Zhang Fei - The Abandoned Son

No synopsis Zhang Fei is an ordinary human, but he is also an Incubus, and he also a Heavenly Fox Tags : #R18?? (A lot) #Isekai or Transmigration?? (Nope!) #Dual_Cultivation?? (Of Courses!) #Romance?? (definitely) #System?? (What we can be certain of is!) #Netorare?? (No!) #Netori?? (A must!) #Yuri?? (Only during threesome with MC, and so on. You can leave my novel alone if you dislike it) #Illicit relationship?? (For sure!) #Big_Harem?? (If you can get a lot of women, then why choose a few?) #Beast_Harem?? (Who doesn't love a fox woman?) #Slave_Harem?? (Why not?) #Multiple_World?? (What do you think?)

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AI And The System

Before long, Ru Xue, who was lying on Zhang Fei's body, came back to her senses, and she was shocked when she found herself naked on top of him. Moreover, she could feel that his dick was still inside her pussy. As she muttered guiltily in her heart, tears dripped from the corners of her eyes. 'What have I done? How can I have sex with Fei'er?'

"Ahn~" Ru Xue moaned as she got up from his body; instantly, his dick slipped from her pussy, and she was even more shocked when she saw Zhang Fei's semen dripping out of her pussy. 'What if I get pregnant with Fei'er's child? Moreover, today is my fertile period.'

She then got off the bed and quickly put on her clothes as she regretfully continued to cry. 'What should I do now? Although I don't remember anything that happened between Fei'er and me, it's undeniable that I've betrayed my husband.'

After she finished getting dressed, Ru Xue gave Zhang Fei a complicated look, and then she left his room with eyes full of tears. After that, she immediately drove her car away and returned to her own house.

About an hour after Ru Xue left, the unconscious Zhang Fei finally woke up, and he observed his surroundings. "How did I get in my room? I thought I was going to die earlier, but unexpectedly, I'm still alive."

[You are still alive, Master.]

Suddenly, a little girl's voice in his mind startled him, so he asked in shock. "Huh? Who are you? How can you speak into my mind?"

[I don't have a name yet, because I just activated today, Master.] The little girl replied. [Anyway, I am an AI bound to your system, Master.]

Zhang Fei was shocked to hear that; he was speechless for a long time before muttering inwardly. 'Ai? System? Am I dreaming? Isn't this situation like the novels I read a lot?'

The AI softly sighed and said. [You are not dreaming, Master. Right now, I and the system are integrated into your brain.]

Zhang Fei didn't speak immediately; he tried to think about what had happened earlier, and he remembered the young girl he had seen before he lost consciousness. 'Is it because of that young girl? Was she the one who healed me, and also gave both to me?'

[Please give me a name, Master.] The AI ​​begged him.

Zhang Fei sighed, but he wasn't immediately happy either, since he still didn't know anything about the AI ​​and the system. "Name, huh? Then I'll give you the name Mei."

[Accepted! From now on, my name is Mei.] Mei answered happily.

Zhang Fei was confused with Mei, he had read about AI before, but he had never read of any AI that could express feelings like Mei. "Can you tell me about the identity of your creator and the system, Mei?"

[Unfortunately, I can't do it, Master] Mei dejectedly replied, then she explained. [Because the creator has restricted the information, I can't access the identity of the creator. But one thing is certain the creator came from another world, because everything that the creator used to create me and the system does not exist in your world, Master.]

Zhang Fei gasped in shock upon hearing that, but then he calmed down again, as he remembered the young girl falling from the sky like a meteor. "Anyway, show me the system, Mei."


Suddenly, in front of Zhang Fei, a menu screen appeared like in a game, and in the menu, there were also many choices.



> Status

> Equipment

> Inventory

> Abilities

> Quests

> Partners

> Scan

> Map

> Gates

> Shop


"This is truly amazing; I never dreamed that I would get you and the system, Mei." Zhang Fei said happily. "Show me my status, Mei."



Name: Zhang Fei

Age: 19


> Human

> Incubus

> Heavenly Fox

Cultivation :

> 1 Star Elementary Realm [Qi : 0/100]

Physique :

> Human Physique

> Demon Physique

> Fox Physique

Special Physique: -

Special Bloodline: -

Legacy: -

Elements :

> Fire [Initial Stage]

> Darkness [Initial Stage]

> Light [Initial Stage]

Money: 15,000


"What the fuck!" Zhang Fei screamed in shock as soon as he read about his race and physique. "How can I become an incubus and a heavenly fox, Mei?"

Mei could understand why Zhang Fei was in shock, so she explained to him. [It was the creator who gave both to you, Master. When I went online, I found a metallic black liquid inside your body, and it contained Lust Demon and Heavenly Fox Bloodlines]

Zhang Fei was in a daze hearing that; he really didn't expect both of them, which meant he was no longer a full human, but he was also a demon as well as a fox beast.

[I know that you must be in shock, Master. But both of them are already fused with you, so it's best to just accept them.] Mei tries to comfort him.

"You're right, Mei." Zhang Fei replied with a nod. "Even though I was really shocked by them, the fact is that they have become a part of me, so I just have to accept them."

[En; It's good if you can think like that, Master.] Mei replied with satisfaction. [For equipment, inventory, and partners, you must already know everything, Master. As for the map, you can try it directly.]

"En." Zhang Fei nodded in understanding, he didn't care much about those four. "Show me my abilities, Mei."




> Cultivation Techniques

- Divine Senses

- Heavenly Body Tempering

- Clone Illusion Steps

- Nine Cloud Steps

- Flawless Yin-Yang Arts

> Lust Demon Abilities

- Demon Eyes

- Demon Touch

- Demon Charm

- Demon Pheromone

- Demon Sterilization

- Demon Partner Mark

- Demon Body Double

- Demon Transformation

> Heavenly Fox Abilities

- Telepathy

- Teleportation

- Fox Transformation


Mei immediately explained it to him. [For cultivation techniques, you still have to learn them first, Master. As for Demon Lust and Heavenly Fox Abilities, you can use them at any time, even if you are in your human form.]

"En." Zhang Fei nodded in satisfaction, and he couldn't wait to learn the cultivation technique. "Then what is the function of the gate, Mei?"

[You can travel to another realm by using Gates, Master. But currently, only four locations are recorded: the Original Realm (Earth), Sky Jade Realm (Lower Cultivation Realm), Netherworld Realm (Demon Realm), and Heavenly Moon Realm (Heavenly Fox Realm)] Zhang Fei nodded in understanding, then Mei continued. [In the future, if you go to another realm, then that realm will be automatically recorded in the Gates, Master.]

"En, okay then." Zhang Fei immediately got up from his bed, he was stunned for a moment when he saw himself naked, then he took a towel to cover his private parts and ran straight to the bathroom.

-- To Be Continued --


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