i think the editor greatly contributed to that as well, thanks to the author and editor for their hardwork. The novel makes me want for more, so I'm glad that it's very steady in it's daily updates, and that each chapter is not too short. Absolutely supporting this novel til the end!!! I can't wait for the mystery of her rebirth to unravel!!!


To Love You Again


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Oh my god, i forgot to add that the confession, the latest chapters at this time, is awesomely wondrous!!!! Very straightforward, no bushing around the bush, no misunderstanding about it, a straight punch "I like you, as woman likes a man" kyaaaaaaa!!!!!!! And yes, it's FL who took initiative and it felt like so natural and just right. K I'm swooning over our handsome FL....


Aww πŸ’˜ my heart. I'm so happy with your so wonderful review. I don't know what to say. You made me speechless with happiness here. Thank you for adding a big chunk to my confidence. I'm an amateur and your words meant a lot. I'm so happy people like you appreciate my work. There's no editor here yet, I can't still afford them. But thanks to Grammarly, the grammar improved. I am very motivated right now. Thank you a lot for your support to TLYA, my wonderful reader ^^ πŸ’“




Thanks for your review I'm goning to read this next for sure!!


totally agreed 😍😍


I agrreeee with you!!!πŸ₯° I love this book!!


Yes true


Is it double rebirth?? If it's not then I'm gonna pitying the ML in past life.......


i was already interested in this story but this review just made it impossible not to check it out I will be back with my own review I am super excited to get this going....


You have motivated me to read the story. I'm very tired to read about despotic ML that do not respect the FL kissing hugging without her consent, even raping her. Also, ignoring or treating her coldly. I just can't, really. I can't help but think: why are you in that relationship? There are more fish in the ocean. I don't understand why a female will keep loving someone that does not treat her as she deserves. I know these are fictional stories but..ugh. Recently, I had to quit reading a novel where the ML raped continuously, mistreated in different ways the FL just because he thought that she abandoned him eloping with other man and leaving him and their child behind. Even she had to bear seeing him fucking other woman. I couldn't continue reading that novel but it seemed they ended together, unfortunately. So, it is refreshing finding a different novel with a different ML. Thanks for your review.


wow what an amazing chapter keep it up