Zither Emperor

Nine-tiered zither notes shake the cosmos, who dares not know their master upon hearing? Rainbow-colored magic represents ranks, heroically raising the grand curtain. The Zither Emperor, bringing revolutionary changes to this continent. Accompanied by the emergence of the once in eternity Pure Qinxin, a generation Zither Mage, is born quietly in the blue sky and sea. This is the story of an innocent boy gradually becoming the emperor of zithers, pioneering Music Magic, overturning prior settings. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet - the rainbow-grade becomes the standard of measurement for all martial skills and magic. A profession once considered as useless as chicken ribs, because of his emergence, becomes an immortal legend and myth. He, on the other hand, is like a dazzling new star making it impossible for anyone to ignore his radiance. Even the nearly invincible dragons cannot lift their arrogant heads in front of the Zither Emperor, for before them is someone god-like... Pioneering Music Magic, overturning prior settings, the rainbow-grade will become the standard of measurement for all martial skills and magic. Dragons are no longer invincible creatures, this will be a novel high with dragons. The Divine Music Master, a branch of the Spirit Mages, the most noble but useless profession on the Ryuzakinus Continent. But, is it really useless? The once in eternity Pure Qinxin, a generation Zither Mage, is quietly born in the blue sky and sea. This is the story of an innocent boy gradually becoming the emperor of zithers. But, is he really just the emperor of zithers?

Tang Jia San Shao · Fantasy
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544 Chs

Chapter 1 Naturally Born with 8 Fingers (Part 2)_1

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Qin Shang's right hand swept over, and another faint purple light covered the sheepskin scroll, and instantly, beneath that purple glow, a line of text appeared. Diara, somewhat excited, read aloud, "Decree, Divine Music Master Qin Shang of the First Rank Zi rank, to assume the position of President of the Arcadia Magic Guild. Ah, you are a Divine Music Master?" This time, the shock of Diara and Piero had turned into horror.

As a branch of Spirit Mages, Divine Music Masters, who perform music through instruments to unleash magic, could be said to be the most noble among Continental Archmages, yet simultaneously the most superfluous. Because it is very difficult for Divine Music Masters to cultivate beyond the Yellow rank, at best they could only play a minor role in boosting the morale on the battlefield. Historically, only daughters of grand nobles from various kingdoms or princesses from various nations would be interested in learning this noble yet superfluous magic. However, before them was an old mage who was a Divine Music Master, a Zi rank Divine Music Master. Diara could hardly believe her own eyes. But the ancient sign surrounded by a silver hexagram in the lower right corner of the scroll, representing Faran's Seventh Tower's Illusion Tower, made it clear that the mage before them, Qin Shang, had come here after passing the test of the Illusion Tower. And the purple magic energy he released was so real.

A look of recollection appeared on Qin Shang's aged face as he turned towards the northwest, the experiences atop the Illusion Tower lingering long in his memory—now that was true magic!

Diara quickly regained his composure, as a decree from Falan couldn't be fake. He hurriedly rolled up the sheepskin scroll respectfully and presented it to Qin Shang, "Diara, along with Piero, greets the President."

Qin Shang retrieved the scroll and asked, "How many mages are there now in Acadia?"

Hearing this question from Qin Shang, Diara couldn't help but show a bitter expression, "Since my time in Acadia, there has been one Green rank Mage, three Green rank Mages, twenty-four Yellow-rank Mages, sixty-seven Orange rank Mages, and two hundred thirteen Red-rank Mages. Most of them have joined the army. Only about a dozen remain in the Guild."

Qin Shang's face showed a hint of light surprise, "So few? Although the cultivation of magic is a lengthy process, with tens of millions of people in Acadia, are there really only these three hundred mages? I remember that the number of mages in other countries doesn't seem so scarce!"

Diara sighed and said, "It wasn't so few in the past. Our Kingdom of Arcadia has always been known for its Fire Mages. But now, as the national strength weakens, mages with some capability have all gone to the two great empires nearby. Those willing to stay are naturally... But now that you are here, it is good. You are a Grand Sorcerer of the Zi rank! Our Acadia Magic Guild hasn't seen a Zi rank Warrior for hundreds of years. I believe that under your leadership, our Arcadia Magic Guild will surely become strong." Although he was not young, he still couldn't help but get excited about this. His gaze at Qin Shang was even somewhat fervent.

Just then, a pleasant and graceful voice came from outside, "Is Master Diara in?"

Diara was startled, a smile appearing on his face, and after apologizing to Qin Shang, he went out to greet the voice. After a while, a young woman followed Diara back into the hall.

The woman was extremely beautiful, with long black hair, fair skin, dressed in a green dress, her facial features slightly full but not affecting her noble bearing. Whether walking or standing, she imparted the impression of perfect poise, as though her slender waist could never bend. At that moment, she held a swaddled baby in her arms, the even breathing of the small infant coming from within, apparently deep in sleep.

Seeing the woman, Qin Shang's eyes lit up, his slightly squinted eyes slowly opening, a sharp light twinkling within.

The woman immediately felt his piercing gaze, her eyebrows knit slightly, and a flash of green light flickered in her eyes as she looked towards Qin Shang. The moment their gazes met, the light in the woman's eyes became hazy, and when she returned to normal, she couldn't help but change color and instinctively hugged the swaddle tighter.

Diara was still somewhat confused, so he didn't notice these things, and said to the woman, "Mei Ying, where is Ye Zhong? Why didn't he come with you? You seem to have only recently come out of confinement, haven't you?"


Mei Ying intuitively shifted half a step to the side and smiled, "He's been hard at work practicing Douqi recently, so I came alone. Master, our child is already a month old, and we would appreciate it if you could bless him." A mage's blessing is the best protection for a newborn. The higher the rank of the mage, the healthier the blessed child would be, without being restricted by magical attributes.

Diara laughed heartily and agreed, "No problem, haven't I always said that I would definitely bless your child upon his arrival? Oh, right, let me introduce you, this is the newly appointed President of the Mage's Guild, Master Qin Shang from Faran." Even though he met an acquaintance, he did not forget about the new President standing beside him.

Mei Ying seemed to still remember the way Qin Shang had looked at her just now and merely responded with a restrained greeting, "Praise Falan, hello, Master."

Just as Qin Shang was about to speak, a loud cry of a baby emanated from the swaddling clothes; a pair of white, lotus root-like arms reached out from the swaddles and gently waved around, as if trying to break free from the mother's embrace.

Qin Shang abruptly stopped mid-sentence, for he saw the baby's small hands in Mei Ying's arms. Those delicate little hands each had only four fingers, lacking the little finger on both hands. Since his appearance in the Mage's Guild, his expression for the first time showed considerable fluctuation, and the degree of it astonished everyone present.

In a swift motion, Qin Shang was already in front of Mei Ying, his aged face excitedly flushed. He raised his trembling hands, reaching for those spring scallion-like delicate hands, shimmering with the crystal-like milky whiteness. His quick movements made him look less like a mage and more like a warrior.

"What are you doing?" Mei Ying reprimanded softly, taking two peculiar steps back. Although Qin Shang was fast, what he touched was only an illusion.

Without pursuing, Qin Shang's gaze remained on those tender little hands, standing there dumbfounded, even forgetting to lower his raised hands, "Eight fingers, born with eight fingers, there truly are people born with eight fingers. A genius, this is definitely a genius!"

Diara was startled by this scene, hurriedly stepping forward to stand between Mei Ying and Qin Shang while anxiously saying, "Don't misunderstand, don't misunderstand, Master Qin Shang, what are you..."

After all, Qin Shang was a Grand Sorcerer who had not progressed to his rank long ago. His expression slowly calmed, and he looked down at the mithril-embedded Magic Hexagram at his feet. After pondering for a while, his eyes gleamed with a hint of ecstatic joy. He clapped his hands together, as joyful as a child, "Praise Falan, good, that's it."

Looking up at Mei Ying's wary yet curious gaze, Qin Shang gave a slight smile. He might have a face full of wrinkles, but his meticulous dress and demeanor were still very dignified, "Miss Mei Ying, you came here today to have your child receive a magic blessing, didn't you?"

Mei Ying subconsciously nodded.

Qin Shang turned to Diara beside him, "If that's the case, then let me be the one to bless the child."