21 Prelude to Madness


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Today I bring you.....relaxation, no duels today's, also, the big moment approaches, let's hope Haakon don't screw up....oh who are we kidding



Haakon's Room POV

Inside a big room in the main building of the Academy, we can see a man siting in his bed, pondering as the time pass by

[Well, this has been a long week that's for sure, damn, now that I think about it, It's only been a week, yet here I am, I die by a cosmic owl sneeze, rebirth…reincarnate?….isekaied?]

[Meh, I came to the world of Yugioh GX, and in less than 7 day I got a job.....before even graduating….damn, all those university years seems pretty lame now.....nah the parties were good]

[Should I mourn my own death? nah. that's for the living…which I am..... I really should stop with the existential questions.]

[Anyway, it has been a long week, and the not so much kids going full at it, 2 off hour duels, going late to classes, failing to answer easy questions, it feels like home alright]

[The more things change, the more they are the same as they say….in another universe and card related but same]

Haakon: One thing is different tho, I used to pass my own time alone in my room, now, well

As he looks through the room, a lot of chirps and weird bird like noises can be heard by no one but he, as all the spirits of different sizes fly and talk to one another

[The Floowandereeze Archetype, mostly compound of LVL 1 monster, and with my BA at LVL1, the ones I could communicate with, and Despia Tragedy, but the thing abut it, yes it, is that it isn't communicative at all]

[It is like a sentient torture device, animated by Aluber magic, it spends almost all its time in my deck, and only come out once in a while…to stare at me…from the corner of the room…yay, another stalker]

[The other monsters in my decks are still unresponsive, Pen-Pen, yes I call him that, bite me, is too high level to come out, and so is Snowl, she reminds me of ROB, but as a cute little snowy owl]

[And the ones in my Despia decks, even if not so much higher in level, still are too high to summon into the world]

Haakon: This isn't bad at all, I even like it, it's more….lively this way

[I may be one for being alone, but solitude is something I never have wished for, and having a friend or two with me is always good, even if not the humankind…human huh]

Haakon: Ironic, considering I'm pretty sure the more time pass, the more away of the human race I grow …. System show me my Status!

{Displaying Now!}



Name: Haakon Pravus 

Age: 18

Nationality: Russian 

Current State: Chilling

Equip: Duel Disk. D-Gazer. Spirit Ring (Bonded). 3/10 slots

N° of Decks: 3

Despia Control/ Despia TAX/ Floowandereeze

N° of Duel Discs: 1

Bank Account: System DP :17000 Real DP:18000

Ba: Lvl1 EXP-UP 89.58%

Ka List: F-Robina/ F-Eglen/ F-Stri/ F-Toccan/ D-Tragedy 


[I have bound with all my LVL 1 monster, turning them into my KAs, and let me tell you, it feels amazing]

[I don't really do anything different, I run in the morning, a couple of push-ups and some weightlifting, normal stuff, and yet the result are the same as if I have been on roids all my life, minus the bad side effects ]

[I'm stronger, I'm faster, I'm….not smarter, but my reaction time both physical and mental is higher, also, I have a six-pack now…. A FUCKING SIX PACK, I never have one before, and now I can grin cheese with it, life is good.]

[And as a former dead person, I can say I want it to stay as that for a long time, and with the final result of my bounding with my spirits as my KAs well, that is not an uncertainly anymore]

[Apparently for the chats I have with Robina and Eglen, yes we chat, yes they only chirp, but hey, 1 says no, 2 says yes, ask away and answers will be received, easy.]

[And according to them, by the time I have a LVL12 BA and a couple of LVL 12 KAs, well, immortality would not be outside the realm of possibilities. ]

[Tho there is a long way before that, hell, I may have to go into seclusion at one point in order to let the event of 5DS start.]

[But that's for the future, Now I have others problems to face….like the fact that tomorrow is my first class….as a teacher.....and I'm still trying to find the Chancellor weed supplier, that guy sells good shit for sure]


Haakon: Fuck it! I'm improvising on the spot! More importantly, System, show me the Shop, in full please, in fact, make that the default display form


Order received, default setting Actualize!

Displaying the Shop now!

Structure Decks:

Rise of the Monarch's x1 5000 SDP

Ascend of Blue-Eyes Max x1 15000 SDP

Herald's of Rituals x1 10000 SDP

Single Cards:

UR: Machina Fortress 1500 SDP

SR: Droll & Lock Bird/ Amano - Iwato 1000 SDP

R: Tribute to the doom/ Moray of Greed / Floodgate trap hole 500 SDP

N: Storm /Back-Up Rider/Xing Zhen Hu/ Hungry Burger 100 SDP

Accessories : 

D-Wheel Model: Black Bird (SYNCHRO SUMMON RESTRICTED) : SDP 100000

 "In the future, duels have evolved to the point that speed is the key to victory, duelist have opted to perform duels on D-Wheels, motorcycle like machines powered by a mini-perpetual movement machine known as Momentum. Instead of residual gas emitting, the D-Wheel expel a special type of energy particle, that has allowed the duel spirit known as Tuners and Synchro monsters to descend into the human world".

Duel Disk DSOD (Kaiba Corp Model): SDP 5000

"A duel disk created with the most sophisticated and advanced technology at disposition of Kaiba Corp, his inventor, searching for a form to duel his greater rival once more, develop technology capable of piercing through dimensions"

Earring of Awareness SDP 1000

"A black and gold earring build with magical energy, it produces an alert sound when the user is in danger with a few seconds of anticipation"


[Hmm, the cards are nothing of mayor interest, nothing broken, the Machina Fortress would do good to Bastion in time, and Droll & LB, even if people don't draw so much now, they will soon, if they hear my teaching of course, so better prepare than lament, also is an LVL 1 so, new KA, yay!]

[The structures are the same, maybe they get replaced after buying them and not over time, shame, I don't really like those, maybe the Herald one, but meh.]

[The items...WTF?!, Crow's D-Wheeler….wow that's expensive but is a fucking perpetual motion machine fueled motorcycle, never have to pay for gas again. but synchro restricted?]

[I guess it make sense, perhaps I can unlock it later, but I don't have that much money right now, the disk is cool but not needed right now, my current one have style yo!]

[And the Earring seems useful I guess, is not a bonding item nether, ok that's it]



Machina Fortress x1 1500 SDP

Droll & Lock Bird x1 1000 SDP

Earring of Awareness x1 SDP 1000

Total: 3500 SDP, Remaining: 13500 SDP


[Huh, the earring is quite good if I have to say so, also it's a clip one, so no puncture for me, neat, I don't like unnecessary pain.....on my self]

[Machina can stay in the inventory, I'm waiting for Bastion to talk to me before giving him anything, the guy is smart, I'm sure he will have questions to make, yet he is prideful, he will not accept a card just because, his deck is supposed mathematical balanced, yet, he uses Water Dragon as his boss monster, dude, why?]

[D&L tho, let's bond now, better sooner than later]

As he pulls the card into the world a flash of light emerge from it, and the next second a cute bunny girl and a mean looking bird is siting alongside him in the bed

[Why do I hear the FBI knocking at my door?]

LB: Good to make acquaintances, master, I'm Lock Bird, and this is my contractor, Droll, introduce yourself 

Droll: Nice to…meet you…Mater...I'm...Droll

LB: You have to apologize her Master, I'm usually the one who talks, Droll is.....a little shy

Haakon: Nice to meet you two, I don't want to be rude, but….how are you talking?

LB: Pardon?

Haakon: It's just…you are a bird and, well, non-other of my birds talks

LB gives a look to the Floo in the room, a silent conversation through eyes is done

LB:… I'm… Special

Haakon:…Ok….should we do the KA ritual now or?

Droll: Master…want me…as his KA?

As she asks this, her head tilts to the side, like pondering why would her new master want to bond with a weak monster like her, only one thought invade Haakon's mind


Haakon: Yes, It would be an honor if you bond with me

As his response reach her, her ears perk up and a cute smile reap her sadden dreamy face, a light emanate from her and LB, and a chain of light enter Haakon's body, the bond is made, the pact is seal, they are KA and Master for life

Haakon: Great, you guys can come in and out of the deck as you please, you can play with the rest of the guys if you want or go explore the island, just be sure to be in the deck when I partake in a duel.

[I can't help it, my hand reaches further, on top of her head, and somehow, I can touch her, I pat her head and a cute sound escape her, Rob, she is a cute bunny, my cute little bunny]

LB: *cogh cogh* We will, thank you master, let go Droll, we have some more….acquaintances to make

As LB said this, he reaches Droll sleeves and pulls her in the direction of the rest of the spirits

[With them gone, I look at my hand, this was a first, I never could touch the Floo gang before, more experiments and head pats are required, but for now, let's go to sleep, tomorrow is going to be an interesting day]

End of Chapter!


Droll is playing with Toccan and Robina, while Stri is nesting in a corner, LB and Eglen perched nearby as the trio of Floos plans their next great migration trip

LB: So....why are you guys not talking to the master?

Eglen: Hmm? oh that, Robina and one of the Floo brothers want to pull a prank on him when they first appeared, and well, we kinda just followed after

LB:…And that was?

Eglen: Like 4 maybe 5 days ago


Eglen: Now we do it just to see how long it takes him to realize all spirit monster can talk the human language

LB: I see…and him? * Point to Tragedy*

Eglen: Honestly? I got no idea, I don't think it's inteligent

Despian Tragedy in the corner abruptly turns to stare at the par of birds

LB/Eglen: *Shivers* 

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