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overall 3/10 wouldn't recommend. Some light spoilers. I have read it to about 588. Writer is willing to come up with a lot of new ideas but he refuses to define them, it's very annoying, for example when he/his pets get a skill his useless phone doesn't explane what they are they, he leaves them ambiguous to define them later as to what the situation needs. He gets a weird letter from his stepmother's father, he doesn't discuss it with her, why? no reason, later he finds out that he (his step mom's father) is stuck somewhere and his step mother is going to a dangerous place to find him, she asks the MC if her father left anything with him, he says no, why? nobody knows, does he even try to figure it out? NO, IT HAS BEEN MORETHAN 400 CHAPTERS! CMON MANNNNN. sorry I lost my self. the dialogue between the MC and the other characters is lacking a lot, for example when any character becomes a little bit more rational and starts to think and ask good questions the writer decides to shut them up with "sense they didn't tell me I can't ask them" line, like Huhh? it's just lazy and annoying. and jäk's arc was so irrational, brainless, stupid and trying too hard, he is an evil man he doesn't abide by laws and kills people left and right on a whim, with a lot of difficulty we were able to capure him and imprison him, now let's cut him a deal if he can capture a 16 year's old kid at the legendary stage and bring him over we will let him be free again to kill more people and cause chaos in this chaotic world. Lastly, why does no one question the MC's powers? they all treat it as a given, I think they know he is the MC.


Let Me Game in Peace

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