Breaking Through the Clouds 2:Devouring the Seas

Author: Huaishang/Beijing Jinjiang+THE  ALLIANCE  OF  GODS
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What is Breaking Through the Clouds 2:Devouring the Seas

Read Breaking Through the Clouds 2:Devouring the Seas comic books published by Huaishang/Beijing Jinjiang+THE  ALLIANCE  OF  GODS on Webnovel. The Breaking Through the Clouds 2:Devouring the Seas manhwa is being serialized to 129 chapters - Chapter 129. This serial comic genre is Adventure manga stories. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Wu Yu, a newbie at the Public Security Bureau, is weak and gentle. He doesn't care when Bu Zhonghua, his strict boss, makes things difficult for him and prefers to fade into the background while drawing a salary that can cover his expenses. No ones knows that his head is being targeted by top drug traffickers for a large bounty or that he once slaughtered a dragon of the abyss. As more links start to form between the cases, a series of troubles happen one after another. Will they be able to work together to overcome the difficulties?


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Since 2 weeks ago I can't unlock the story even when I use coins. Please fix this!


I really like the art, everything so far (chapter 26) was drawn very beautifully. The hands are sometimes a bit too small and the angle of the faces are occasionally a bit weird but in the end, these are minor details. Sadly, there are many stereotypical side characters, especially from the bad side. But all in all top drawing quality! The story is captivating albeit a bit confusing on who is who and what's their role and connection. There are a lot of short flashbacks (one particular is shown multiple times) but without a time. I suppose it's to generate some mystery? As for the characters, MC makes sense and is either completely good nor bad. After you get a glimpse of his story, you can understand him better. But his captain behaves sometimes a bit weird and unreasonable. I hope, we get more backstory to understand him better. The other characters aren't really fleshed out (yet?) and are either completely good or bad.


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