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This is the first book i've ever given a review on WN, and also the first i've given two of(。•ω•。)ノ♡ honestly, the writing skills of little blue is just pure gold, from her comedic timing, to her swift hands coming behind you to pierce you in the chest with a load of agony and pain, to her creativity and imagination to form plot twist and give a variety of events and interactions that make you feel the world being built around them, or at the very least feel as though the most of side characters have life in them, where they have differing personalities and charm. Hah...The duality of being a reader, i dont know how many tears i shed over the current arc(arc 4) and laughed till i was rolling on the floor from laughter. Theres also that versatility and uniqueness, where you feel as though you can never fully predict who will be the next shard, or what will happen to a detailed extent, yet theres foreshadowing here and there, in which tbh im too shallow to pick up most of the time:,3 Da Gong is still best boi, and best male lead DONATE KOFI TO THE DEAR AUTHOR IF YA CAN\(◎o◎)/(yes ik im shameless:P) Thank you little blue for all the effort and time you've placed into your book, ily, also looking forward to the next arc, and new readers scoping out if this is a good book, heads up there'll be a very shameless and sl*g, spicy chicken host waiting for you~ ;3


[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?


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