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I must say the best best novel A MASTERPIECE .if anyone didn't read it yet u will miss most beautiful story ever .... dear Sofia u really blessed with your writing skills .really you hooked me with your story .I loved the story soo much .so much is a small word to say. I became really a big ,huge fan of u and ur writing . if any one thinks why should I read this novel. ......to all of them I ll say that it has a great affection of love, family ,friendship .... A beautiful bond of love. A supporting family . A great friendship. and finally ... A great mystery to chase .... but author can u say me that how many chapters are their in this novel .is it completed novel or on going novel. . ...please tell me I'm dying to no about it . at last... .dear author keep writing more like this novels. .....and stay healthy. ..


One last time


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