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•Its so good at the start, i really excited for mc expand his territory and gather more people. •i gotta say the story development quality drop after MC & Kaley become a couple, a lot of chapter are about sex, Kaley is hypersex+bisexual and have harem (all of them are women), Mc always get dominated and forced to have sex with multiple women. All the young women close too MC are bisexual too wtf. •Mc kill someone just because that person call his katana is bad, so childish and cringe. •the comedy are absurd for me, i do get the reference for some jokes, but most of it idk. •Author got too detailed with gun and vehicle, normal people like me should open google just to know what the author talking about, which is bad imo. •WTF IS BARANGAY, well i do know what it means after searching on google, please don't use your native language for something important, unless you want the reader only from your own country.


Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!


Liked it!

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