1 First

"Different world and different rules."

-----Exar Daniels-----

Stealing is not a good thing, or smart. Neither is swindling. As fancy as it sounds, will only bring you more trouble than good in the long run. If you're still not convinced, you can ask Amos Daniels. This young man had never done anything like this in all his life. But one September night, a very rainy one, it happened. Amos of Kansas was dispatched, shot and then reported to the police for nothing more or less than borrowing a juicy chocolate. Yes, it was sugar-free. And after taking it on the run, let's be clear. However, in this story, that's not the point, nor the comma, or a concise ending. In an unhealthy rush, the unfortunate pedestrian forgot one fundamental, habitual and undoubtedly mundane thing. Something many of you do with relative frequency. Look both ways on the street. Yes, Amos did not look both ways on the street and he took a terrible, horrible, fearful car hit. He did not die immediately. No, the young chocolate thief survived the impact, rolled across the wet muddy floors and ended up next to the roadway. He breathed heavily, sprawled out. Like a shi-... I will not say such disrespect. Not even in jest. I may be pompous, but never foul-mouthed.

- Oh, shit.

Well. What to say? The kid was dying, don't blame him for being rude. Amos Daniels closed his eyes and then, subsequently.

- I didn't die!

He didn't die. Wait a minute. That wasn't part of the script. Whatever, let's improvise. For Amos, only seconds had passed since his demise when he awoke as a shrew. The place, a small, completely unrelated room.

- Was it a dream?

Amos questioned, feeling every part of his body. Including the male reproductive organs, it is worth mentioning.

- All in order, that's what matters.

sighed the poor man in relief. His face perfectly described that brown substance that comes out of the back passage of many living things. Minute up, minute down, he stood up and advanced until he came face to face with a dirty, cracked mirror. He did not look at himself in it, for the moment.

- Where am I, I don't remember this place, and what's that smell, fooo?

Amos waved his arms, shooing away a fetid scent that was misting the air. His gesture made him look like a blue butterfly. Just like the pajamas he was wearing and of which his reflection was the protagonist. By the way, the smell was typical of a teenager room.

- What the hell?

The mention of the biblical entity was not due to the color of Amos' attire or anything like that. No. Let's just say there was another issue at stake. A very bad one, if you get my drift.

- Hehe. What kind of joke is this?

Amos began a shabby, almost embarrassing, yet quite reasonable monologue. Because it was hilarious that a third dimension could turn into a second dimension overnight.

- I-it's as if...

The one from another reality tugged at his cheeks obtaining an image that would border on the impossible and would embarrass even a pig with smallpox, figuratively.

- ...it's like I'm a goddamn cartoon. I wonder how much I drank last night? Hehe. For my wife to kick me out must have been quite a lot. Quite a show.

Amos proceeded to fiddle with his nose, almost indistinguishable from the front and elongated looking sideways. A scarecrow smile broached his lips. His nostrils took on the perspective of a baboon.

- What a weird dream. I always wanted to know what I would look like this way. But I never imagined something so detailed. Imagine? Smell? Dreams don't have that, do they? Or do they?

Suddenly the otherworldly one went from being don chuckle to miss despair. And to test the theory he pinched his forearm.

- Ah!...

Amos screamed like a princess locked in a castle surrounded by very hale and green goblins. Reality was knocking at his door and soon would kick his as-... I will say no more.

- No! No way! This can't be happening!

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