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Quick Transmigration is easily the best novel I have read on this site Jia Hyson and his system posses wonderful chemistry and are both highly personable and entertaining characters with the protagonist being an entertainingly debauched and flamboyant with a refreshing sense of morality Bebe the system is largely relegated to the role of comic relief though it is a role which suits them well The overall story is well written with the author skilfully and vividly describing the varied situations Jia Hyson finds himself in choosing interesting and novel (pun entirely intended) the premise of the novel is also an innovative take on the usual system trope as for the individual arcs of the story all are interesting takes on usually trite story-lines and character tropes where through the actions of our intrepid protagonist the circumstances are changed and unplumbed depths are found in the characters often to hilarious or horrifying results in conclusion I would entirely recommend this novel even if I am usually not someone who would partake in BL novels TL;DR. This is an incredibly good novel. Read it. 5/5 Would get traumatised again.


[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?


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