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Almost perfect but since it is tag as R18, and also titled, "The Pleasure Lord", it is really lacking of any good h-scenes. Maybe the Pleasure Lord is you and that reading the novel is pleasure itself!? Spoiler: He already met so many harem-candidate, yet there is still not action. 2 aunt and 1 same-age girl right off the bat. Now he met 2 beautiful ladies and one of them got a good looking mother. Now that's a total of 6 women ready for him, yet I don't see any progress with any of them, maybe there is with Anna but it is so little of a progress, and also some with his aunts, I think!? That's all, overall, still a good read 4/5 5* = 4.8 If you add SOME more h-scenes (please don't ruin it with too much h-scenes), maybe I'll immediately make it 5/5 5*!! Thank you for this masterpiece, Pleasure Lord.


The Pleasure Lord


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