11 Revenge

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[You have made an achievement never once recorded in history!]

[You have successfully shaped your mind force into a Mind Palace]

[You have gained the Skill, Mind Palace lv0]

[Disclaimer! There are too many mental constructs in your head! Your mind may collapse due to the pressure. Immediate action is required]

[Skill fusion has automatically activated]

[Your Trait, Mind Bastion LvMax is fusing with Mind Palace lv0]


[The fusion rate is over 99% due to the characteristics of the Mind Palace]

[Mind Palace Lv0 has fused into Mind Bastion LvMax]

[Intermediate Skill fusion Lv3 -> Lv13]

[You have gained the Trait, Castle Town ------]

[Please name the settlement]

[The Castle defends your Mind from interference]

[Disclaimer! There isn't enough Mind force to fully activate the Castle Town]

[Castle Town -> Castle Town (Weakened)]

[You have made an achievement never once recorded in history!]

[You have successfully established a Mind Palace and successfully raised it to the state of a Castle town in record time]

[Processing achievements...]

'The System continued to process for a rather long time, so I decided to open my eyes for a moment.'

-Philip? If you are opening your eyes it means everything went well right?


Should I tell him about this particular event?

He has been honest all this time, and thanks to him I acquired quite a lot...

-... Yes, everything went alright. But I received a message about there being many Mental constructs in my head…

-WHAT!?... How could I have forgotten… What should I do?... Okay! Philip, let's do it like this…

-It has already been resolved.


-I fused the Mind Palace with my Trait.

-YOU WHAT?! Philip! That is freaking dangerous! You only had one chance to create a Mind Palace! Once it disappears…

-It wasn't my own actions, it fused on its own.

-... On its own… This means… Would you mind telling me the end result?

-... I have a Castle town in my head now.



'Dae fell unconscious and hit the table'

Was it so much of a surprise?...

[Processing done]

Oh! Right on time

[You have made four record-breaking achievements and a few minor ones that will be fused into the rewards]

[First achievement, make a Mind Palace in record time]

[Second achievement, make a Castle town in record time]

[Third achievement, you created a Castle town immediately after condensing a Mind Palace]

[Fourth achievement, you fused a ***** grade Trait in record time]

[Plus some minor achievements]

[Your rewards shall be given based on your current state and condition]

[Displaying rewards...]

[You have gained the Title, Mental Lord]

[You have gained the Title, Pioneer]

[The time for the absorption of the ***** has been reduced to one month]

[In order to balance your body, all of your stats will be regulated]

[You may choose 3 "skills" from your Secondary Status to pass to your Main Status]

[You have gained the Abilities, Mental force, Mental force manipulation, Mental domain.

Some Abilities have been deprived from being handed to the host due to the fact they can be easily acquired through training]

[The last reward shall be a pick between several choices]

[1- Race

2- Talent/Potential

3- Skill

4- Title

5- Knowledge

6- Order]

[The host has 24 hours to make a choice]

That's a lot… I gained a Title and a few Abilities, which was expected. But I also gained stats and the absorption time has been reduced… Or should I say, I at least have a prediction of time.

Lastly, I can pick 3 Skills from my secondary Class and pass them to my main Class.

And those choices…

Race? Knowledge? And what is even an Order?

I can make assumptions for the Skill, Talent, and Title. But not for those…

I should look at the changes before talking with Dae, he still seems quite shocked.

Open Status


Name: Philip Vinten

Race: Type 1 Human (+)

Home World: Earth (+)

Registered World: Eden (+)

Level 0

Class: None (+)

Title: Hunter Genius (+)

Exterminator of Nightmares; Ancient Explorer; One man army; Jack of all Trades; Number 1; Scholar; Martial enthusiast; Magical enthusiast; Mental Lord; Pioneer

-Vital info-


Mind> 29 (92.9) (+) Previously 4.3 (21.5)

Physical> 20 (44.6) (+) Previously 2.7 (10)

Energy> 35 (+) Previously 2.3

Spiritual> 15 (24.3) (+) Previously 1.5 (5)

Mystique> 12 (+) Previously 6


Mental force Lv0 (Hybrid)

Mental force manipulation Lv0 (Hybrid)

Mental domain Lv0 (Hybrid)


Gamerverse (+)

Intermediate Skill fusion Lv13 (Hybrid)

Western continent language(Incomplete) Lv0 (Hybrid)

Scholar Vision Lv0 (Active)


Castle Town *****


(Instead of Skills they are Abilities more because of his Mind. Imagine as if his head is so strong that those naturally came to him.)

Is that… My stats?... HOLY SHIT!

Who is this boss?? Am I truly looking at the frail Philip?

Dae wasn't wrong, a Mind Palace isn't a bad thing at all!

It's a Castle town now... So the effects got even better I presume.

-Urg… Philip? You gotta listen to this, I had this crazy dream…

-Let me guess, I told you I made a Castle town?

-Yeah! How did you… Don't tell me.

-I need your help here, it says I made four record-breaking achievements and I need some help in choosing the rewards.



Dae lost consciousness again.

-Come on… We don't have all day.

I picked a wooden spoon from my inventory and slapped his head with it.

This was actually a trick weapon. The spoon can become a knife by pressing some buttons, cool right?


-OUCH! That hurt! I wasn't even sleeping!

-Stop messing around them, don't we have things to do?

-You need to think from my perspective… Do you even realize what you have done?

-Something really cool?

-... It's more than just 'cool' Philip. My head hurts just thinking about the consequences…

-So don't think.

-Heh. Fuck you too.

-Do you want another Laxative?

-I can fight back you know! I know how to concoct some nasty shit!

'The two bickered for a while until Philip had enough of this and called for a stop'

-We played for too long now help me in here.

-Sigh… Tell me what you need. In fact, explain everything you can if possible.

-Sure, there isn't that much to say anyway…

'And so, Philip explained word by word what happened. Dae looked incredibly serious while listening to his story'

-... And you received a message saying there wasn't enough Mind force and now your Trait is 'Weakened'?... This makes a lot of sense in fact.


-This Trait… It's simply something that shouldn't exist at this time. Your body simply can't handle its full capabilities at all.

-For you to understand the sheer magnitude of what this represents… You are one step away from creating a Mind space.

-Mind space?

-Did you ever read those cultivation Novels? Mind space refers to a world inside of your head. A real-world, with tangible and functional principles.

-You currently have a Castle town. And by nurturing it, you should be able to naturally evolve it into a Mind space.

-The amount of people who have been trying to do such a thing is… I wonder how they would react if they learned of you.

-I hope they never though.

-Me too Philip… Some of those people have already abandoned their Humanity in the search of higher meaning. The atrocities they might make you pass through…

-Stop saying sad shit!

-Sorry sorry… And you also said the absorption will end in a month right? With that, you should be able to not only defend but also strike back at anyone who decides to take a peek inside your Mind.

-As for your rewards… It's pretty self-explanatory, just take a look at them.

-Mental Lord and Pioneer. Titles, given to those who have reached a sufficient Level of mind power and have explored a new frontier respectfully.

-You gained the Mental Lord for creating a Castle town… Although you are by far the weakest Mental Lord in all of history…

-You don't even know some basic applications of Mind force, yet you achieved such a thing... You should have gained another Title. "Dumbest Mind Lord" or "Luckiest son of a bitch" are among some of those you deserve.


-And the Pioneer was given as a reward for braving into unknown territory, probably due to the fact you were the first person to use this Rune and because you achieved the mysterious condition that is having a Castle town.

-I gained a Title for drawing this Rune, and you gained one for using it…

-I see, what about the Abilities?

-Those huh… They were probably given to you because you are too pitiful.


-A Mental Lord that can't even use Mind force, much less possess a Mental domain… How sad.

-If the Gods could watch us right now then some of them might be screaming in agony or laughing.

-Come on… Is there a need to bring up Gods to roast me?

-I am not joking. There are Gods, and they are just as powerful as you'd imagine them to be. But because of… Forget it. This is something for later down the line.

-... You can't say something like that and expect me to ignore it right?

-I am sorry for this, but I have some reasons for keeping this a secret for now. I told you this for one reason only, don't make fun of the Gods.

'I nodded'

-Continuing… You gained a few stat points, right? No need to tell me how much. That is expected because your Mind is simply too strong for the rest of your body, so a readjustment was necessary.

-You are lucky since in most situations you would be receiving help. But since you had so many achievements, this problem was resolved on its own.

-And choosing three 'skills' from your Class… I will only give you one piece of advice, Traits are the hardest things to get, but they can easily change your personality, if not your entire existence, so be careful as to what to pick.

-I have already made my choices as to what I am going to pick, don't worry, I am not going to fuck myself in the ass.

-This leads us to the end. The choices… This is a hard one.

-What is Order?

-Something you should avoid for now… Although it is enticing to have you choose it, for it to appear here, it only means your achievements were truly grand, but it also shows that this particular Order isn't anything great.

-No matter how great your achievements are, it isn't enough for you to be granted an Order just like that. Such things are wayyyy harder to get than just doing a cool achievement.

Although... You did make 4 record-breaking achievements... If only we knew what sort of Order it was...

-So let's forget about that and focus on the others. Talent/Potential, normally, this would be my choice. Increasing one's potential is the most important thing, even more in this situation. But the other choices…

-Skill is self-explanatory, you will gain a very strong Skill most likely, or a set of strong Skills or even a Skill with immense potential. Anything along those lines.

-Title is a very good choice, but the sheer amount of possibilities is a letdown. If we didn't have better choices, this would be my second priority.

-Knowledge. The least useful, all because of me. But the term 'Knowledge' is crawling in my mind… Just what type of information is contained within? My guess is that it might be something related to your future path. Perhaps a small tip or guide.

-And Race… This is the thing you should get.


-You can increase your Talent, I know many ways to do that, so many that can't even choose.

-You can train your Skills and seek adventures in order to get Titles.

-And I can teach you knowledge. Forget Order.

-But changing your Race…

-Why would I want to change my Race? I like being Human…

-Type 1 Human. You are a Type 1… The most basic, the weakest of the bunch... Did you never ask why it's Type-1? This is because there are higher types!

-This Race option is most likely an evolution towards the most direct path. And such opportunities are so rare in the current timeline that I could count the ones I know in my fingers!

-This is counting the bad ones as well! Like turning into a demon or a monster.

-Like a Pokemon evolution?

-... Yes Philip…

-All races can evolve into something, be that good or bad, or a mixture of both.

-I am certain that the moment you choose a race, you are going to receive a choice as to what you want to become… But let's leave this for after we are done with my matter. The change can take a while.

-Come with me, I will tell you everything on the way.

-But how? I don't think I can…

'Dae threw a pitch-black cloak at me'

-Presence eater, an assassin cloak. Yes, I stole it, and we need to return it to the warehouse before daytime since this is rather expensive, and I am sure the guards would notice its disappearance.

-Alright. Wait! We won't be able to communicate now that my Mind defenses have been boosted right?

-A good point. Why don't you try to create a channel between our minds? It should be pretty easy with what you have.

I closed my eyes while trying to feel the strange force inside my head.

Slowly, I guided it outside using the information I got on the books and Dae's tips.

[Mental force manipulation Lv0 -> Lv1]

And... Light!

Even though my eyes were closed, I could see perfectly in all directions!

-This is disorientating…

-You will get used to it… One of the many perks of being able to use Mind force is just how easy it is to scan the surroundings.

'After a second, I managed to link the small string of Mind force I had made with Dae's head'

{It's done}

{{Wow… This is kinda neat}}

(The first shall be for Dae and the second is the Mc talking)

{Did you get a Skill?}

{{No. But one of the Skills leveled up. Did I do something wrong?}}

{Hum… I think I know the issue. Thought bridge is a form of Mind force manipulation, and well, lo and behold, you already have a Skill that can do that.

Even though 'Thought bridge' isn't a simple technique, you can still simulate its effects using simple Mind force manipulation, if not to greater degrees.}

{Once you start to delve into deep research of Mind magic and techniques, then you are sure to gain a few more Skills}

{{I see now.}}

-Enough talk, let's go! We are way behind schedule, but if we run fast I think we can get to him in time.


'The two left the library under the cover of the cloaks, avoiding any worker that appeared.'

'Eventually, they made their way deep into the forest, far away from other people's eyes.'

{It's here.}

'They were currently on top of a tall hill, gazing into an abandoned building close to a beautiful circular lake.'

{{What do we need to do in this place?}}

{There is someone we need to save, or should I say, stop.}

{{Stop from what?}}

{From becoming a criminal.}

{{... Care to explain?}}

{You will soon see, the only thing I need you to do is to help me take care of someone and to help me communicate with our target.}

{{And how am I supposed to help you take care of someone that I don't even know?}}

{You know the person I am sure of it.}

{{Anything else?}}

{Let's end this quickly and remember to not be noisy, this means no guns nor anything that makes too much sound.}

{{Got it.}}

'Both of them waited for a few more minutes until Dae said:'

{They are here, I was a little nervous because I thought we had missed the timing or if the timeline had already changed too much but here they are. Get ready.

Don't show your appearance until we take out the side targets and I give the signal. Do you have any extra equipment apart from the ones you used in the training session earlier?}

{{I have a few more...}}

{Good. It has to be something you are sure to never use again in public.}

… Just what do you want to do…

I picked a set of clothes that perfectly hid my appearance, they weren't anything upgraded, they were just day-to-day clothes not meant for combat.

As for my weapon of choice…

[Threaded Cane +9


"One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used by hunters on their duties. Sufficiently deadly as a rigid-bladed cane, but also serves as a whip when its blade is split into many. Concealing the weapon inside the cane and flogging the beasts with the whip is partly an act of ceremony, an attempt to demonstrate to oneself that the bloodlust of the hunt will never encroach upon the soul."]

It's not fully upgraded because the last material was a pain in the ass to get, so I focused all of the ones I could get on my other main equipment.


'I could barely hear the conversation from this high up in the hill.'

{It has started, follow me and wait for my signal, our target is the boy with the dagger, the one that is alone. Just wait for my signal and you will knock out the other people while I will engage the lone boy.

But if you think he is going to kill someone you can act on your own since your reaction time should be higher than mine.}

I gave him an 'ok' sign.


We jumped from the Hilltop sliding down the rocky slope, making our way to our target…

-... So this is your choice? After all I have done for you?

-Pfft! Don't make me laugh! You are a psycho bastard! I am fart of you and your fucking schemes!

-Oi oi oi… The last time was a deal, I got what I wanted and you got part of your debt cleared.


-Of course! Your debt was way bigger than the value of the Skill I got.

-... ha… HAHAHA! I knew you were a fucking psycho! You made a promise but the first thing you did was act as if it never existed, to begin with! This is good. I have another reason to kill you now.

-Kill me?! Look at him guys! He is saying I am the bad guy but he is the one who wants to kill me…

-You fucking lunatic! You said the same thing after you did that to my sister in the hospital!!

-Not this again Petter… It was her fault, she was the one who interfered and attacked me, and…


'Petter looked as if he was about to explode'

Those fuckers… The police, the school, everything was under this bastard control. Even the video footage 'mysteriously disappeared' one day.

-For everything you have done… For my family and those you have toyed with, I will fucking murder you slowly! Then, when I go back to Earth, it will be those fuckers in the police!

-... He… HAHAHA! Look at this bastard… Petter, you have lost your damn mind. Just hand over your Skills and I can think about letting you go intact. Else you might wake up without some fingers…

Those purple knights and instructors will probably not care if he loses a few fingers right? No… They will not care since they can heal him pretty easily… Alright. This is easy.

-So Petter? What will it be? A few fingers or your …



-What the…

'In an unbelievable sequence of events, Petter stabbed himself in the chest!'


Petter spit some blood on the ground, but instead of looking weak, his 'aura' continued to rise more and more.


[You have suffered Fatal damage! You are losing blood at a fast rate!]

[Your Skill, Beaten dog has activated]

[Bleeding rate has greatly decreased]

[Risk Runner has activated. Your injuries are being healed at a fast rate]

[Your Title-related Skill, Death run Lv5 has been activated due to your near-death state. All of your stats have massively increased temporarily]

[You are fighting against multiple enemies while gravely injured!]

[You are at a massive disadvantage!]

[Your Skill, To live another day has activated! Adversity gives you strength!]

[To live another day Lv6 -> To live another day Lv7]

[Your stats have massively increased temporarily]

[Your body wants to rest, but your Unshakable will propels you forward]

[You have activated the Ability, Soul Phantasm]

A greyish shadow started to materialize behind Petter.

[Soul Phantasm has been successfully formed]

[It yearns for revenge]

[Satiate its desire to get a reward]

[The Skills, Fighting spirit, Desperado, Berserk, Final breath have activated]

[Your powerful Will cannot dissipate, Berserk side effects have diminished]

[Your body is starting to fall apart due to the pressure]

I should be able to maintain this state for about 5 minutes... I have more than enough time.

-... Don't worry. I will make sure you all suffer.

{{Dae… I don't think those guys can even last a second against him… Is that really Petter and not some berserk Demon?}}

The pressure he was exuding right now. My sense is telling me he isn't that easy of a prey to kill.

{Hahaha… Don't worry, after defeating them, he will have them go through torture before killing them, we can interfere when the fight reaches that stage. By that point, he will be weakened and we can strike.}

… The Revenger… His weakest moment is when the fight starts, from there on he only gets stronger and stronger over time.

Currently, he still has many weaknesses but once he gets those Skills…

It scares me, even more, when I think I am going to help him get stronger earlier…

But I have to do it, his fighting style is perfect for the brutal fights of the future.

{{... Aren't you a little cruel? Leaving those guys to be tortured like this?}}

{Thats because you don't know what they did, you just heard him right? These bastards are beyond Human at this point.

Once you abandon your Humanity you must be ready to be treated like an animal.

The same can be applied to other races. This is the rule of this world.}

-This guy… Are you trying to kill yourself as a last resort?!

Is he trying to put the blame on us?? I must say, that is a move that requires some balls but in this world… I don't think it's impossible for us to prove our innocence.

It's a shame I won't be able to eat his other Skills, I should be able to upgrade Loan shark by one or two Levels…

He seems stronger, perhaps he went hunting. This only makes his suicide more of a waste…

-So be it, boys, pack up and let's go home…



What is this strange feeling of lightness?



-What is it?


-I asked what is it?!

And then he felt it, something was wrong…

So he looked at his left arm…



… And from here on… It was a slaughter-fest.




Although this was a very brutal and violent sight, neither Dae nor Philip felt much.

Both of them had already passed through things much more brutal than just this.

And those guys were not deserving of mercy.

{It's time, I will go talk with Petter, you go heal those bastards. Take these potions}

{{I already had mine but I guess it's better to make sure nothing goes wrong}}

Petter… Didn't feel good.

Even though he got his revenge in the best way possible, killing and healing these pigs over and over, he still can't get the satisfying feeling he expected.

No… He knew this feeling would never come.

His mission will soon end together with all of his past regrets… It's time to move on. Hopefully for a better future.

-I will live a better life sister… For you, mom, and dad. And … A life that I can be proud of.

For a moment he felt as if he could see the figure of a beautiful woman dancing in the water, smiling back at him.

Petter started to cry as he remembered his happy days when his family was still together.

But now he was alone...

-Is this enough for you sister? I hope you are safe out there, looking after me in whatever sky you are on now…

-This is enough. Let's end this.


Foust, now a nugget of a man, without legs and arms, teeth and eyes, and many other parts either mangled up or missing, continually tried to ask for mercy.

He couldn't even think coherently anymore. He just wanted to live.

Petter lifted his knife and slashed down.

It was slow yet steady. There was no emotion behind the blade.


But instead of the sound of meat being cut, a sword deflected the strike.



Petter's face caved in as he received a punch in the face and was knocked out.

{{Is this what you call, 'talking'?}}

{Shut up and give those three the potions! We don't have much time, these guys' screams are bound to have been heard by someone.}

I gave each of those guys several potions and at the very least they wouldn't die of blood loss.

Unfortunately, all of their limbs had been destroyed by Petter's so I couldn't just reconnect them.

{{What do we do about their… Current condition?}}

{I have a solution for that… You see those bone fragments? Sprinkle some of that gray potion I gave you. That is going to regenerate those limbs, then you just need to reconnect them}

{{What? This potion can restore limbs?!}}

{Not from zero but yes. Although it's better to use on the limb fragments rather than on the main body due to the immense pain it causes. They may die from shock or have their mind broken completely.}

{{Okay… That's a brutal potion.}}

{A small price to pay to not become handicapped. It's also a perfect training material for the Pain resistance skill since this potion doesn't hurt your body.}


And so I went and regenerated the body parts. The gory sight of seeing 3 pairs of arms and legs and a few ears and fingers didn't shake me in the least.

Just like when I was a kid… Just connect the Legos…

{You know that the 'Thought bridge' is still on right?... Legos… I knew you were a little fucked up but damn...}

{{Fuck you Dae! Everyone thinks shit in their head!}}

'And I cut off the connection'

That fucker…

{{What do we do now?}}

{Wait a little bit, I am almost finishing here… Okay, done. Pick up those guys and follow me, remember to step exactly where I tell you to}


It wasn't hard picking 3 dudes up, but it was very unpleasant, I was just getting used to having my body clean of blood and gore for long periods of time but now I have to carry 3 bloody dudes.

{Put their bodies near that tree… Now, we wait}

'Dark smoke started to rise from the ground as all signs of conflict slowly disappeared.'

{{What is this Dae?}}

{Magic. I am using several folded spells to clean this area of all sorts of evidence, and also making sure no one can use any magic to peer into what happened here… Quite a troublesome thing to set up but I did it on time.}

{Of everyone currently in this Palace, only three people can use magic to see what happened in this place after I've dealt with all of the evidence.

But I need to make sure that they can't see shit. That's why I had to use this complex magic.}

{After this we will use similar methods on these people and in ourselves before moving them to a safe place I set up beforehand.

After that, it should be easy peasy. We just need to move them back into their rooms. They will wake up thinking this was all a dream after I change their memories a bit}

{{You are the boss… But while we wait, why is all of this necessary?}}

Dae picked several potions and started to drop on top of the dudes.

{Fights between Heroes are common, they even incentive that. That's why the Crown did nothing when Petter was being bullied. They want the strongest to fight and work for them.

The weak will become a supplement for the strong, from the ones that last, they will be trained to become supportive units for the strong.}

{But this is beyond their designed limit. If Petter had killed anyone in here, he would be prosecuted by the Crown in order to keep appearances for the rest of the Heroes. This would lead to a series of events that would end up killing millions.}

{{So tragic?}}

{You can't even imagine… By simply stopping Petter, he still wouldn't be able to escape punishment. Although I don't know what they would have him go through, I am sure it wouldn't be pleasant.}

The risk of him getting corrupted is too great… And if they decide to actually keep Petter alive... The future would change wayyy too much.

Petter's actions didn't have that much of an impact on the overall situation due to the Crown's actions but in the distant future…

He somehow managed to escape their pursuit and grew up to be the monster that he was. The pressure surely contributed to his growth, but if he was to receive proper teaching...

(Dae is proficient enough to hide his thoughts even when there is a 'Thought bridge'.)

{So I am hiding and covering for him, that's why we had to talk with our minds instead of speaking and why we had to hide our appearance.

I am sure that tomorrow they will most likely notice that something happened and will check on the memories of those three bastards, including Petters. So we can't appear in them just to be safe.

Although, as I said, I will change their memories to make sure everything matches up}

{{That's quite a deep plan you have there… But I think these guys aren't going to forget such a thing this easily}}

{They won't, but I already have my own plans...}

After splashing the potions in our surroundings and Dae doing his magic, we ran in the darkness towards the 'safe place'.

(The Mc can actually see in the dark to some extent, it's part of his superhuman senses.)

The safe place was nothing more than a hole inside a tree…

{{Is this it? I don't see anything in here}}

{Tsk tsk tsk. Don't underestimate this place! This place is not just a 'hole in a tree', there are deeper secrets within.

But if you cant see anything, this only means this place is truly well-hidden no?}

I am not convinced…

{And also! This place has something related to one of the Titles you wanted to get. So you will also benefit from this endeavor}

{{Really? Just when I thought I could repay you a little...}}

A relationship can only last when the two sides switch gifts… A one-sided relationship cannot last.

{It's so cute of you to think like that. Kya! You are making me blush.}


'I terminated the connection'

How many bottles of that Laxative do I have left?

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