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Ok I must say as a book nerd, this is by far my most favourite novel. Although there were some chapter repeating problems it’s pretty much fixed now. The story starts with a forecast of what happens in the future, but only a scene or two is shown. Then the story goes back in time to start in a chronological order of when the FM lead meets her first male lead. As you all know from the tittle and summary there are 2 male leads that are brothers. Then the story develops to the point where it shows how the relationship was between the 3 main characters. Mostly it focus in on the loving and romantic relationship between the FM and 1st ML. I swear to everyone and everything you will love it. It is like an emotional roller coaster ride that will take you and suck you all deep into the story. And let me tell you that at chapter 500, the story is just about to go on into more intimate story. I can’t say anything else because I’m also waiting for more chapter and is excited to read about the FL and the 2nd ML for all those little shadow forecasts and snippets of future scenes and it’s driving me nuts bc now I think I’m in love with both ML’s !!! Honestly if you love romance, a bit of mystery and plot twit-ish you will be addicted to this novel, that I promise you! Who knows when you catch up to the latest chapter you would be the one begging the author to update more chapter?? Anyway shoutout to the author thank you so much this is already an amazing story and I want moreeee and you are an incredible writer!!😍😍🙏💯


Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband


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I just want to know when her story with the 2nd ML starts, I get that it's important for us readers to understand the depth and love in the relationship between the MC and the 1st ML and that direction of the plot's progress, but I am toooooooo curious so I had to ask...😅


indeed bro.💜