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I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone, well content wise anyway... Also before I forget this gets into so really dark topics and descriptions so if you are a whiny brat that can deal with ***** content I suggest you don't touch this Im not hating on it but this guy has put a hellish amount of time into crafting a brilliant story. However, the first 20 or so chapters you either love or hate, hell even the author himself states this and I agree the beginning is very info based and alters between a typical cn reincarnation, okay I lied it follows some of the norms but it's not some goody two shoes greedy kid that has no idea how the world works or what is sex, and a man with a plan that knows what he wants also he's like god their op so is his waifu collection they be scary. Also he has tons of pop culture references, he is a man of culture. But after chapter 20 it picks up and gets like super good like binge worthy good, also these aren't short chapters the average chapter length is 30ish pages long, but yeah it's one hell of a novel I'd recommend it. Also just a shout out to the author keep up the work my friend I'm not putting this one down like ever. End of rant


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What rant? This is straight out facts!