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TL:DR if you like this book try "Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World" and/or "Farming life in another world" as well as "Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles" I just came back after a two-year hiatus from reading this book expecting it to have hundreds of new chapters to read only to find a disillusioned author (Zicon) pissed that someone stole his baby. All I have to say is I'm disappointed. This was one of my favorite series going and the only reason why I didn't follow it more closely was because of the instability in updates which is reasonable as zicon was trying to get himself established in a career and was dealing with other stuff IRL. As explained throughout the comment section of this book for instance in chapter 78 where he told me he was away for 2 months because he was getting established in a new job, This was one of the best original web novels on WN it's a shame that it didn't get the attention it deserved. I blame the platform. Anyway, it would appear that Zicon isn't coming back so all I can do is find an alternative which I did its called "Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World" it has a similar premise and fell if you're looking for a new book to similar to this one check it out it gets updated regularly and currently has 1400~ chapters. Zicon actually said in his review for this book that he was inspired by "Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World" to write this. I would also recommend Isekai Nonbiri Nouka aka "Farming life in another world" It's a manga that currently has 130 chapters and is still going strong. it has a similar feel to both books but without the other dimension and the fighting. even without the fighting it still feels somehow like a kingdom building book through the fact that it uses diplomacy and trade to gain legitimacy if you liked "Farming life in another world" check out "Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles" its pretty similar except it gets some fighting in later chapters. its currently got 135 chapters of its web novel translated and 43 of its manga translated. I saw someone recommend Low Dimensional Game but I have to disagree with that recommendation as that series protagonist is more like a dick of a god than an actual human being. it's filled with nonsensical plotlines and generally shitty characters. the few good characters get killed for the sake of creating an emotional impact on the reader. I dropped it at 397 chapters because of the depression it brought on. to make matters worse apparently the book doesn't even have a proper ending seeing as multiple people in their reviews say that the author dropped the book. The first 200~ chapters of the book are great but it kills itself in the later half just don't bother. anyway these are my recommendations take them or leave them it's up to you.


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