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Just here to comment the tags. It's funny how many irrelevant ones there are. Romance? Nah. Hidden gem? Nah. Kingdom building ? A faction called nerds is counted as kingdom building? Less than 10 members btw. Apocalypse? Yeah meh, if you use the term loosely. Magic? Eh... eh... no. You are missing one tag, the biggest, actual central piece tag of this novel. Science or science-fiction however its called. Every chapter contains some complex science jargon that puts Sheldon to shame. This tag game is giving a seriously wrong impression of what this web novel is about. Romance - weak to strong - magic - hidden gem - survival - apocalypse - litrpg. Makes you think its some little boy in a fantasy world that is living post cataclysm and is in hiding, a world with knights wizards etc... and typical fantasy love. Which is absolutely NOT what is going on there. Nothing matches. Actual review : Its good for a web novel here, supreme magus level, hell, its a lot like supreme magus.


The Oracle Paths


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