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Chapter 11


+1 Sonic Bird 4☆(Monster/Effect)

+1 Spear Cretin 2☆(Monster/Effect)

+1 Mother Grizzly <Rare> 4☆(Monster/Effect)

+1 The reliable Guardian (Spell Card)

+1 Performance of Sword 6☆(Monster/Ritual)

+1 Spellbinding Circle <Ultra Rare> (Trap Card)

+1 Nettles 2☆(Monster/Tuner/Effect)

+1 Comrade swordsman of landstar 3☆ (Monster/Tuner/Effect)

+1 Teleport (Spell Card)

+1 Giant Trap Hole (Trap Card)

+1 Psychic Lifetrancer <Rare> 7☆ (Monster/Synchro/Effect)

+1 DNA Checkup (Trap Card)


(A/N: Am not gonna explain what every card does, some are self explanatory by their names, such as Teleport and Giant Trap Hole. What I will do is however write behind them if they are spells/traps/monsters and if monsters, what kind of monsters, like you can see above. When the cards are used, the effect will be explained(if it has any) most of the time I will keep it similar to the original, but sometimes, like with Teleport, it will be completely different. In those cases, the effect will be explained anyway ^-^. If I don't do this, it will take me too much time to write their effects here. Only a few unique cards will have that honor.)

Looking at the cards he got, he was surprised to see Tuner monsters, and even a synchro monster. with them he can easily summon the synchro. Then there was the ritual monster and Sonic Bird, which makes him able to take 1 ritual spell from the deck, it was like the gods wanted him to have a synchro and a ritual monster already.

(A/N: "Cough" 50% luck, other was me making use of it xd)

Aside from that, Spear Cretin can let him bring Sentinel back! 'But do I want him back? what if a stronger one dies later, like Cyber Dragon? It would be a waste to use it on Sentinel... Maybe when I accomplish my goals, I will bring him back. But for now, he can rest.' Vox thought to himself before focusing on the other cards.

'Spellbinding Circle is definitely the best card I got, capable of fully immobilizing anyone for a whole day' After reading through all the cards, Vox had already had some plans.

He want back to the deck and summoned Sonic Bird, with it's effect he got the ritual spell card "Commencement Dance" from the system. Afterwards he summoned Comrade Swordsman of Landstar and performed a Synchro Summon with Sonic Bird.

The level 3 Comrade and the level 4 Sonic Bird both slowly transformed into light, Comrade made 3 Circles of light while Sonic Bird's light went through it.

After 5 minutes the Synchro summon was completed and out came a girl with a robotic arm, metal plates on her head and metal legs. She looked like a cyborg with half being human and half robot.


Psychic Lifetrancer 7☆ (EARTH)


1-Tuner + 1 or more Non-Tuner monsters.

Once a day, you can banish 1 card from your graveyard to heal mild injuries from 1 individual. If the banished card was a psychic type monster, then even heavy injuries can be healed instantly.

ATK: 2400 / DEF: 2000


"Greetings Master." Psychic Lifetrancer said with a bow.

"Good, from now on I will call you Psy, stand watch with Hound, I am going to rest for the remainder of the day. Oh and try not to scare the kids." Vox said and went back to his cabin. not noticing the sad expression Psy made when she heard his last sentence.

The Day became night and soon dawn arrived.

At dawn Vox got out of his cabin and went to the deck. He saw Psy leaning against the mast a d Hound laying next to her, Psy was patting the metallic dog with her metallic arm.

At the very front was Cyber Dragon playing with the Fullbring Family, Skye family and the green haired one, Erik Carter. Seeing that put a smile on his face. He looked at his cards and summoned Bubbleman and Night Wing, Bubbleman went to entertain the children while Night Wing went to steer the ship, as a Wind monster, she can control where the ship goes. All she needs is directions.

Looking at the back of the ship, he saw Kahn Hellman watching the sea. Deciding to see why he wasn't playing with the others, he walked towards him.

Hearing footsteps behind him, Kahn looked back to see Vox coming towards him.

"Morning" Vox said and went to sit next to him. "Sit down, it is a warm day." Vox knocked on the deck next to him, to which Kahn answered by sitting down.

After a few minutes of silence, Kahn was the first to break the ice.

"My parents always used to tell me that if I am ever lost, I should watch the sea."

"Why the sea?"


"Because it makes me calm and think clearly." Kahn said as extended his small hand out in the direction of the water.

"What were they like, your parents?" Vox asked as he also watched the sea.

"My father was a blacksmith in our town."

"What about your mother?"

"She died when she gave birth to my brother."

"I am sorry." Vox said as he rubbed his head.

"En." Kahn nodded his head as he put his arms around his knees with his chin touching his knees.

"So did your father teach you smithing?"

"Yes, but I hated it."


"I wanted to sail the sea."

"Not anymore?"

"Not anymore."

Vox looked at the kid beside him that acted more like an old man.

"You know, my mother always wanted for me to become a doctor." Vox said as he remembered his past.

"Did you become one?" Kahn asked looking at him.

"Do I look like a doctor?" Vox grinned.


"Hahaha, exactly, so whenever I failed at my exams, she would threaten my with a belt. Though she never used it because of that."

"So she used it for a different reason? the belt?"

"Yes, once I met this girl, she was gorgeous, dark brown hair and blue eyes that could see into your soul. We got along well and then things happened....


"Vox, what are your plans for the weekend?" A girl asked Vox as the were walking together in the mall.

"My brother wants to do another charity, Amy, how about you come with?"

"Sure, but once we are done you are mine." Amy smiled as she put her arm around his neck.

"Alright alright, but let's go fast or mom will be mad again."


"Are you sure Amy?" Vox said as he looked at the beauty under him, she was gorgeous, barely clothed on the bed.

Amy put her arms around his neck and brought him in a hug, then she whispered in his ear.

"Yes, I love you and I want my first time to be with you." With those magic words spoken Vox started to undress him while she undressed him.


"You slept with Lily's daughter!" A blond haired woman with a belt in her hand looked at Vox with a mad expression.

"But mom! We were drunk and we like each other!" Vox said as he backed away slowly.

"SHE HAS A FIANCE! MY NEPHEW!" Vox's mother shouted as she walked towards him.

"But she doesn't like him!"

"And what has that got to do with you? If she doesn't like him she should break up the engagement! Her parents did not force her!"

"But mom!"

"Honey I think he understands..." A man decided to calm Vox's mom down.

"Shut up! I don't care that he slept with her! It is a out principles! One does not simply sleep with an engaged woman! Let her break the engagement and then you can sleep with her how much you want!"

{End Flashback}

"..." Kahn looked at him funnily

"Did she hit you?" he asked curiously.

"And how she did it, my ass got hit so many times that I had to stand in class for a whole week because I could not sit." Vox made an ugly face remembering his what happened afterwards.

"Hahaha" Kahn laughed seeing his ugly face. Which made Vox smile as well.

"Want to know how I ended up here?" Kahn asked as he looked at the sea with a smile on his face.

"Only if you want to tell me."

"Our Village was raided, a group of people came and took all the children, those who resisted were killed...My father hid my brother and me underground and he managed to do it too." Kahn clenched his small fists

"When the pirates were about to leave, our neighbor ratted us out, saying that my father had 2 children. They... they killed him {Sniff}.. because he did not tell them where we were." Kahn was crying remembering the past.


"Where are they!"

"I will never tell you scum!"



"Say it or I will be break all the bones in your body."

"Huff... huff.. Go to hell."



For 2 whole ours the middle aged man was hit and every time something would break, before finally dying after 2 hours. A bit far away a bald middle aged man was looking at this scene without any emotion in his eyes.

'Elina was mine, you took her away from me. Now I will take all you have away from you.' Thought the bald man.

When he saw that the man being not moving, not even his chest, he smiled and walked forward.

"Sir, he had a underground hideout in his shop." Said the man as he pointed at a building near them.

"Go and search everything!"

Inside the building 2 kids, one looking like he was 4 while the other looked to be 8 were holding their ears and crying as to not hear their father suffer.

{End Flashback}

"I want to find my brother, he is my only family left." Kahn said holding his knees tighter.

"We are also your family here, we will find him together." Vox said as he gave Kahn a hug that made the kid cry even more.

As I said before, these upcoming chapters will mostly focus on the children a d their stories. While having some of Vox's history also revealed.

If you don't like it being so slow and think it is unnecessary, then please be patient until it is done, then you can proceed with the story.

Thanks for reading ^-^

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