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Another great novel by Piokilek - same author of Spirit cultivation. Despite the cliche sounding synopsis of a soldier being wrongly accused and then thrown in prison, the author really takes great time in building the characters - actually the first 50 or so chapters are only with the MC and the main love interest. This shows how much effort is spent on building relatable characters, and despite this, the chapters don't feel like filler chapters or that the plot isn't progressing. Really well written. Yes, the chapters are filled with some xxx stuff, but unlike Spirit Cultivation, where the erotic scenes feel like they are mainly for fan-service, Chameleon uses the scenes to build and further segment the relationship between the MC and love interest. Overall, id highly recommend this novel. So far, there hasn't been much workd development, but the overall plot and end goal of the MC is being pretty well defined. It'll be exciting to see whether Piokilek also chooses the harem route with MC or the more traditional "MC crosses oceans of fire and mountains of blades in order to be with his dream girl" approach.


Chameleon: My True Face


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If there's a harem I'm gonna riot


If it's not a harem i'm gonna riot. To each their own =P

TiananmenSquare198:If there's a harem I'm gonna riot