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I guess I'll give this 5 stars, just due to how unforgiving some people are to this novel. If you want a character that levels up to the absolute top in a single swoop and face slap everyone, this novel isn't for you. If you want extreme face slapping, hot-blooded youth defending their honor from the entire world by killing everyone who disrespects them and culls their bloodline to ensure no "roots" are left, this ain't for ya bud. This novel plays pretty slowly, but it takes its time to fully enjoy what it has to offer, instead of rushing through stages and realms to keep pushing the status quo and the power ceiling. I have read this novel to the 1214th chapter in a few days and I still crave more. Aside from that, the main character Zhou Wen is a rational person, cold-blooded even from a point. But that's just a fraction of him, unlike other cold main characters, in his mind and when he's alone he reacts to situations exaggeratedly and funnily, he shows his character through actions and not words. Instead of saying how family and friends are so important and how he has to become stronger and save them every 10 chapters, he just gets stronger and shows what he means through action. While that may not make sense in a way, that's how I feel. After reading novels for a decent 5 or 6 years, this was one of the novels that kept me on edge and kept me entertained when countless other new novels from the last 3 years have failed to keep me interested from 10 to 50 chapters. This has been more of a rant then an actual review but I hope I get my hope across that if you are bored from OP MC's gaining incredible power the moment they inhale oxygen, then give this a try.


Let Me Game in Peace

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can u tell me if there is any romance?