Zach Souma Harem Book of beauties

He died an embarrassing death at the hands of a cosmic being, which made him laugh. As a result, the cosmic being reincarnates him to his dream world, while getting one wish. See how he grows up again in his new life, banging any women that catches his attention. Tags: Netori and Hentai

Creepy_Ewok_kills · Anime & Comics
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After resting for 2 hours with Jessica in his arms, Zach slowly woke up, which made him hug Jessica tighter in his armd before loosening them. Jessica just snuggled deeper into his chest with a smile as she felt her beloved wake up. Caressing her hair with one hand, Zach look at her lovingly.



She replied, resting on one arm as she look at him.

"So, did you like my present, beloved."

"Mmm...It was wonderful, but where did you get an idea like that and why did you choose Jessica Rabbit after all this time?"

He asked her, being curious on why did she have sex with him. Since this was the first time they had sex when he bought her the portable hologram 2 months back. She went through many different 'personas' until she finally settled on her current form.

[Jessica Rabbit]

Since then she has been only acting all flirty with him like the original [Jessica Rabbit], being all sexual in every actions that she do.

"I got this idea from your mother-"

*Cough, Cough*

Ignoring him, she continued,

"-who gave me an idea about giving you a show to remember and after looking online, the popular results was stripping. As for this form...well do I need to say more, my beloved."

Jessica said with an eyebrow raised; her eye half closed as she look at him sensually. Zach could only look away from her gaze as blushed rushed up to his cheeks and already know what she was talking about.

Once he receive some down time from getting his revenge, he may have search [Jessica Rabbit] to see if they have changed her appearance from his old world. Surprisingly, they did, but it was so much better than his past life.

In that life, it was done in cartoon mode which was good, but it lack that realness.

However, in this world's [Jessica Rabbit] they did it in 3D, with much better graphics and in a more sensual them. It didn't hurt there was some videos of this [Jessica Rabbit] getting nude and fucking. Which may or may not have been downloaded in his advance A.I. computer as it didn't cross his mind that she will 'check' on him.

*Clears his throat*

"Yes, w-well...D-do you got the list of materials you want to use for your new body. And are there any government officials who are against my idea."

He stuttered at first before changing the subject as he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Giving her beloved an unimpressed gaze at the change in subject, but let it slide.

"Yes, I got it, but I don't know if it can be possible made with the current level of technology. And there are only 3 people opposed to your plan and 1 of them is a male."

She informs him, hiding her sadness and anger at those people who are against her beloved. She wanted to have a body that can fight along side with her beloved, but it will take some time.

"Don't worry love, I can create your new body to your speculations and I can add magic to fix any problems that may come up. Also, send me those names who are against my idea, I'll change their minds."

He said tenderly, giving Jessica a kiss to her temple.


She asked him, face full of hope as she looks at him.

"Yes. However, I need to practice my new skill, [Customization] until I know the limits of the materials before I work on making your body. And to do that, I mmm...need to get...ahh....out of bed...mm...and not stay in here longer...Fuck!"

He said, moaning as he felt her giving his cock a long slow lick as she then rolled her tongue around the engorged head, lapping at his pre-cum. Then he moan in disappointment as she let his cock go from her hands and mouth.

"Sorry about that. I was just so happy that I wanted to give you some motivation to get started and when you finished, I'll finish what I started too."

Jessica said as she removed herself from under the covers as she sashayed out of his room naked, but not sending him one last sensual wink as she disappeared.

"Heh. What a strong motivation it is indeed. At least she could of finished."

With a sigh, Zach went to take a shower, while making his clones order the items his other lovers in the book want. When he finished taking a shower 30 minutes later, Zach used household items first.

Grabbing a metal knife, Zach used his skill [Customization] on it.


[Stainless Steel Knife]

ATK: 4/5 (+/-)

DEF: 5/5 (+/-)

DUR: 7/10 (+/-)


After spending 20 minutes changing the knife, Zach learned a few things. He can increase, decrease or even add certain stats and effects on the item, but it cost more mana to do it.

However, he can't change the property of the knife into mystical metals as he needs to know how it's made of. Zach can only change it to other ordinary materials with better properties that make it seem like magic, but it's not.

Staring at the small blade knife, he used [Observed] on it.



ATK: 50/50

DEF: 50/50

DUR: 70/70

MAG: 300/300

Note: A magical blade that can cut through almost anything despite it's small size. Based on [Vibroblades] from Mandalorian from star wars. It's created by Zach Souma.


Activating the magic through the knife, it vibrated briefly before stopping. Turning to his table he sliced downwards, getting a noise like a saw through wood for a few seconds before it stop.

Cutting off the flow of mana to his knife, Zach look at the mark he had done to his table. Blowing off the wood shavings, he saw it was a straight line with no jagged cuts.

"Nice, now let's see if the durability has fallen after using it."

He said, checking the [Vibroblade] once more with his eyes before using magic. Seeing that it has no cracks or chips on it, he then used [Observed]. Frowning slightly at what he saw.



ATK: 48/50

DEF: 49.5/50

DUR: 69.5/70

MAG: 290/300


Despite using it for a few seconds on something, the ATK, DEF, and DUR fall down by 2 or half of a point each. He expected the magic to go down a few points, but not by 10 for less than 10 second activation.

Using his skill one more time to fix it up and make it toneless. After a few minutes later, Zach used it one last time before putting it aside as he want to upgrade his 2 [Mana Storage].

Using it again on his desk; limiting a low noise it formed a cut similar to the cut before. Checking his Vibroblade, he was satisfied at what he saw.



ATK: 50/50

DEF: 50/50

DUR: 70/70

MAG: 298/300

Note: A magical vibrating blade that can cut through almost anything despite it's small size. Based on Vibroblades from Mandalorian from star wars. It's created by Zach Souma.



Having said that he put it away as he took out his first [Mana Storage] which only hold 3,000 mana. After figuring out what to do, he began making the thing smaller as to increase the amount it could hold.

Increasing the durability so it won't break after getting hit from most things. Changing the shape into a small gem that can be fitted in an earing. When he finished, Zach check the stats of the new mana storage.


[Mana Storage grade C]

Mana Storage: 3,000/15,000

DUR: 5,000/5,000


Finding it to his liking, Zach put it away and took out his new [Focus]. Without any hesitation, began to change it to suit his liking. Changing it size as Zach compress the crystal, allowing him an extra 20% decrease in mana cost.

Saving him 90% of mana per spell he cast. The crystal change into a smaller one with multiple lights flashing. Giving it a hypnotic look. Since he did not want it to be stolen or targeted, Zach binds it to his soul, while also making it work in his Inventory.

His body began to glow in multiple colors before going back to normal. Since it was bonded to his soul, he didn't need to have it on him since they are connected.

Once he opened the list, Zach blurted out,


Her list consist of multiple famous and not so famous mystical metals throughout the multiverse. Vibranium, Adamantium, Mithril, Orichalcum, Meteoric iron, NTH metal, URU, etc. It would cost him billions of points to grab enough to make her body.

Luckily, he has 5 free tickets which he can buy anything from the store. He then immediately check the store about these metals and their prices. What surprised him next was the quantity of metals he could buy from pounds to the mighty Vibranium meteor that fell on earth.

Without any hesitation, he bought that meteor of Vibranium with an equally size amount of NTH metal, Adamantium, Mithril, and URU. As he will be also making stuff from these materials as well.

URU and Adamantium are going to be used for her bones as they are much stronger than any metals and he can easily add magical properties to them. Next, her nervous system will be made of Mithril with magical enchantments.

For her muscles, he choose a mixture of Vibranium and Adamantium. Lastly her skin and blood, it will be composed of NTH metal, it has many abilities and powers. When he was done, Zach sent Jessica a message saying so and asked for schematics of her new body.