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Well played, very well played. The novel is very good and gets you hook instantly with its humour, plot, chemistry, characters and the emoticons. Through the first arc, you will experience symptoms of hunger, heart warming, and laughter from the way the author describes things. Through the second arc, the horror will get you and awaken your inner 'freeminded' self. The third arc is when it gets...kinky and flamboyant. Each chapter is long and very satisfying. Each arc is unique to its own self. Through plots and humour along with the laughters and tears it will bring, it really is well played. It was hard to keep the humour when writing and getting interesting twists and turns, here and there. As they say, this book is an absolute diamond, definitely one of my favorite bl stories that definitely deserves a reread. And mind you, I don't really reread a book so yeah. I really recommend this although not the night before an exam. Thank you author-sama for creating this novel and sharing with us! \(^~^)/ ❤


[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?


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(kind of a spoiler, but not read at your own risk.) I'm not even sure if that's a spoiler but its still a very good review. Arc four: lol jia hyson goes slightly flesh-rippy-rippy with some claws.