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  • DaoistVILQyQ
    Replied to OppressedBeans

    My pet paapa answer me straightly will you allow me to interfere, please one chance,first ofall i want to talk to you by face to face . through this wrotten I could not have understanding, due to small lettering words are presented as matter, besides due to eye sight, every thing is confusing but i have understood through past shadows, matter is not being properly understood. If you give me only one chance, I try my best of all my ebility spending, untill the success occurred with God's assistance begging with full of fairh and wishing the best of hope,I will tackle the issue of any hardest of ties, to open or to set free I will take burden about you like a full crrying woman feels the terrific or un bearrable agony, I will never leave you looking as shedding tears even blood tears also, I never leave you alone bearing this beyond too much of tribute, torchered, stabbing arpund you with un necessorily accusement, once open your eyes and look how you have backing strenght, through allow me to know clearly by presenting infront of you physically, and I tell you the truth we will be always chase you to help you by tapping your shoulder, and I am beseeching do not allow hence more to decrease, or deminish or depress by sitting on worry, regrette, tearing your heart, and also you are being ruptered in all ways, I am asking are you alone being a gezetted officer besides do you think ewe are not existing in the world, did we pass away open your closed eyes, and see.how much backing we have some power full we wishers, did you forget, Stop crying give up worry, regrette and self least under estimating, we will fight or take up strggle on behalf of you. Common get cheer-up, and enthusiasm to get recovery untill we will be.present infront of you by physically. TREAT THIS DAY AS A FANTASTIC FINE, NICE, AND ALSO THE STARTIND DAY OF AUSPICIOUS, AND A NEW DAY THAT US THE STARTING DSY I MEAN THE DAY THAT STARTING TO YOU SMALLEST TURNING OF POINT, AND IT WILL BE STARTED BY SLOW MOTION OF TURNING AND THERE IS.A PROVERB, "" THAT "SLOW AND STUDY WINNS THE RACE" YOU ARE BEING ALLOWED TO BLAMMEDTRIBULATIONS SUFFERINGS,.ACCUSED BLAMMED UN NECESSORILY. IT MEANS PAAPA YOU ARE IN GOD'S SIGHT AND ALSO YOU ARE BEING ARRANGED, AND ALSO YOU ARE BEING A CHOOSED ONE BY LORD GOD THE CREATOR. FIRST OF GET UP FROM THE LAYING BED BY TRUBLED OR COMPLICATED BY SADISM. GET UP AND WASH YOUR TEETH AND COMPLETE DAILY WORKS LIKE FRESHING UP THE FACE IIR YOUR WHOLE BODY BY TAKING BATH. AND OPEN THE BOOK OF " HOLY BIBLE" YURN TO THE BOOK MATTHEWS OF CHAPTER FIVE(5 TH) READ THE VERSES ELEVEN AND TWELVE( 11& 12 VERSES) AND GET COURAGE BRAVE NESS. UN TILL WE PRESENT IN FRONT OF YOU BY PHYSICLLY. WISH YOU ALL BEYOND THAT YOU GUESS OR IMAGINE THE BEST MY PET PAAPA. PRAISE THE LORD, IF YOU CAN OR YOU HAVE FREE TIME OR LEISURE TIME OR AVAILABLE TIME, PLEASE SIT ON PRAISING FOR A FEW MINUTES AS YOU CAN, BECAUSE " PRAISING GOD LEADS TO CHANGE OR CONVERT IN TO GOOD BETTER OR BEST POSITION. AND PRAYER WILL CHANGE OR CONVERT OUR SITUATIONS OF BEST.. SO, MU PET PAAPA IF YOU BELEIVE ME AS YOUR WEL WISHER, PLEASE FOLLOW MY ABOVE WHAT I HAVE SUGGESTED PLEASE PROCEED AS IT IS MY SUGGESTIONS AS INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOU. PLEASE FOLLOW AS I WROTE THE ABOVE MESSAGE OR MATTER WHICH MATTER IS TYPED AND SENT YOU. MAY LORD GOD JEHIVAH, SON THE CHRIST, AND COMFORT GOD HOLY SPIRIT LORD WILL BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY THAT EACH AND EVERY BELONGS I MEAN YOUR EARTHLY FATHER, AND YOUR BOTH SIBLINGS AND TBEUR FAMILES ESPECIALLY YOUR LOVING TWO KIDS IR CHILDREN AND EVERY BODY ON YOUR BELONGERS AND THOSE WHO ARE WHOM SO EVER FAVOUR OF YOU AND YUOR ALL WEL WISHERS. SND NEAR & DEAR OF YOUR ALL BELONGINGS. ACCORDING TO AS YOUR WILLING AND WISHING OF YOUR FAVOURABLE AS GRADES WISE OR YOUR CLOSENESS RELATION AND FELLOWSHIP WITH THEM. AND TELLING GOD'S WILL ACCORDING TO YOUR HUMBLE REQUESTS AND YOUR ALL REQUIREMENTS WILL BE FULL FILLED BESIDES OR IN ADDITION TO AS YOUR WILL AND WISHING ALSO MAY GOD ACCEPTS YOUR HUMBLE AND EVERY REQUESTS, AND REQUIREMENTS THAT YOU, AND EVERY OF.YOUR EMERGENCE NEEDS AND REQUESTS, AND REQUIREMENTS ARE TURN OR CONVERT IN TO GOD'S WILLING AND WISHING. RECIEVE IT BELIEVE IT AND AND SUPPLUCATE IN GOD'S PRESENCE WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO PROVIDE BY GOD ASK GOD WITH CONTAINING FULL FAITH AND TRUSTING HIM YOUR WANTS, REQUESTS, DESIRES, AND ALSO YOUR AMBITIONS WOTH FULL OF HEART FIR A FEW MINUTES ARE.ENOUGH IF YOU HAVE NO TIME OF LEISURE,.OR FREE TIME. AT LAST I AM TELLING YOU MUST SHOULD HAVE FAITH, AND HOPE. THANK YOU WISH YOU ALL EVER THE THE BEYOND YOU GUESS OR IMAGINE YPUR SF THE BEST. .......... ....... AMEN.

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