Zombie Apocalypse: Creation

Xiaoyun was a boy born in Guangzhou, China. He had been living as an orphan since he could remember. One day, he met a girl who looked way too similar to himself. This can't be a coincidence, right? "So, can someone explain why there is a zombie apocalypse just as soon as I see my mom and sisters for the first time? And why can I create things out of thin air?" ---- Reader Advisory: This book is not meant for people who can't tell fiction from real life. Please read the tag before asking something and refrain from personal attacks on other readers or me. There is no NTR (both ways) and no system. Yuri is restricted to purely for the MC's enjoyment. Also, as a heads-up, some of the love interests are related to MC. A little note: This book is a hobby of mine. I'm not going to abandon it even if there's no reader or rush the ending. But I am currently in college, which means the upload may be infrequent. I'll try my best to upload daily. I'll be free during summer break. As of 5/28/24, updating older chapters is on pause. I'll get back to it when summer break starts. --- Edit log as of 6/5/24: 1) One bonus chapter for every two hundred stone. Every twenty golden tickets also count toward one bonus chapter. Gifts are also considered as one bonus chapter. 2)If the cap of ten bonus chapters is reached, it will no longer increase until it is below ten. (This is on pause until summer, but I'll still add to the count in my Discord channel. It does not cumulative into next month if it doesn't reach that breakpoint.) 3) Congratulations on reading this far. Not many people read the edit logs. Give yourself a high five, and leave a review if you feel like it. Thank you for reading a dummy rambling in the synopsis. 4)Discord server for the book if you want to talk to me or have an idea or comment directly to me: https://discord.gg/hnXMFwfVR3

IPI · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
354 Chs

Chapter 212: Tianci's Confession

Just as Xiaoyun was about to finish editing the first part of the war plan, someone knocked on the door.

"Tianci, can you open the door?" Xiaoyun asked as he didn't want to draw his attention away.


As Tianci opened the door, Kate was standing right outside.

"Hey, Tianci... What's Xiaoyun doing?" Kate asked as she noticed Xiaoyun didn't even turn to look at her once.

"He's busy writing about his plan." Tianci quietly whispered.

As the room returned to silence, Kate carefully put the bag Yanyan gave onto one of the tables.

"What's this?" Tianci curiously asked.

"It's his lunch that Yanyan asked me to carry over... Speaking of lunch, Tianci, are you hungry?"

"Not really. I'm still full from the noodles." Tianci nervously replied.

Kate noticed Tianci's nervousness and decided to ask about it.

"Is there something wrong?" Kate quietly asked.

"No, I'm perfectly fine——"