Alluring Hunk in Women Wonderland Comic

Alluring Hunk in Women Wonderland

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After witnessing a once-in-a-century blood moon event, Zhang Hao loses consciousness and awakens to a world turned upside down. Gender norms and beliefs have been completely reversed, where women are now expected to pay dowries and propose to men. Women have taken on the role of breadwinners, while men are expected to be stay-at-home husbands. In this society, women without cars or houses face social stigma and struggle to find partners. It has become the norm for women to pursue men, while men making the first move on women is considered taboo. "I won't depend on women to support me! I will reclaim my true masculinity as a real man!" Follow Zhang Hao's journey as he navigates an inverted world filled with enticing challenges and temptations, all while striving to hold onto his identity as a man.