Zero Fate against the world

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Preparations for the Great Purge

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/Time passed…/

'Philip continued with his examination as everyone expected.'

'With his Physical test done, he went directly to the Affinities, displaying them all and just how incredible he truly was…'


'But for the eyes of a certain old man…'

How utterly boring.

'He felt tired just from looking at it.'

I didn't get up from my retirement to see a man show off, I'm too old for that.

It's not even entertaining, as it's the same thing again and again.

For a mage, his Magic affinity is extremely high, and his learning capacity is also great deeming as to how he's already Third Circle despite his lack of one to control his magic.

No… There is no need for it, he has already achieved another greater condition.

He can Command Magic to do whatever he wishes.

If trained, he's guaranteed to become a Tenth Class Titled Mage, and likely pretty soon at that...

But what of it?

His Elemental Affinity is enough that he would have no difficulty contracting Royal Spirits.

His Affinity goes both ways as he's also quite capable with Negative Elements and other Dark forces.

Even more abstract Supernatural forces are included.

Aura, Vital energies, Mental Power, Soul Essence, and whatnot, his body passes the requirements and goes beyond everything needed for all of the available tests…

Though some more than others… But at the very least not as much as some of the Heroes…

If that's not enough, even if he didn't display, his Mentality has already coalesced, taking in a Physical form.

Perhaps not enough for it to fold to be taken as a Half-World... But it's close enough.

His Spirituality has also been expanded into a Domain, a little one, but how many can boast of even having one?

There's no doubt he's an incredible young man full of potential…

"... Heh."

Yet, it's always the same, I'm getting bored.

What's the point of all of this if he'll just outgrow it all in a few years? All of these values will be useless by then, Humph.

'Gulio believed Talent wasn't as important in one's development as most Nobles wished it did.'

'In fact, he accepted the fact their obsession with finding the best and greatest Talents ended up obstructing these youths from reaching the true path they were meant to step on.'

'That they waste too much trying to find those talents when they already had so many options at hand.'

'But in the end, he was forced to accept their uses.'

'By seeking Talents and putting them on a visible scale, it was possible for Masters to properly evaluate what was the most efficient path of training for their disciples and proteges.'

'History proved that it was indeed possible to achieve greatness through Effort and Will, but for these Families and people who possessed extreme responsibilities to abide by, they couldn't risk the well-being and prosperity of their respective household names by betting on something as idealistic as the goals and aspirations of those with little Talent or who is not to their standards, even if their Mentality and Will to improve is greater then their own chosen ones.'

'They already tried, some did, and history proved all manners of outcomes, most of them being ones they wished to avoid for themselves.'

'And when time proved that one path was more sustainable than the other, the majority would often follow the path of least resistance.'

'After all, why risk everything on a boy born without any support whose parents died long ago in slavery when they could easily support the child of a big Family whose every member became Archmages?'

'An easy argument might be that, if they can support one, what's stopping them from giving a little bit to those in need.'

'The price of raising 100 Talented individuals would all be paid off if they managed to raise just one wouldn't it?'

'But if one were to approach Gulio with those words, he would only be able to give them a sigh despite being a Priest.'

'Even if he wished for an idealistic world where Humans helped each other, it was often proved that by hating and going at each other, they became stronger and was what allowed them to live.'

'People often forget that wars bring forth the developments they now enjoy without a care, through torture and experiments they create medicine that saved the lives of those in the future, yet now, instead of remembering their sacrifices, they scorn those that created it.'

'With due reason, but they can't grasp the essence of it all, as they gain nothing by denying reality, apart from peace of mind, though for many, that is enough.'

'Humanity would often need the strong to lead it and not for the weak to hold hands and be happy because that's not what the world wants...'

'That's not what will save them when disaster strikes, especially when Humans are selfish individuals at the core.'

'The concept of "Priorities" runs through our very bones.'

'Stability often leads to instability, and that was how things were.'

'Watching Philip do the same thing over and over eventually got the better of Gulio despite his extensive age.'

'He wasn't offended or anything, he just felt tired from standing there doing nothing but smiling and clapping his hands at this young man.'

'He was happy for the success of the young, but do not be mistaken…'

'He was no Clown.'


Should I do something? Perhaps end this meaningless test sooner?

It's not like anything would change, it may even be better.

The more he shows, the more of an impact the Heroes feel, even if they try to display a calm demeanor.

Some are already showing signs of their mentality breaking and such unstable behavior, and a submissive mentality of "Leave everything to him" will eventually form.

This can't happen.

For these children and adults whose purpose has been rekindled and whose path has been barely laid out, it would be too much of a shame to see it all break down and shatter right in front of my eyes.

To some, witnessing his prowess may be a form of encouragement, and from the many a few will rise, those are the ones the Crown wishes to nurture.

But I can't help but see it as a shame…

/Flap flap flap…/


'The old man's eyes suddenly sharpened as he turned lightly to the side, looking at the stands where the King and the others were.'

'In there, he saw a beautiful Emerald-Golden Pheasant stood, perched on one of the rails directly next to the King.'



'But despite its extremely odd appearance and gorgeous demeanor, no one seemed to be bothered about its presence, aside from a few like the King who looked at the bird for a small moment before showing a somewhat surprised expression prior to returning to a more stale demeanor.'


'Seeing the bird, Gulio let out a dry laugh.'

Seems like even you got a little curious.


'The bird remained silent, turning its gaze to Philip.'

Haa… I see.

You were watching... Did you get bored too?

'Gulio thought for a moment before turning to one of the Heroes sitting.'

{Come here for a moment} He said mentally to one of them, a girl, startling her greatly


'She placed her right hand on her chest and the old man nodded.'

'So with a rather embarrassed expression and the confused gazes of the others around her, she walked to him with her head dropped, being unable to take the gazes of everyone around her.'

"Come, don't be embarrassed." Gulio said gently as he looked at her

"I-I-I-I'm… I am not… Embarrassed." She said after stuttering a million times

"That's great, you're incredible for maintaining your composure." Guilio praised with a small laugh as he turned to the side

'He pointed at the ground, saying:'

"Do me a little favor…"


'With the loud snap of a lightning bolt, Philip displayed his Affinity for this volatile element without much effort.'

Something's strange.

'Noticing things were a tad too quiet, he turned around, only to be momentarily blinded by something rather bright.'

'A tall gate-like structure had formed in the hall right next to him.'

'It seemed to be made of stone but at the same not.'

'The material seemed to fluctuate as if made of gas, but something was helping it maintain its shape.'

'Inside the gate, he saw what seemed to be a faint film of translucent material, similar to water when it flowed smoothly.'

'Next to the gate was Gulio, supporting his own weight on his cane.'

'And next to him was a girl, one he knew very well.'

'Luize Hustin, the Spiritual Guide.'

"... You're finally done, now, come here."

"Let's cut all of these meaningless tests and proceed with something more… Interesting."

"I don't have all day so we'll close everything with this next… Hum… Let's call it a game."

"A game?" Philip asked as he took a step forward

I was also getting a little bored.

Most Heroes only made a few tests here and there but the masked people were having me do several more, so I was about to ask when this was supposed to end.

I guess they wanted to determine as many things about me as they could... But the old man intervened.

I thought he was on their side, but he may have his own thoughts on the matter...

"Yes, a simple game, but not quite as you think since the only one doing anything here will be you..."

"And I don't think I need to remind you again of my physical condition, hoho… COUGH!"

'Gulio suddenly had a coughing fit, patting his own chest as he raised his head with a troubled look.'

"My damn lungs, haven't been the same since I went underground..."

"Then… What do I have to do?" Philip asked a bead of sweat fell from the side of his head

"Simple, step inside… And bring something from within." Gulio said as he pointed his cane at the gate

"... What's on the other side?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary, you already saw such creatures multiple times…"


I do feel a familiar energy from the gate... Spiritual Power?

"Either way…"

"Go inside… And bring something from within, anything."

"You can refuse, but you'll make an old man rather disappointed." He said with a light laugh


'He tapped his free hand on the girl's shoulder.'

"And we wouldn't want to throw her efforts to waste, she deserves a little reward too, so go bring her a pet."

"... Fine." Philip replied with a nod

I feel like I'm doing a chore but I don't mind, this entire Exam was getting on my nerves.

It's cool and all to see my progress, but after a while, I got bored.

Touch this, do this, crush this, apply force here, and bla bla bla…

Always the same thing but in slightly different ways.

Some tests were interesting but most were pretty boring.

Though I wanted to test things such as my total Spiritual Power and Mental Power...

But the rest wasn't really that big of a deal for me.


'Gulio did not reply, nor did he smile.'

'He just turned to the side, a gesture that indicated he was waiting for him to cross the gate.'

'Philip wasn't 100% sure of what he would find on the other side, but he had an idea of what it might be.'

I'll just finish this and call it a day, there's still much to do.

Such as explaining all of this to Viera and Tredis, they're likely extremely confused, even if I partially explained things to him.

Sigh, there wasn't much I could've done but I kind of dug this hole myself.

'With a determined step, Philip walked into the portal, vanishing within its trembling light.'

'As he walked through the portal, Philip felt a strange pushing force, as if there was something on the other side preventing him from moving forward.'

'However, it wasn't that strong, allowing him to easily cross to the other side.'


'Somewhere unknown, Philip reappeared.'

"Where am I?"

'A strange land where the sky was dark but the world was bright.'

'A weird place where the plants were distorted and the ground was uneven…'

'He looked above but he saw many rivers going into the unknown…'

'He could not tell where he was… Although he had a hunch…'

Hum... This place is quite stale.

I can't feel Mana, nor Spiritual Power.

In fact, I can't feel much... Did I just die or something?



'As he observed his surroundings, a strange creature rolled next to him, hitting one of his feet.'

At least I still have the sense of touch...


'When the creature hit his legs, it made a cute noise as it slowly… Un-balled itself?'

'The creature looked like an armadillo, but it had no scales, only fur.'

"Kuku… ?!?!?!"

'The moment the creature opened its eyes to stare at Philip, it suddenly grew rigid like ice, allowing Philip to easily grab it.'

"What a strange creature… Why is it frozen though?"

This behavior makes me remember goats for some reason who tend to freeze when in shock.

Did I scare it? Sorry little buddy...

"I didn't expect to meet something so quickly."

"But deeming how easy it was to fetch you, I'll let you go for now."

Since I got a chance to do something fun, I ought to put some effort into it.

So I won't just grab a random creature and be done with it.

Unless you're the pup of some Legendary beast…

'Just when Philip was about to put the little creature down, Carnatita appeared out of thin air, grabbing the little creature as she played around with it.'

"You're here too?"

'She smiled.'

"I'll always be with you." She said lightly as she turned around to play with the little creature


Well... Thanks.

'Philip looked around again, pushing those thoughts to the side.'

'But as he studied his surroundings, when he tried to look far into the distance, he realized the extensive limitations of his own body.'

Hum… Strange.

Not only are my senses severely limited, but I also can't invoke Magic here…

Mental Power still seems to have some effect but it's greatly weakened, I can't even manifest the Castle Town.

After I increased my Mental power, albeit I still can't make my Mental Power shape into the real world, I can at least manifest a portion of it like a mirage just like how I can manifest the Mind Paladin.

But now, even if I try my hardest I just can't, it's as if I was never even capable of doing such a thing...

I'm almost doubting myself.

It's as if there's something preventing me from doing so… What a suffocating feeling.

"Mental power check... Next..."


'Philip continued to try many abilities, but he eventually stopped at one.'


"So... I can Shout, but most of my other abilities are sealed."

I have an idea why.

That portal that I saw… It wasn't material.

The reactions of the people match my idea.

This means that I never really crossed anywhere with my real body…

My conscience was sent somewhere together with other aspects tied to it such as my Soul and Spiritual Power.

Thankfully, my Mind, Spiritual, and Energy Stats are all much higher than my Physical one, so I technically didn't get much weaker than I was before.

The reason why I fought mostly with my Physical body was because... That the only thing I know.

I learned how to fight with my fists and martial arts and not in the way of a mentalist or a Spell Caster.

This makes me wonder which part of me is stronger, the Philip that fights with Armament and a weapon, or the Philip that can invoke his Mental Power and other such powers.


'By looking at his own appearance through a reflection in a river, he could also tell he still looked the same.'

'A horned creature with slit eyes... But he didn't let himself get bothered by it.'

'He crouched, taking a small scoop of the water before seeping it for a moment.'

"... Pfft!"

'And not so long after he spat it all out, wiping his mouth.'

"... I think I can say for certain where I am now."

One of the multiple dimensions is directly tied to Eden, such as Heaven and the Netherworld.

This is the Dimension where many Spiritual bodies originate from.

"I think I know what's the purpose of this game…"

That old man wants me to fetch the biggest and most baddest Spirit I can find.

"... But why? Just for the sake of it?"

I have no interest in making a contract with a Spirit, I already have enough people following me.

It's already overwhelming to have the Ghost of an old man, an Elder Mimic, and a Divine Oracle butt in my business constantly, if I add a Spirit I'll lose my damn mind.

Viera could be counted on this list but she's quite nice, though that may be because she simply gave up trying to understand the shit I do…

I'm quite sorry for her in that regard.

Either way, I have no space for a new follower...

/Sha sha sha!/

'As he thought about that, Philip saw many creatures fly into the skies before diving into the sky rivers, grabbing what seemed to be fish as they made weird noises.'

"Spirits are still organisms at the end of the day, even if they're weird ones…" He said with some awe

They still hunt, eat, and sleep…

Nature is still beautiful... Though in a weird way.

"Now then, how do I find what I'm looking for?..."

'Philip stood in silence for a few minutes before he had a devious idea.'

'From the depths of his mind, he remembered a small detail about Spirits…'

'That they're all very… Territorial.'


'In one fell swoop, he released the entirety of his Spiritual power, having it cover as much space as possible and cause as much of a commotion as he could.'

'Around him, the very air seemed to condense a little, becoming akin to a bubble with him at the center.'

'It was his Weak Spiritual domain!... It doesn't sound that cool...'

"Come." He muttered, his voice causing ripples across the plains

If you're out there, you'll have to have noticed it.

Strong Spirits have their own individuality, and they react the strongest to such direct confrontations.

The reasons they may enter a contract with a being from another Dimension may vary, but from what I understand, it's usually because they can feed on their Spirituality and grow strong alongside the contractor.

Though I don't know how this came to be, since such a contract is not natural.

Perhaps long ago in a time no one cares about, someone found a way of linking a Spirit and another being together, and like that, the first contract was born.

Or mayhaps such contracts already existed but they were more direct and less formal?

Either way, for me who has accomplished some interesting things with my Spiritual power, even if it's weak as of now, wouldn't it be like the finest caviar for a Spirit?

If I may be so bold of course…


'And as expected… The Spiritual world soon grew into disarray.'

(Add a little bit of a fight for the readers that will complain won't do it as much)


'In the distance, a small mountain parted open and a creature rose from within, a pair of blue lights shone in his direction from within the falling rubble.'

"A big one huh..." Philip said as he looked at the monster

You know what they say, the bigger they are... The harder they...


'But before he had the chance to finish his line, the hidden beast dashed forward, smashing one of its paws on him, creating a large explosion that left behind a massive crater.'


'Yet, just when the creature believed things were done, its paw was slightly lifted off the ground.'


You should pay attention to where you step!

'With a wide smile, Philip gathered his mental power on his fist, delivering a piercing strike to the massive beast's paw!'


'And the creature roared in pain and anger.'


"I'm confused..." Petter suddenly mumbled, shattering the complete silence around him

And a bit sleepy too...

'From his perspective, Philip's performance was indeed cool at first, but he started losing interest midway through after he displayed his combat power by leaving a gash in the entire Examination Hall.'

'After that, everything went as he expected as there wasn't really anything surprising about his results...'

'But the recent chain of events did make him raise an eyebrow, mostly from confusion.'

'Petter only saw Luize get up and move to the old man before activating one of her Skills, albeit he couldn't tell which.'

'It hadn't been something she utilized in her tests, much less something he heard about during the months he trained in the Palace.'

'Though as said many times, Petter never really bothered much with others as he was too fed up with his own training imposed by Dae.'

'Even then, the moment Luize used her Skill, he felt something change and could even pinpoint where, but he couldn't see anything unusual.'

'He tied this to his lack of Spiritual Alignment, but it could be something else also...'

'Following this, there was a small exchange between Philip and the old man, which ended with Philip standing Still in place for multiple minutes.'

'And this made him very confused, him and many others.'

"He's been standing there for about three full minutes..."

"It's because he's not here anymore." Dae replied as he opened his eyes

'Funny enough, Dae had enough of this exam and just straight out closed his eyes after Philip's transformation.'

"... What?"

"Philip's Soul was sent elsewhere, he should be returning soon."

Time still flows the same in the Spiritual World, but all Spirits are hyperactive beings, with wild ones usually moving so fast and chaotically that most cannot even perceive them even if they show themselves.

Philip's Stats should easily follow their movements, however, so it's just a matter of time before he returns, knowing his personality that is.

"Not here?..."

Then where is 'he'?

'Recently, every time Dae opened his mouth, it seemed to be to spit some nonsense he was supposed to take seriously.'

'But no matter how absurd it may be, Dae wouldn't make a joke out of nowhere, it would be stranger if he did.'

"Though… I'm a little surprised." Dae said with a small smile as he looked at Philip

"Why? I thought this was within your 'calculations'." Petter joked lightly as he tilted his head

"Hah, I'm not a machine to predict every single little outcome..."

Especially in a situation I didn't even think possible to begin with.

"Honestly, I believed this entire exam would've ended long ago when Philip displayed his Royalty Status."

"Because ever since then, anything else he did was secondary, it did not matter…"

"I was rather surprised they proceeded with it… And now this 'game'..."

There's no reason to do it, what do they plan to get out of it?

'Dae looked to the side, looking at an emerald bird.'


'But just by looking at it, his eyes seemed to hurt, prompting him to look away.'

Did it have a hand in that?

… Not that it matters.

If they wish to see Philip do something again then let them.

Not that it'll change anything.


'Just when Dae thought of that, Philip opened his eyes.'

'In one motion, he raised his two arms and grasped the air, clutching something invisible.'

"Here it comes." Dae smiled as his eyes flashed



'As the very air in front of Philip shattered, what seemed to be a pair of red horns was slowly pulled from within as he brutally tugged whatever was on the other side of the crack into the exam room.'



'Certainly, the beast on the other side wasn't pleased with being evicted from its own home, so it violently lashed out by screaming loudly and spewing out scorching white flames all over the place.'


'Like the gates of hell, the crack relentlessly released flames into the area, immediately elevating the temperature by several degrees, causing many to sweat as the ground beneath Philip melted, although he didn't seem bothered by the heat.'


'Many of the machines beeped, releasing warning noises as prismatic barriers formed around them.'

'Obviously, such expensive machinery needed its own safety procedures, otherwise, it would be a pain to fix it and regulate it all over again...'



'As he pulled the horned creature from the other side, Philip would constantly smash it against the ground and punch it, which didn't seem to have much of an effect as the creature would retaliate with even greater strength.'

'Yet, with each punch he shoved into it, the creature was slowly pulled into reality, revealing a portion of its true form.'

'To prevent this situation from scaling further, Gulio protected the young Hero next to him while many hidden masked professionals appeared from their hiding spots, protecting everyone else by combining their abilities.'


'From within the elevated stands, the daughter of the Azul Family suddenly felt light-headed as she recoiled slightly, forcing her father to put her to sleep by using a faint spell.'

'He turned to his eldest son who also seemed somewhat affected by this, but apart from a pained expression, he was okay.'

'They weren't the only ones suffering from this, however, as many Nobles were also feeling light-headed and weak in the presence of this unknown beast.'






'Whatever it was, its overall shape was slowly unraveled, and the more it manifested, the more suffocating things became for many.'

'It seemed to look like a huge Bull, but even the strongest of bovines would look like a baby pig when compared to this abomination.'



"What is that?" Petter asked lightly as he whipped some of the sweat from his forehead

It's getting uncomfortably hot here.

"Hum… It's a Nature Spirit, not a very strong one but one nonetheless."

"Is that impressive?"


"Nature Spirits are original strands all Royal Spirits come from, so their qualifications are quite good."

"But like all Spirits, they grow weaker when pulled into our world, otherwise I imagine Philip would've been scorched or at least shown some degree of injuries from it."

"That is also why they're called Natural, because they never leave the Spirit Realm... Never."

"The normal world is worse to them than it is for us to be shoved underwater, that is why it's resisting so fiercely."

And from the looks of it, the old man seems pleased with this.

"Either way…"


'Philip got himself quite the big catch.'


'With a powerful punch, Philip smashed the Bull's head on the ground, causing it to remain still...'

/Several minutes later…/


'After the King finished another short but direct speech, everyone applauded his and the Heroes' performances as they got up from their seats.'

'With this, the afterparty event had come to an end and everyone was free to do as they wished.'

'Today had been quite the day, exhausting to some, exciting to many, but it eventually had to end.'

'Some Heroes would likely move straight to the Royal Palace to do their own things, be it preparations for their expedition or to just sleep.'

'A few others would remain where they were as there were still a few things left to do…'

'Albeit the Nobles were already leaving, from the way the King turned around and left the hall first with the Queens, it was implied they were all free to do as they wished.'

'And that was exactly what many were waiting for, including the Princes and Princesses...'

'And a certain trio…'


"Hey… So you have wings and horns now? I must say, you're not exactly uncool, though please, stay away from me, I'm sweating just from being this close to you." Petter said as he pulled his collar

"It was hard to stay still throughout the King's speech so please..."

"... Sigh, don't worry about it." Philip replied as he shook his head


'Just as he said that, the flames around his body vanished, the lines surrounding his body seeped back into his skin, his pupils opened becoming circular again and the ethereal horns and wings on his body dissipated.'

'And just like the flames, the scales on his body turned to cinders, scattering in the air.'

"Well… That's convenient..." Petter added with a nod as he looked at Philip

"Wait a minute! HEY! You could've done that from the start?!"

"I apologize if my previous… Form made you uncomfortable." Philip replied genuinely, although a light smile formed at the back of his mind


'In the end, they both shook their heads, not finding it that troublesome.'

'Thankfully there weren't too many people sitting next to them otherwise they might've lost a few hairs...'

"I know there is still a lot left to discuss, but this place is going to get stuffy so let's call it a day and go back to the Palace."

"I myself am in dire need of sleep…" Dae said as he closed his eyes

Although I'm unsure if I'll be able to get some…

"Me too, we only have a few days to prepare until the Demonic Purge."

The King was quite eager with starting this operation as soon as possible...

And that like means he's been ready to commence it for a long time, he was likely just waiting for this chance to kickstart it.

"You're right Petter." Dae said with a rare word of agreement

"This time, we should rest as much as we can since we don't know when we'll be able to rest once we're there."

'Philip smiled.'

"I imagine you have something in mind."

'Dae scoffed.'

"Wouldn't it be weird if I had nothing on my mind?..."

"But let's leave such talks for later."

'He looked at the stands above them.'

"There are quite a few people around us… And there are still two we need to talk with first."

"... Yeah." Philip replied lightly as he looked at Viera whose expression was heavy

She's been looking at me for a while.

A simple joke won't be enough this time... Should I distract her with unlimited access to Korean Dramas on MTs hard drive? That may help...

"I'll go fetch them... But where do we meet?" He asked as he turned to them

"We'll wait here so we can make the way back together." Dae added as he tapped his shoulder

"We?" Petter asked as he scratched his cheek

"You can go alone if you must." Dae replied as he gave Petter a side glance

"... I'll pass…"

If I go back alone I'll likely be fished by one of those sharks up there, they've been looking at us quite intently...

'And like that, Philip went to meet Viera and Tredis.'


'Seeing Philip slowly approach them from below, the veiled blue-haired lady next to Viera and Tredis stood up.'

"Hm? Are you leaving already Lin?" Viera asked as she turned her head to the maid

"Yes, with the conclusion of the afterparty, the time for me to return home is arrived." She replied with a gentle smile, albeit it was hard for them to see it due to her veil



"Oi, get a grip! You're married!" Viera whispered to Tredis as she bashed her elbow on his side

"O-Ouch! I know!... Cough!" Tredis replied awkwardly as he looked away from the girl


"I apologize for the inconvenience I've caused, I know very well of the reactions I provoke in others due to my own bloodline." Lin replied slowly, her voice seemingly containing a certain melancholy from within

"... Bloodline huh..." Viera mumbled to herself

'Seeing her expression, Lin smiled.'

"You shouldn't think too much about it."


"For those that can control their abilities... It's not uncommon for them to choose the path of self-suppression."

"I myself cannot control my own abilities, leading me to be unable to create proper connections... Thus I'm very envious of those that can."


This is all because Tredis can't control himself! He's over 50 and still so vulgar!

I'll tell everything to Miss Palimo!

'With this resolution, Tredis was as good as dead... But for now, he would live.'

"That is why... Don't be so rough with the one you hold dear, as the actions he has chosen so far are definitely... Certainly for your sake more than his."

"Because I'm certain that it pains him greatly to be something that he is not."


"There aren't many that are as cautious as him... Don't let his kindness run through you as guaranteed..."

"But that doesn't mean you should let him scot-free either." She said in a teasing tone, making Tredis gulp, only for him to receive another bash from Viera


'The moment Viera turned her face to look at Lin, she realized she had vanished.'


She's gone... Just who is she?

Why did she approach us?... I feel like I'm approached by these Nobles rather frequently...

'She thought of her time at Rafael's Party...'

Lin... She's so pretty... Almost otherworldly.

She's definitely a Noble.

Maybe I can ask him...


'But she shook her head.'

He'll only make fun of me if I ask... He will... Won't he?


'Viera didn't know what to think anymore.'


/Step step step…/



'Back in the extravagant hallway connecting the transportation rooms to the Examination Hall, Philip, Dae, and Petter could be seen walking silently alongside two new members, a short Dwarf, and a rather young girl with beautiful Violet hair.'

'But no one said anything, it was actually rather silent… So Philip decided to try and lighten the mood:'

"Cough!... I don't think I've introduced them to you all yet."

At least not personally.

"On my right, we have the Esteemed Engineer that revived the ancient Magmatic Forges, Tredis Jas Alquor."

After a long journey, I finally got my hands on the Dwarf...

I don't know what Dae might want from him personally, but my excuse to have him with me is simple.

Tredis needs to publish his work, and what better way of doing so than getting the support of the Higher Aristocracy?

Of course, it would be hard to convince him to publish it under the name of the Human Nobility, but I won't allow that either way.

That is only an excuse for him to be here since I can fund whatever he wishes without a problem.

"I… There's no need to be so formal… But it's a pleasure." Tredis said with a nod as he looked at Petter and Dae

'Dwarven greeting customs weren't really that complex, but Tredis still gave them a formal nod.'

"The pleasure's mine!" Petter replied enthusiastically

So this is the guy that blew up half a continent... Honestly speaking I envisioned him as a certain Doctor with an Egg shape...

I don't know how it came to that but he's actually quite Dwarfish... If that's a word.

Like a well-mannered Dwarf rather than a Mining Bulky one.

"It's an honour." Dae said with a smile

So this is how he looks...

He doesn't look like a bad person at all.

Just how much did they have to push you into a corner to drive you to commit such insane actions?

'Dae's thoughts were heavy.'

It won't happen this time, he's our key to Dwarven Society...

No... He's much more than that, since now... He's the High Mechanist.

"Haha… I don't know what's so great about meeting with an old man like me!" Tredis replied humbly and a slight chuckle

"Compared to me who only knows how to tinker with old, half-broken relics, young people like yourselves are much more interesting."


'Seeing that things were going on the right track, Philip switched to Viera.'

"And to my right, we have…"



'The moment Philip started to introduce Viera, her eyes moved to look at him, giving him a cold and silent stare.'

Why is she looking at me like that?

Like, I know I left her alone at the party... For the second time at that... But...

Actually, scrap that, I left her alone twice at a party... Is this what they call bad parenting? But she's not a kid...

'Thinking about it, Philip suddenly realized something…'

How am I supposed to introduce her?

My protegee? That sounds a bit distant… I take Viera as someone close to me…

But I can't introduce her as my Fiance, that was only a farce…

Do I even see her as that?

'The real question that went around in his head, something that made his eyes change a little.'

I... Don't.

That's it, there's no other way of interpreting this.

I stopped paying attention to love when I was younger as I saw the girls in my Class go through a series of 'transformations' as they tried to find out what they felt about each other and the world around them.

I saw friends get together and with other people, I saw them breaking up and some rather sketchy shit.

I'll live for a rather long time, so it's too soon to give up on romantic matters, but I can't say I grew up with the best of examples.

It may be easy to say so, but trying to let go of this description of what I believe love to be is... Not simple.

Of course, one thing is those modern girls that send nude pics to 10 guys over the course of their lives and pose with their asses up on dating apps, and one thing is a Noble girl that grew up within the confines of her home while receiving education and ethics of another world.

I shouldn't compare them, but what can I do when I...

'Philip suddenly stopped his string of thoughts as he realized how fast he was thinking, so much so the world around him had slowed down.'


This won't go anywhere.

Viera is definitely more than a friend, but romantic feelings are a bit...

Either way, it may be even too much to just go and introduce her as a fiance even if I had feelings for her because, in the first place, we never settled on anything of the sort.

At least, that's how I see things.

Still… If not that, then what? A sister?

I never had a younger sister, so that may be how I see her?

But I can't introduce her as one since I'm certain that'll only make her more pissed as she doesn't like being called little or childish, much less by me.

What do I do?

'Philip's mouth was shut closed, prompting Tredis to shake his head.'

'He was thinking too much...'

"What is it? Cat got your tongue?" Viera teased with a serious expression as she looked at Philip


"... Come on little girl, don't be so rough on him." Tredis replied in a low tone as he looked at Viera

Tche, the kid can do quite a few outrageous things but he can't manage a single growing girl?

Well... Guess he's still Human at the end of the day, hehe...


'Once Tredis intervened, she didn't say much after that, continuing on her way, although she started walking a little faster.'


'He and Tredis exchange a little glance but the latter just shook his head.'

'Petter and Dae also did the same, albeit the first smiled widely as he shook his head while Dae rolled his eyes.'


'With a deep expression, Tredis continued walking, as if trying to keep up with Viera's pace, but Philip saw a slight twitch of his fingers, which was a signal... One for him to read his mind.'

'This was the way they set for themselves to talk in private in case they were in a busy location.'

'Of course, he might've done so by mistake, but if that were the case, Philip would just stop doing so:'

{I don't know if you can hear this kiddo, but the girl's rather upset, it's evident why}

{I won't pry too much, but I can tell the girl is under great pressure}

{... If I may be so bold to pry into your business, allow me to share a story}

{When I was younger, I had a childhood friend just like her}

{When I left my hometown to join the army… On the last day, I saw her, she acted exactly like the lass}

{And I may understand why… Since you always acted rather distant}

{Even I sometimes think you'll just suddenly vanish… Though I have faith and trust in you that it won't be for long}

{She likely thinks the same, but at the same time… She's rather competitive}

{Try to be in her shoes, after her master, who else does she have to hold her back, if not you?}

{And from what I heard, it has been quite some time since she last saw that woman}


'Philip did not need those words to understand the situation, albeit it still helped little with what he was supposed to do next.'

'She was upset by the fact he was always doing something she couldn't understand, pushing her aside again and again by telling her she wouldn't understand.'

'That was why she disliked whenever he called her a child… Because he had always been treating her like one.'

'Even if that wasn't necessarily the case.'

'And now, the shock of suddenly seeing Philip's status skyrocket, she suddenly found herself lost.'

'It was complicated.'

Sigh, it seems our talk will be… Quite long.

/Poke poke…/

'Behind him, Carnatita kept poking his cheeks, urging him to say something…'

Stop it, I know...

I was already going to say something anyway.

If I couldn't say something with this level of Speech then there was no salvation for this...

'He smiled, clearing his throat.'

"On my left, we have my travel companion... Archmage Viera."

"I first met her in the Academy, she's been with me ever since."

"Guess she got entranced by my looks."

"... Really?" She asked as she turned to face him


"Was that your best line? All of your incredible mental power… Everything in that head of yours… For these cringy lines?"

'Despite her evident displeasure, she was smiling.'


Sometimes, you have to take a hit to win a fight...

"Yeah… Those were pretty bad." Petter said as he shook his head

Might as well kick him while he's down... I won't have another opportunity anytime soon.

"As if! I dare you to do better, you don't even have a girl to talk about like this." Philip retorted as he looked at Petter

"At least I'm not embarrassing myself."


'On the side, Dae coughed lightly, a little embarrassed to look at Philip, it seemed he had understood the assignment.'

'But not long after doing so, his expression went dark, but no one noticed it.'

"... It wasn't that bad, at least I spoke with honesty, was I wrong though?" He asked as he looked at Viera

"100 and ten percent." She replied with a large smile as she kicked his leg lightly

'A light kick, but the weight of the meanings within was a bit heavy.'


Well… At least you're smiling now.

'Philip smiled lightly, closing his eyes.'

'Next to him, Carnatita and Tredis smiled, it seemed things ended in a good tone.'

'Petter and Dae also smiled, though Petter…'

{Heh, you owe me one, and don't even dare of scaping or ignoring this!}

{Otherwise, this will be the last time I'll cover things for you for free}

'Reading his mind by chance, Philip rolled his eyes…'

'No, it wasn't by chance, he knew Petter would try to make fun of him in his mind, and if he could, he would also read Dae's…'

'But he could not access the latter's mind.'

{Fine, you win, I'll pay you a few meals, don't bother me about this later} Philip replied as he looked forward

{Deal!} Petter replied eagerly

{Now please, excuse yourself from the confines of my imagination, else I'll...}

'Philip immediately disconnected himself from Petter, else he may catch his retard.'

'Either way, with a satisfied smile, they all made their way to the transportation room.'

'And despite his serious gaze, Philip was rather expectant as this would be his first time in the famed Palace of the South.'

'And so were Viera and Tredis.'


'And to help the little girl with her stress, Philip tapped her shoulder lightly, flashing her a light smile.'

'But upon seeing it, she just cringed before turning her face to the side.'


Now you're being mean.

'Albeit, despite her expression, Viera did feel a bit lighter.'

'Sometimes, the emotions of women weren't really that complicated, they were Humans too after all.'


/Step step…/

'While everyone left the Palace through teleportation, one person left through the front gates, the only one left in this ancient fortress.'

'Though it was only for decoration, as despite its grand appearance, it was not entirely a pair of double doors but merely a mirage to give others the appearance of one, the same could be said for the many windows scattered throughout the Fortress.'

'Palace... It wasn't a Fortress anymore...'

'This person... Or more specifically, woman, had long blue hair and a veil to hide her beauty…'


'She raised her head to look at the sky, relaxing a little as she let the faint breeze shove her hair around.'

'This created a picturesque scene so beautiful even fairy tales might be unable to describe it or include it just from how unique it was.'

"... I must say…"

'However, this scene was suddenly perturbed by a man with short ragged hair that blocked his eyes.'

'He wore a brown suit and his beard was also short, albeit unkept.'

"This has to be the first time I've ever seen you this dolled up, guess you were truly excited for this party." The man said in a teasing tone as touched his stomach, grimacing slightly as he did so


"I didn't remember beggers being invited, though, given the grace of the current King, I imagine it extends even to the likes of you." She replied harshly without turning her face to look at him

"Ouch, that hurts… I think I look quite nice… Though it feels uncomfortable to wear such tight things, I feel as if I'm in a tug of war to not be strangled." He said with a slight flinch

"Perhaps if you got a job on that hair and beard you would look somewhat presentable." Lingy replied as she continued to stare at the distance

"That still stings but I'll think about it."

"We both know you won't, beggar life was meant for you."


'Ereniais cough some blood onto his left hand, but he hid it from Lingy.'


"Either way, how was it? I didn't quite manage to participate in the after-party, something needed my attention near the borders, so I had to leave early."

"And you're already back? Guess it wasn't that big of a deal then…"

"It indeed wasn't, but since it involved those fanatic bastards, we couldn't leave any traces yeah? Else things would get annoying."

"Are you praising yourself?"

"I mean… A little bit?"

"... Things are getting quite hectic." Lingy added as she looked at a small butterfly on a bush

"... Indeed, what we've been doing only delays the inevitable if at all… I feel like I'm throwing stones in the ocean."

While the waves keep hammering me down...

I'm getting tired.

"Our once silent world is slowly becoming full of sounds, though I can't tell if that's good or not…"

"Since we're not the ones making the music."


'Seeing that Lingy became silent, Erenias asked:'

"So?... What about my previous question?"

"I think I told you to not bring the past into the future last time we talked about this." She said sternly as she moved her head slightly

'From the angle, it was possible to see one of her eyes looking heavily at him, but the man did not flinch at all.'

"That was so long ago already, when are you going to let go of it?"


"I'm not done here, this time, I won't accept silence for an answer, Lingaria." Eernias said deeply as his eyes also became stern

You need to make a choice... As I'm afraid...

I won't last much longer.


'The woman trembled momentarily, the word evoked memories she would rather forget.'

"You keep shooing me off and I always accepted it, but not today."

"I've listened to you for far too long… Long enough to see how far you've killed yourself."

"Even though I also find it hard to accept what became of it in the end, I still moved forward."

Someone had to.

"The world has already spun many… Many times, and it'll keep doing so."

"If you wish to disappear with it, then do so, go back to the Palace and stay there till the next Hero Summoning, if it'll ever happen that is."

"There is no point in keeping a promise with a 'world' that has already met its end, but if you're so intent in holding what's left of it, then do so."


'Lingy did not utter a single sound.'

"I say that we've already done our part, way too many times at that."

"You... You live in the shadow of a person that never really bothered…"

"Stop it… Just... Stop it, please… Do not tarnish what little we have left…" Lingaria replied as she sobbed slightly

"The legacy of our names, at the very least that..."

"I don't wish to forget..."

'Seeing her pitiful expression as she sobbed lightly, the man's eyes changed a little.'

"I... Perhaps… Perhaps I went a little too far." Erenias replied as he pushed his hair up, his expression one of pain as well

I've done it this time... I let my emotions run through my head...

Guess something has to make up for the blood I lost haha...

"But… The truth doesn't change."

"Lin…Gy, the promised time is fast arriving." He said as he turned around

"That's… Everything I wanted to say."

"We'll likely be unable to see each other for a while, so make sure to not cause too much trouble to the old man."

Perhaps even… The last.

"... As if I was the one that…"

'But before she could say anything else, Erenias vanished, leaving behind only the faint footprints of his soles.'

"Caused trouble..."

'Together with a few drops of blood on the ground.'

'It seemed that whatever he went to do hadn't been that easy after all…'

"Erenias… Even you… In the end…"

'Looking at the skies above, Lingy took off her veil.'


'Inside a Private room in the Royal Palace...'

"... And that's how I got here." Philip said as he looked at Viera

"As I said before, it's not really that different from what I told you before, I just cut out some details since…"

"I wouldn't understand." Viera continued, imitating his way of speaking


"So? Did you understand my story?"

"No." She said as she shook her head

"So my statement stands correct." Philip said with a smile

"That may be true, but that doesn't mean you should've kept silent for so long."

"There were moments where it became problematic to not know anything."

"Had you told me at least a little bit of what was going on, then… Sigh."

'Viera shook her head.'

"Forget it, it's already in the past, at least from here on out I have a certain idea of what I got myself into..."

"... Water under the bridge?" Philip

"... Whatever." Viera replied as she rolled her eyes

'Philip smiled gently as well.'

'She changed a little...' He thought silently as he looked at her

/Clap clap clap/

'Behind him, Carnatita clapped multiple times excitedly as she flew around Viera.'

'She obviously knew she was there, but after being scared several times by her presence, her brain just kind of shut down in order to function properly...'

'Viera was, after all, severely afraid of ghosts...'

"But… That doesn't answer my next question." Viera said as she raised her finger

"That being?"

"What now?" Viera asked as she tapped on the table

"Now that we're in the Palace of the South, the place where the Emerald-Golden Royals live…"

"What's in the future for… Us?" She asked lightly as she drank a little bit of water from a cup on the table

"... The same as usual." Philip replied plainly

"I'm here to help you grow into the Mage of Legend you're meant to be, meanwhile, you go around with me, isn't that simple?"

"I do understand that part, but I'm asking about the DETAILS."

"The most important part... The one you always seemingly FORGET to explain." She said deeply as she looked straight at his eyes

'Philip could only smile silently before he replied:'

"Details?... Hard to say."

"Right now, I plan to participate in the Purge, no… I'll pretty much be obliged into it."

"So I was thinking, do you want to go?"

"Do I have a choice?" She asked as she crossed her arms

"Yes, many."

"Staying in the Palace is the simplest one."

"As long as I declare, no one will be able to touch you, so you can remain worry-free and focus on your studies while I go to the Purge."

"Also, you don't need to fear about anything else, as an Archmage, you have quite the authority even if you lack the background to do so."

"And hey, if you stay around, wouldn't you have the chance to speak with one of the Princes? Isn't that exciting?" He asked with a teasing smile

"A-As if!"

"Your face tells me the contrary, tell me about it, which one of those handsome guys got your attention?"

"Shut it! Before I force you!" She said with a sharp glare

'Philip scoffed with a light smile as he continued:'

"You can also go around the city, or even further outside, there's nothing stopping you from staying here as even I can tell it may be claustrophobic."

And if she leaves, she would definitely be tailed by the Crown's agents, so she would still be protected in some way, albeit much less.

"Though I ask you to not leave the confines of the Royal Capital itself, anywhere else is within business, if you want, we can rent a house nearby and just stay there for now."

"Either way, right now, we have many choices on what to do."

"I see… But what do you think?"

"Me?... Honestly… The best path would be for you to remain in the Palace, that's the simplest answer."


"Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to push you away… It's just that, this time, I'll be throwing myself in the middle of the demonic lands, a place that consumed the life of Heroes and Legends of the past..."

"I cannot protect you if something beyond my abilities appears, and I'm not confident either if we'll be able to deal with it together."

"What a way to say I'm a burden..."

"Viera... While I can get my heart pierced and survive, it's not the same for you, isn't it?"

"I was made to be out there... While you... Why do you want to learn magic?"

"Wh...? Why?..."

'Viera went into deep thought, while Philip continued:'

"I would certainly enjoy the company of Lil' Mage Vi, but right now, I would feel much better if she became an 8th Circle Archmage within the confines of the Palace."

"You... Do you understand what you're saying?"

"8th Circle? I barely became 7th… You ask too much of me, can we negotiate a compromise?" She asked jokingly

"I'm afraid the demand is a little too high, either you do it or I'll have to find another Lil' Mage." Philip replied with a shrug


He always finds a way to fill my head with even more questions than answers!

I hate that about him!

'But with that, Viera closed her eyes as her aura became solemn.'

"Will it be that dangerous?"

"I can't say for certain, but it'll definitely be many times scarier than the Underground tunnels during the Great Hunt, in fact, I expect to meet with abominations many times fiercer than those constantly."

"This is what the Purge is meant to be, to clear the lands of the monsters that grew within in the gap between the decades."

"... Can you survive?"

'Philip looked at her as if she made the funniest joke around.'

"Survive, you ask?... Viera..."

"I am what those creatures dream of in their nightmares." He replied with a wide smile

"So make sure to reach 8th Circle by then so we can go to some other cooler places, together for once."

Also, I would like it if she stopped raising flags, thanks…

"I'll also treat you to some good food, I heard the Capital has some pretty unique things, we should check it out when we have some time."

"... Fine."

Master told me to always follow his orders, and that's what I've been doing so far…

And honestly, things have only been getting better, I got a good home and study materials, and now even an incredible teacher.

There isn't anything for me to complain about…

Yet, I feel a bit empty, I've become an Archmage, and this is the extent of my abilities?

To stay put on a chair and study?

I'm not a Scholar, I'm a Mage!... With very little practical knowledge…

And the Demonic Lands aren't the best place to get it…

"Here, you may have this pocket watch to measure your time, I don't want you to stay awake all night long and mess up your schedule." Philip said as he gave Viera Laplabe

"A pocket watch? Really?"

"It's not just any pocket watch... It's MY pocket watch, and if it gets scratched you'll have to pay for a new one."

"Huh?! So you can keep it, I don't want it."

"I don't accept refunds."

"And when did I buy it?!"

'Despite their entire conversation, Viera was still unaware of Laplabe's existence, and that wasn't because he wanted to keep the Mimic a secret.'

'This was a request from the little guy himself.'

'A few minutes before coming to this room to talk with Viera, Philip stopped by one of the dozens of bathrooms in the Palace to relieve himself, and in there, he had a slight conversation with Laplabe about what he planned to do in the future.'

'This was also when he decided to leave Veira in the Palace because weirdly enough, he didn't feel safe leaving her alone in this place.'

'So he was contemplating whether he would bring her or not, but in the end, Laplabe and Armund, the old principal voiced their opinions.'

'Armund had always been there as well just like Carnatita, albeit his contact with the world was limited by the Golden Orb's senses.'

'Still, he was there to witness it all, from the start of the party to now.'

'So he knew what Philip was likely thinking about.'

'That was why the trio decided it would be for the best if Viera was left in the Palace to study because if she focused on it with the intent and the right motivation, there was indeed the chance she may reach 8th Circle by the time he comes back.'

'The Purge would last half a year at most, the same amount of time he and the other Heroes had spent in this world.'

'Under the guidance of the books and a good teacher, together with the resources in the Golden Orb, Viera might reach the requirements to advance with some luck mixed in as well.'

'And an 8th Circle was completely different from the average Archmage, especially since she would be a 17-year-old one.'

'Armund was unsure if he was capable of guiding her into such a path in a stable manner, but he promised to try his best.'

'But Philip's plans went a bit further than that…'

'They didn't need to rely solely on the old Principal for her to make progress… They had a Regressor with them!'

'So it was only proper to milk him of his worth…'

/A few more minutes later.../

'With a smile, Philip left Viera's temporary room, promising to have some breakfast with her in the Capital tomorrow.'

'There were still a few days of preparations before the start of the Purge, until then…'

'Philip made his way to a room where three others waited.'

'He had another meeting to participate in.'





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