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This is an excellent novel that contrasts from the norm of transmigration stories. The protagonist(JH), who’s personality i absolutely love, is someone who is *very* shameless and isn’t afraid of doing what he wants. He doesn’t force himself to like others either, which includes the gongs, (to conclude he is, as the novel says, a spicy chicken), making the story feel more natural and realistic.Thus, you can throw away any expectations of love at first sight, since this is NOT one of those qt that has the mc/ml like the mc/ml because of a *special magical feeling* or because they acted like and are thus the ml from the previous world. Next, with the fantastic writing, one can easily be absorbed into the story and have a vivid imagination of each character. The comedy is especially up my isle, such as JH being willing to tease to the extreme, and the conversations between JH and Bebe. I find the concept to be unique too, since JH isn’t transmigration to act as someone, nor is he transmigration to fufill the wishes of others, but to improve the story by being part of it and so on. The gong is great too, since each part has a different personality and could be anyone, which, at this point, I just think of them as different people But since I’m biased, my all time favourite gong is *spoilers on the gongs* Da gong,100%, can’t change my mind.A sweet, loyal, loving, epic, powerful rooster with the cherry on top of being a tsundere, i can’t think of anything that could top that. The only critism i can give is that sometimes the story feels a little draggy, but besides that i have nothing to complain. To sum things up, great writing, comedy, characters, and definitely a top-notch novel worth spending time reading


[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?


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Now i wanna read it


this is a long compliment. even without this, i already hooked reading the book.😁😁😁


Of course. Da Going is best boy.


Da Gong is truly the best ML!


No way! Tian Shun definitely tops the charts! Who don't want a psychopathic, obsessive, scholar as a mate?

mental_waifu:Of course. Da Going is best boy.