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Giving 5 stars hoping for you to continue the novel For me it's interesting enough Suggestions I would suggest for him to learn to control haki(will) outside the body instead of the three different hakis with his willpower(haki) energy he can emulate spells that can buff himself because in the marvel universe magic is considered as the manipulation of energy to create phenomena Example of this is iron fist with his chi(jacked up bioelectricity/lifeforce/vitality) to do simple spells that help him in buffing his fists Iron fist is just not cloaking his fist but flowing the energy throughout his arm emulating a chainsaw or just increasing the durability of his fist to counteract the recoil of punching so hard Or having his chi(bioelectricity) flow throughout the body to accelerate the process of healing In which by the way falls into magic in the marvel universe of manipulating of energy to create phenomena So does mutants like jean are sorcerers kind off but not really sorcerers learn from the start and manipulate more or less kinds of energy While mutants like jean or human torch are cheaters having already an affinity to a particular energy which is most of the time very high and they only need training to control said energy but also a disadvantage because it's harder to control other elements/energy because it may conflict with an energy that is already flowing through a mutants body hard but not impossible So we have energy we're just lacking a master to teach him I would like to suggest that if he gets to earth have someone in kama taj to be his master The people in kama taj are not only sorcerers But also warrior monks like mordo I would like to suggest also that his armor/suit to be made from UMF from fantastic fantastic in adapting with different energies /body types with proto-adamantium(vibranium and adamantium) and uru ptadmtm for durability and defense against physical means and uru for the more magical defense and also uru gets stronger with high energy types such as infinity stones or a dimension full of dark energy from the dark dimension to name a few Enchanted by himself(mc)/someone with runes etc. If mc is smart enough add a small ai to keep track of armor status durability etc. Have vali wear power dampeners/gravity item So he can lower his strength and get stronger by doing it I'm not making him do super saiyan training But in theory adding microtears due to exerting more force because of additional gravity and having them repair over time will equal more muscles This will only work in a long term vali is no super saiyan but he can train his muscles until the limit of the body without limiting his agility


Asgardian Sword God


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