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The story itself is pretty good. There are some obvious situations very similar to other novels but it has quite a lot of potential in my opinion. There would be 2 things which would need improvement though for me. The first is grammar since you have gone premium you really need to get a proofreader for your chapters especially the earlier free ones since they will get you readers. The 2nd is more of a writing improvement, because you have it sometimes that the execution of the reaction to a scene seems to be more of a narrating instead of showing. This makes it seem quite bland in comparison to your build up which is very good. I like how you build up the *******, if you make the conclusion more of a showing the expressions or changing to the viewpoint of fans or other people it would make it more immersive. I know that the author is quite new to writing and i see some improvements till now which makes me believe that it will become better and better. Therefore i would definitely recommend this novel to everyone esoecially to us which liked top management or i really am a superstar but were disappointed with the big flaws in IRAS and the discontinue of TM.


Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star


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Oh hey bebe, didn't expect to see you here lol.


Since you recommend it ill def give it a read.