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Lottery ticket - 1,000 system points John only had 10,000 points. He bought five tickets for five thousand system points and left the remaining five thousand points for emergency purposes. [ Ding.. Choose one card. Tap the card you wish to choose. ] John tapped the fifth card which then flipped and showed a few words that said, '20 sets of Saiko herbs'. John was plenty satisfied as these herbs could be used to make the essence energy replenishment pill. He then once again use the lottery ticket. In his second, third, fourth and fifth chance, he obtained 5,000 system points, Lucky necklace, 1kg gengitium metal and 20,000 system points respectively. John had worn the Lucky necklace after he had gotten it so his luck had improved considerably and he had gotten better things in the fourth and fifth chance. Lucky necklace - Increases luck of wearer by 10,000 % John then brought out the Random cultivation promotion card and crushed it. The notifications that followed suit made him ecstatic beyond measure. [ Ding.. Selecting Random Realm of cultivation to promote to. ] [ Ding.. Peak Divinity realm selected. ] [ Ding.. Commencing promotion.…. ] [ Ding.. Cultivation concealment card in effect... Controlling any leakage of essence energy that might alert others of Host's cultivation. ] [ Ding.. Excess essence energy is being taken care of. ] [ Ding.. Unable to contain heavenly effect. ] This thunder and lighting only happened once someone stepped on the Divinity realm. Even though john had directly stepped onto the Peak of Divinity realm, it was still Divinity realm. [ Ding.. Selecting random job for promotion. ] [ Ding.. Alchemy selected.. ] [ Ding.. Alchemy job promoted to 15 star job. ] [ Ding.. Congratulations host for becoming an alchemy god. ] [ Ding.. Rewarding ten random pill recipes… ]


Auxiliary Job System


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