6 Sixth

As soon as those words left Amos' lips, the old man shook his head effusively. No way would he lose a customer through simple negligence, not as long as his name was Solomon Muto. Yes, once again dramatic irony was taking center stage. In some sinister and, however, totally coincidental way, Amos had ended up in the store where the protagonist's grandfather, Yugi Muto, worked.

- No no no! Stay! Stay! I'll be right with you! Just give me a minute! Just a minute! Hu ha hu ha! Okay! That's it all! All right! All in order!

Muto did several jumping jacks and push-ups, with the occasional sporadic shout as an interlude. And that, gentlemen, is how Mr. Muto almost unconsciously ruined his alibi. Almost. Fortunately for him, the person he was talking to was Amos Daniels. A complete idio-... I'll say no more.

- Excellent! Cutting to the chase, would you be willing to trade some Monster Duel cards with me?

Amos asked pointedly. Here's a tip for life. Never go straight for the main course when it comes to business. And above all, never show despair over the matter. Poker Face, always.

- So a duelist?

Amos nodded like a chick. Solomon smiled, sharpening the axe.

- And you want to trade cards with this old man, don't you?

Amos repeated the previous action vehemently. You could smell the blood in the air. Lord Muto arched his eyebrows. His sentence would determine everything.

- Of course! Come with me!

The cruel reality of the matter was that this pair of foxes did not turn out to be the brightest apparently and definitely. Luckily, there's always the excuse of good heart, good person and all that hippy stuff. In perspective, Amos and Solomon went for the old man's cards.

- What kind of cards are you looking for?

asked the older man, pulling out a box from a secret compartment under the table. Amos pondered.

- I have the Tri-Horned Dragon which is a Dragon type monster like Mikazukinoyaiba. There's also the Beast of Talwar which is a Demon type monster. I guess I'm interested in the Dragon and Demon type cards!

Amos replied literally and the old man snorted like a dissatisfied elephant.

- Those are three pretty powerfull cards. Hehe. Young people today don't know what they've got. But if thats what you're looking for, then.

After careful selection, Mr. Muto presented Amos with several different cards.

- Koumori Dragon, Dark King of the Abyss, Blackland Fire Dragon, Ancient Brain, Tainted Wisdom, Whiptail Crow, Skull Knight....

Amos' joy went up several decibels. The old man also looked pleased. It wasn't every day that he saw such looks around his store. An eyes full of genuine fascination for the game. The young man in front of him certainly appreciated Monster Duel. Perhaps as much as he did. If he knew that the aforementioned's motives were nothing more than monetary he would surely slap him across the face. On the subject, the two traded and argued prices like wild beasts. Until gradually a more trusting relationship was established.

- What magic and cheat cards would you recommend for the deck?

Stifling a snort of indignation, Solomon laughed mischievously. He would teach the youngster why one shouldn't underestimate the old generation.

- Hehe. I have many ideas, many ideas. For example...

The fogey commented, extracting other cards from the briefcase. Amos observed him attentively, for some uncertain reason he had put himself in the position of the old fogey's student.

- I noticed that your monsters are mostly of dark attributes. I guarantee you that the best card to reinforce them is this one. Mystic Plasma Zone.

Amos patiently scrutinized the details of the card and it didn't take him long to be surprised.

- No way! You say this card increases the attack of all dark monsters by 35%. Impossible. It must be fake or worse, restricted.

Old Solomon got a lump in his throat. Amos scoffed and then came the old man's restrained eruption.

- What nonsense are you talking, this card is totally authentic! You can check it out with any expert in the game and he'll tell you the same thing! Humph! You ignorant brat!

Muto scolded in deceptioned. Amos had to make a fine convincing gesture to appease a little of Mr. Muto's growing anger.

- Okay okay! Don't get mad old man, it was just a joke! Hehe. What other cards were you going to show me?

Old Solomon decided to give the boy a second chance. After all, it was his business at stake.

- Well, good! The next card is this. Mystical Space Typhoon. With it you can destroy any magic and trap card placed or continuous on the field. One of the best there is at the moment. Then we have Nightmare's Steelcage. Surely you know its effect as it is quite popular nowadays. If you use it correctly, no player will be able to attack for two turns in a row. It is a fundamental card to gain time and increase the draw. On the other hand...

And with an enviable conviction, Solomon Muto explained to the boy all the effects of each magic card or trap that Amos could use in his deck. Amos appreciated this gesture very much. The old man was a great person. One who had earned a very high place on his list of friends. Because there is nothing more important than making good friends. Friends who support you, friends who respect you, friends who appreciate you.

- The three copies of each letter and the above exchange would be. Let's see. Yes. 22099¥.

Friends who charged you. Well, maybe Mr. Muto wasn't such a good friend. He was greedy, very greedy. Of course, that Amos would not reproach him for that, the fogey had to keep his business at the end of the day. In addition, having more virtues who defects more than made up for that flaw.

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