Zelda: The Man who brought Doom

What a way to die, huh? Well at least I will be able to see my family again, even if it is in the after-life. Just gotta complete, this damn 'quest' I was tasked with and everything will be fine. But then again what could possibily go wrong, if you are a human looking Ancient Doomsday with even more potential than the original..... ///////////// So I am a new Author. So if you notice something wrong or bad just tell me and I will try to change it. English also isn't my main language, so do excuse any mistakes I make. Just write a paragraph comment and I will correct it. I am also unable to promise a stable update schedule. I will try to at least update twice a week though and I will try to get the first 10-15 chapters out as fast as possible :) The profile picture isn't mine. I found it on pintrest if you want to get the link to it or if you own it and want me to take it down just message me. I also don't own anything except my mc

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"Yes, do you want me to, instantly jump onto its back? I can reach it from here." I said looking at the Talus, which was barely 30 meters away. Hearing me she simply nodded.

"If you can reach it from here, go for it. I'm going to support you from behind, I'm not the strongest and while I didn't have any problems destroying them before I almost died, now it would be quite hard for me to do it." She said almost sounding a bit sad. 

"I'm sure you will be able to get your powers back soon." And I'm quite certain that she will. In the game you were able to do the shrines to either get more health or more stamina. I would guess that Linkle wouldn't only get stamina or health back, but rather get stronger in general…

"Yeah, I guess. I can feel myself getting stronger even now, weirdly enough it only started after I put on the moon mask. So maybe the masks strengthen those who wield them? Although it is barely anything and I wouldn't have felt it if I wasn't used to having more strength than I have right now and was looking for something like that." Huh, maybe those masks are useful for more than just getting the next one, or at least I hope that they are used for that…

"Huh, interesting… well then you ready? I am going to go now, ok?"

"Yeah, sure, go for it. And remember if it is too dangerous just start running." I just nodded and then jumped towards the Talus. As soon as I landed on top of it, it started rising, which resulted in the rumbling I heard before, only louder. Then the earth started rising towards the sky… or at least that is how it felt for me, as the rock I was standing on top of started rising. And soon I was a on a rock a few meters above the ground.

But while this all was happening, I didn't idle around, rather I started punching the ore deposit, which to my surprise barely did anything. So, I did what I thought would be best... I punched it again. With even more power than before. And then again and again and again. Until suddenly the ground I stood upon shook, even more than before. Almost as if the Talus wanted to throw me off of it. 

But instead of continuing to pummel the core with both of my hands, I simply used one to grab onto it, so that I wouldn't fall off, and then I used the other one to continue punching it. Yes, I know I'm a genius. Or at least I thought I was until a part of the core broke, and of course it had to be the part I grabbed onto.

How? Like for real? I tried to break this thing again and again and nothing happened. But as soon as I tried to use a part of it as leverage, it broke?!?

Anyways, being surprised that the core broke, I was unable to stay on top of the Talus and it was able to throw me to the ground. And not only that, before I even hit the ground, the Talus' fist hit me and punched me into the stone… but I felt nothing. 

I guess, this thing only has high defense and basically no attack or speed, or it would have, if this was a game…

Now if I what I think is right then I should be able to do this…

And so, I brought up my right hand and simply punched the fist on top of me, which instantly crumbled. So, stone really is nothing in front of me anymore, huh? Once more I didn't let my thoughts distract me and instantly jumped back onto the Talus, where I was about to continue to punch the core, but before I was able to reach it. An arrow flew towards it and even while it was in the air I was able to notice something special about it. It had some kind of bag at the front? But before I was able to think more about it, it hit the core and exploded… ah yes, bomb arrows… how could I forget?

Deciding to just ignore how Linkle shot a bomb at something that I was about to continue punching, I did what I wanted to do before I almost got bombed, I punched it. And now some might think that this is a stupid decision, but then again, they aren't Doomsday. As I doubt that these arrow would even be able to seriously hurt me, if at all.

The smoke finally setting I was able to see what kind of damage it had done to the core, and who would have thought it did almost nothing. But I just ignored it and continued to punch that damn thing. Getting faster with every punch I did. Adapting to the resistance that the air was able to bring up against me. 

Then the Talus shook itself once more. Which I just ignored this time and while I did lose my balance for a few moments I simply adapted to it and continued to punch the core. Until…


Until the core broke, following which the ground I stood on fell downwards, after which it simply exploded, which once more, did nothing to me. I then looked around me only to see luminous stones, amber, white and yellow gemstones and even some diamonds on the ground. And in the middle of all laid some kind of heart, which had lots of luminous stones inside of it. Deciding to simply wait for Linkle I look around myself once more, but suddenly…

// OPTIONAL - Destroy a Stone Talus (Luminous): 1/1 // 

// Collect reward? //

So, there are optional tasks now? And I even get rewards for them? Perfect. But do I want to collect the reward now? I kinda do… and if it is something physical, I can simply say that the Talus dropped it. Linkle seemed surprised that it had a luminous core, so she shouldn't know everything you get by defeating one… 

So, yes collect reward.

// Giving out reward… //

And suddenly, I'm not where I was before. Instead, I am in front of something very, very bright. So bright in fact, that I can't see anything. And at the same time, I felt it… an unbearable heat, so hot my whole body instantly melted, only for it to regenerate in what barely amounted to maybe 30 seconds and then be perfectly fine. While that was happening my eyes healed, too, and what I saw surprised me. I saw something giant and blue, directly in front of me…

Something else that surprised me is my regeneration and adaptation, I didn't expect them to be that powerful. My whole body literally melted, and my eyes got blinded by something so bright, I wouldn't have ever thought it existed… and in a few seconds, I regenerated everything and adapted to it? Very nice but unexpected. My improved powers aside, where am I?

// You have been sent directly in front of a blue sun, after your time runs out you will be sent to the place you were before, without any time having passed //

// Please do consider doing other optional quest, for more rewards and enjoy your stay //

// Time spent 0/60 min //

A blue sun!?!?! That is… very generous. As far as I know it should strengthen every ability a Kryptonian has and even be able to grant them new powers altogether and considering how fast my regeneration and adaptation became it works for me too, I guess . And I get to spend a full hour here? This is basically my heaven already… 

Now that I think about it… I'm floating. I tried to move forward, but nothing happened. So, I guess I didn't unlock my flight, sad. Although it would be nice if I was able to get even closer to it if I can't move, then there is nothing I can do about it. 

But soon after I finished that thought I started moving forward, stopping a bit closer to the sun. I tried to move back wards but sill nothing happened…

Maybe someone else moved me? Hm. I want close enough to the sun so that I may be able to touch it. And then I, once more, started moving forward. Stopping barely half a meter before it. And so, I did what I always dreamed of. I touched a star. Yes, my hand did start melting but it regenerated just as quick as it was destroyed and after it was reformed? Nothing happened anymore. Which is why… 

I want to be sent right next to the core of the sun. 

I thought with a grin, that most would have found disturbing. And, once more, a few seconds later, I was brought forward. And soon I noticed a problem. I was still breathing… feeling whatever a sun was made out of fill my body definitely wasn't the best feeling I ever experienced. Still, I felt no heat at all and a few seconds later I adapted to it, stopped breathing and whatever I had inhaled stopped existing in my body.

But even while all that was happening, I never stopped moving deeper into the sun. The heat becoming hotter and then once more not noticeable. This continued until I stopped moving and when I thought about how long I could still remain here, a voice in the back of my mind answered.

// Time spent 3/60 min //