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First of all, the rating of this novel is mega faked. Out of the 236 current reviews, about 100 of them are fake 5 star spam. I'm not sure whether the author deletes lower revs, but well, if the post is gone then... The grammar was pretty bad. The story was also basic and simple. Most of all, the author kept stealing plotlines from God of Music and Top Management, without even bothering to change nothing other than the name. If it was once, okay then... but it keeps happening, and with the story already average enough as it is, it makes it hard to keep reading. Literally, basically all of his ideas were directly copied off the novels. Also, I think he claimed there was an editor... but it didnt feel like it at all... It feels like the novel has a lot of cliche and plot armor too... Not as bad as most fan fic, but... It might not be that bad if you are a new reader, and your English isnt the best, however if u read blot of online novels already, then... The characters felt like ones u see in most harems, 2d.., Overall, the only advantage of the novel was the update speed. I really wanted to keep reading, as there is barely any celeb novels and I like them, I really tried... but it kept making me want to turn off my phone... sorry... Plus... I especially dont like pirates...


Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star


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That’s what I thought. I’m very confused why so many people give it 5 stars with such unoriginal story plot. From the 1st arc I was already thinking “Isn’t this just the paraphrased version of Top Management? Lower quality too.” But it’s number 19 in Ranking, it should be quite good. Maybe he just used this plot as opening and the next should be original. Answer: BIG FAT NOPE, next plot is to be taken from God of Music. I might as well reread Top Management and God of Music as their translators have better English than this novel.


It's especially bad because of the fact that I just read Top Management. Once or twice I can deal with but it's just too similar with Top Management. The characters in this novel are very very similar to Top Management. It's a super turn off. I was seriously looking for another good "celebrity type" novel since Top Management made a lasting impact on me but unfortunately, it's on hiatus and doesn't seem to have the possibility of a continuation. I gave this novel a try too but I stopped at 100+. For those of you that might read my comment, just go ahead and read Top Management then you will understand where I'm coming from. Although Top Management is discontinued/hiatus, it is on another level as compared to this one. To Killerbee, have some originality next time. I think you can write. Your English might not be as good but a good editor can help you in that regard. Although IMO there's a lot of plots that are super similar to Top Management, you did modify it to fit your novel. However, because I read your novel after reading Top Management, it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Nevertheless, good luck on your next novel, hopefully, there's some authenticity. Cheers.


you should try Hollywood hunter . it's written by the author of I am in Hollywood


Thank you for at least spreading awareness among the fellow readers.


wow I'm planning to read this! thanks for the warning guys