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i read till chapter 623.. but i feel that FL is stupid and keep on bringing harm to her ownself and also to those who are close and good to her. why she cant be smart for once.. not recommend to those who hate a weAK FL . i almost can predict her suffering more and endless hurt to her own mom, family members, friends, relatives, those who cares about her. is that what she wants. i dun think she will have happy ending with such stupid attitude.


To My Dear Mr. Huo

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indeed cos later part she even help the bad guy that try to rape her n let that bad guy take advantages of her family and beloved that try to protect her. she will end up divorce and have a child. Bad guy some more want to take her hand in marriage so could get more benefit. she stupid until let bad guy be her daughter god father. sad ending.


yeah FL is too stupid.. ending not perfect... but the lotus sister PeiZheng is very good ending..if u all like her then can continue d story.. but end seem like reconcile between both sister.