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This story is addictive because it is a typical Chinese story about face slapping. I laughed many times, but I am dropping it now. Like other Chinese stories, the story feels too forced recently. The Author is twisting the reasoning of his characters too much. Example 1: MC shows she can use purple spirit in front of the academy around ch750 I think. Later she is investigated into and students of her academy are questioned, they literally tell everything about her but magically, nobody says she can execute purple spirit. Simply forgetting the fact it ever happened without explanation. Example 2: her ally the crown prince met her in her cross-dressing-disguise. She also meets him later with her real identity, but he does not realize it is her, even though they were talking with each other. (he does not remember her voice for no reason at all) Later like 30chapters, the father of the crown prince (the king) notices people talking behind a closed door. and he instantly recognizes them as his wife and his minister. Example 3: she found an abandoned house where the old king of the biggest country died. He left some information on the wall of the house which helps her immensely, so she silently treats him as her master. She finds a ring in the house which she wears. HOW can a small 14 year old girl wear the ring of a grown up man? If she did wear it as a necklace, I would have understood. But author made her wear the ring on her ring finger to make other characters realize she has that ring. A ring that gives her the power to become the new emperor of the currently biggest kingdom. Example 4: MC throws a tantrum in biggest kingdoms thrown room with her Guardian beast. Again, people investigating the MC character later cannot find out she has a colossal guardian beast at her command. Mind you, it's never stated how big that beast is, only that it was too small for the throne room and damaged the ceiling, even when it's a 4-legged beast (its longer than it is high). The throne room was more like a hall as well, where dozens of guests where regularly invited to. (I guess the beast is at least 20meter high. It's already bigger than around 5 meter, because the bear of one of her friends is said to be small in front of her beast (bear is above 3 meters)). A colossal beast heaving havoc in the kingdoms throne room in the middle of the day and escaping gallantly through the front door of the palace is not being noticed by any one. check. Example 5: MC is dense and introvert. She never went sightseeing in the first 900chapters. She did ONLY travel if she got a benefit out of it. She also ALWAYS was low key, to the point of just letting others berate her without blinking an eye. For some reason, she wanted to watch fights at the arena where spirit beasts fight each other. She says she is interested in the rewards of the Arena (mind you, the leader of that arena is her ally and he owns her more than a favor already). So for no reason she goes there and picks up a hurt spirit beast that got thrown away by its owner. Turns out that spirit beast is "luckily" another guardian spirit beast. She also shows her guardian spirit in front of everyone even though she is normally very low key. Example 6: The main reason I quit (note: I don't care about gory stuff). MC always justifies that murdering others in extremely brutal ways is fine. She also says she would pay people back tenfold if they show her goodwill. She says many times, that any goodwill must be paid back and she actively tries to do that. In the fighting tournament, she got protected by a rather strong girl. Even though she did not need help, she was grateful for the help. Until chapter 1090, I think she only showed a rather genuine smile to like 12 people (grandpa, uncle, brother, master, 4friends she is travelling with, academies leaders 2 sons, the girl that helped her). She even stated that she would help her any time as long as it's something easy and quick to do. She also made an exception for her, where she voluntarily talked with her more than she would usually do with anyone else. Later in the story that girl gets kidnapped by people that she could kill as easily as flies (when her brother is next to her and even wants to kill the girls kidnapper for another reason), but she holds her brother back and abandons the girl because the girl's father offended her. She plans on killing the girls kidnapper as well, but not now without giving any reason. She also says so many times that she would never hurt innocent people she does not know, but abandoning a friend is fine? She also knows the girls kidnapper. The kidnapper showed her how she treats people she does kidnap (sewing together eyes. Splitting up mouth and ripping out the tongue. Breaking all 4 legs and dragging the person around with a rope while tainting the floor red.) Yeah, does not sit well with me to abandon friends especially when the MC has NO reason to do that and has multiple reasons to help her. But w/e, Author needed another reason to make her explode later probably. When I read the comment section of that chapter, I am highly confused as well. Other reader being angry that the kidnapper made others group rape the, I think 17 year old, girl and wishing that the MC retaliates for her. WTF is wrong with you? First abandoning a friend and later punishing the kidnapper. She should punish herself for that, not a kidnapper. Note: there are at least 10 more examples in the last 250 chapters, I had to hold myself back to not write more, the comment is already long enough. Don't get me wrong, many of the above facts are not that important. Most web novel stories have many loopholes and I don't really care too much about them either. But the last chapters are really too much, so much that you are wondering if some characters brains got swapped. My rating: translation quality 3s (many mistakes, but not too bad) stability of updates 4s (cant realy rate that) story development 4s (its a chinese webnovel. Usually I would give 2s, but I only read it for the face slapping. its slighly better than expected but still far away from 5s) character design 1s (cant really rate it anything higher when the characters brain dont work in some chapters and they run around like headless chickens. Best part about that is when every single character in the story calls the headless MC a prodigy and intelligent) world background 2s (the facts about the world are changing like crazy. In the early chapters it was stated that it takes a century for a purple spirit to emerge. Later on we meet 2 real purple spirits from the lower realm (the realm the story takes place) and dozens purple spirits from middle realm. Other facts about the world are changing as well and in 1090 chapters not much of the world has been seen even.)


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But for one of the examples..i mean they did plan to kidnap her lord meh meh and even brazenly asked her to give it up/sacrifice it to save his own child. Both are in a very difficult situation. Given the fact that JWX didnt even know whats happening with QLY. Sooo idk im in a dilemma