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Simply stated, this an average novel among Webnovel standards. 2-D characters that aren’t fleshed out, so they feel like the generic MC’s and secondary characters all over this website. The plot in this story started fairly simple and easy to grasp, a reincarnated second chance to reach the top and beyond. What started as a VR story became a mixture of Gods and the supernatural, which could’ve been great if it wasn’t for one thing... VR. Just like Shura’s Wrath, an older novel that tried to merge the VR world and real world. Like it’s predecessor, this one failed so far. Not to insult the authors ability but every character you’ve read about in any other VR novel, is literally the same except the change in names and locations. To the MC’s love interest whose beauty is ‘absurdly-breathtaking-she-hides-her-beauty. Even the MC and Gods can’t resist.’ The MC himself is no different, following the ‘cold-hearted and emotional’ trope. This novel could have better potential but the author tries to make things edgy and emo, making the novel a cringe-read. I assume because the author is probably a first-timer and a teenager (which turns out to be false, since they’re a law student.) Instead of using VR, the author should’ve opted to based the story in the real word with fantasy elements or- in the future where VR was so transcendent, it literally was a second life rather than just a ‘game’. This would’ve meshed the story better in my humble opinion. Instead we have immersion breaking elements such as status bars and other rpg-elements that’s redundant throughout chapters. Which will only further destroy the immersion for the reader since the author introduced the concept of different ‘universes’ based on a theme (wuxia, steampunk, western...). The novel is decent for a speed-read or when bored. If the author would further refine and better mix the world of reality and VR, this story could leap. Unfortunately the combo of stale characters and storytelling sells it short.


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Kotario:Thanks for sharing and reading so far, I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

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