3 Chapter 2 | Entrance Exam.

Arriving early at the entrance exam, I headed to the sign-in booth and got myself signed in.

''Hi, could I get signed in here?'' I asked the girl working there out of courtesy and she nodded.

''Yup, can I just get your name, any form of ID, and your Application number?'' She asked and I obliged but asked about the Applicant number.

''Here's my ID and my name's Illumi Tanaka. Sorry, but what's the application number? I brought my acceptance letter though, will that be ok?'' I asked as I handed her my ID which conveniently is kept in my duel disk.

''Oh, that's fine. Your application number should be on your acceptance number.'' She explained and I felt a bit embarrassed at not knowing.

''Oh my bad here it's... 175689?'' I told her, but at the same time felt the number was familiar. It's probably nothing.

''Ok. That's everything! Your a bit early but here's another copy of your examination time and designated location if you haven't already been sent a message about it.'' She said as she handed me a sheet of paper after writing something in her computer and writing my name and application number on the top of the paper with a signature at the bottom.

''Thank you.'' I said as I gave way for the next in line.

Since I had quite sometime until my examination, which would happen near the end of the examination period, I decided to walk around and look for some of the characters. Not long after I saw Chazz Princeton, but decided to avoid him, as right now he was a major prick.

Looking around again, I soon found Syrus who was sitting in the corner due to his inability to talk with other people. Deciding to go over and make friends with him, I waltz over and lazily slouch down beside him.

Looking over to me, he was about to say something, but froze before the words could come out, and then just turned away with a strained face. Well at least he tried.

''Hey. So have you gone yet?'' I said to him and he brightened enthusiastically replying. Poor kid, he's got no confidence in him self.

''N-no, I still have a little while to go.'' He said as he smiled and looked at the time. Than he turned back to me and asked back.

''What about you?'' He asked and I just nodded before saying.

''Me either, I go near the end,'' I said as I held out the sheet with my test time.

''Oh me too! It looks like you go right after me... that really is late.'' He said as he looked at my examination info.

Taking it back I decided to stay quiet and an awkward atmosphere started to form. Syrus clearly wanted to continue talking with me, but he couldn't think about what to talk about. Enjoying, watching the kid struggle I sat back and I swept my head, looking around the auditorium. 

Bastion was already here and so were Zane, Alexis, and Chazz. Looking at the audience of instructors and examiners, I noticed only Dr. Crowler, out of the main teachers was there.

Turning back to the manifestation of awkward teens, I decided to make conversation.

''So what type of cards do you use?'' I asked already knowing the answer.

''Oh! I use a machine deck. This is my Vehicroid deck!'' He said as he quickly got out his deck, pointing at his Drillroid card at the front.

Looking back at it, most of his fusion monsters usually required Drillroid.

''Cool, I have a dragon deck. This is my Dragonmaid deck.'' I said taking out my House Dragonmaid which was at the top of my deck.

[House Dragonmaid]

''Wow! I've never heard of that card, is it rare?'' He said as he looked at the card.

''Strong too,'' I replied as I moved my finger from covering House Dragonmaid's Atk.

''3000!?'' Syrus shouted as he looked at the Atk of the card.

''You know it,'' I replied and started talking with Syrus for a while, soon his turn came and he had to leave.

''Alright, wish me luck!'' Syrus said as he waved at me.

I waved back and decided to watch his duel, and... god he's terrible. It's not that his deck or skills were bad, it was the fact that he kept messing up due to the audience.

Shaking my head, I decided to leave after Syrus, barely finished his own examination. Heading to my area I saw a man with glasses in a blue coat, he was my examiner.

Stepping into the mini-arena, the man turned to me.

''Are you the next examinee?'' He asked and I nodded back.

''Yup. I'm Illumi Tanaka, nice to meet you.'' I greeted and he nodded to me in acknowledgment.

''George. Now come, let's start the examination.'' He said as he took his spot and secured his deck in his duel disk.

''I couldn't agree more,'' I replied as my heart pumped at the notion of my first real duel against a real duelist.

I had duelled against some other people to get accustomed to my deck while searching for filler cards. However, none of those people were serious duelists, and although I still don't have a 'real' deck I have a really strong arc type.

As I raised my duel disk arm in front of me, both the examiner and I marked the beginning of our duel.

''Let's Duel!'' We said at the same time.

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