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I get it this is from fanfiction site ,but I mostly read from this site my preference .I do read from fanfiction but like it's so not arranged properly for my taste to find a good read from that site .ok so now my review. *SPOILER WARNING* I fucking loved it .it is my favorite fucking marvel fanfiction till now .I have read till 99 chapters before making this review. The only thing that might be out of place might be the whole cheat where he can get others powers , buy like compared to some other fanfics this cheat is more reasonably possible than most .Also did not expect the harem I most only expected like jean and Felicia .also did not expect the whole reed going full jealousy.The whole alternative dimension thing nicely done by the author ''imjusttryingtofindmyway'' also loved the magic spider man learned Also loved the intergalactic battles. All I can say it was so good it was so In my preference side . It's rare for me to find a good marvel fanfiction. Also if anyone know any good DC or Marvel Reincarnation based fanfiction form any site it would be nice recommendation for me to read .


Recarnation of ultimate Spider man


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