Yu-Gi-Oh!...Wait What?

Name: Kirihara Asuto Gender: Male Marriage status: Bachelor for life Occupation: Your everyday corporate slave Hobbies: Your typical Nerd and what more Favourite actor/actresses: Samuel L Jackson Angelina Jolie SOULS? PRAISE THE SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN So, here I am, nursing the headache of the century, feeling like my body is jelly and making sure to pay my utmost absolute respect to the ultimate gigachad in the entire souls franchise Solaire of Astora every morning, why? because i can, now, pretty sure that i wasn´t this tall, nor handsome, nor for some reason I have a really neat and awesome red crimson scarf riding on a nonexistent wind, in an apartment in which I am sure is even smaller than my one on the states, I tend to consider myself a relatively mature and calm inidividual but... Why is a giant as fuck Kaiba Corp logo just across from my street?! Why is Maximillian Pegasus anouncing the prelude to the arc of the Duelist Kingdom arc?! And why, Oh God why?! My hair looks like a rip-off from Yugi Muto hair style?! You know, i was supposed to go and get smashed with the boys after a long day of work, hit the nearest club, get lucky if a could, and then go on my well deserved vacation after nursing the hangover of the decade, not get isekaid into Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster!

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Time; Cards; Domino City!

After a not so obvious existential crisis which I am not going to describe, and a couple of minutes of trying to make my already mess of a brain to reboot in the hopes of not having a heart attack or possibly being the typical idiot thats its going to get out of his already small apartament shouting here and there that everything is fine because its a dream, yeah, i know that neither or my brain has something to do with one or the other but give a break, i was already freaking out knowing that i was iseakid, of all things, to Yu-Gi-Oh! of all things, literally the anime, manga, game that invented the infamous shadow game, heart of the cards, and let´s not forget the numerous villains that had already reached the multiversal time traveling level!

Honestly, I am surprised that I am not going through another thing or something or having my mind going Explosioooooooonnnnnnn! anytime soon.

Did i forget that instead of being a typical shonen anime/manga with differente power elvels and a lot of power ups, this actually is more considered a seinen, and not at all but to the point that almost any major conflict would be decided by a game of cards, which already cost a lot by the way depending of what you are buying of course, I mean, not only the fate of the world but even the fate of the entire multiverse has already been decided by a card game, and who was at the fore front of everything to the point of even making really expensive academies where your only option its to become a pro player in a freaking world level sport?!

Seto fucking Kaiba

What many like to overlook in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime franchise is that it doesnt matter what universe, multiverse, or timeline you are part of Kaiba Corp its a constant in all worlds and if that its not enough then there are their variables like in Arc-V or Brains, in short words everything is Seto Kaiba fault, why? because putting aside the spirit world, the civilizations that came before the ancient egypt, the numbers, the cyberspace, the multiverse, the Atlantida or God forbid Zarc, wherever Duel Monster was practiced in any age, universe or whatever dimension exist out there, KC would always be part of it.

Now then, after my rant about the stupidity about this world whose fate is constantly decided by expensive cardboard, i coudlnt ignore anymore one thing in particular regarding my actual situation...I was naked, plain and simple.

Pretty sure i could make a joke about how being naked would let me ascend to divinity, junior being slightly bigger than i remember, or the point that thanks God i dont have any need to say something like "You are courting death" or something alongside those words that very possibly came from some trashy novel, BUT, I couldn´t help myself to notice something really concerning, regarding my actual situation, and that was...I have no idea where or when in the tarnished name I am right now.

I mean, usually when you get iseakid you tend to recieve some kind of power, system or at least meet a lazy ROB or a waifu goddes, in my case, nothing of that happened at all, outside of the killer headache which wetn away with my sanity a couple minutes earlier, nonetheless i knew one thing thanks to the calendar in my, I suppose, room ita that the year is 1996, the exact year in which the original series and its events happened, meaning that Yugi, Kaiba, Tea, Rikolino Face, Side Character 1, Side Character 2, Mokuba, Marik, Ishizu, Odion, Serenity and the entire cast of Duel Monster participated in the many events that paved the way towards the ceremonial duel between The Pharaoh, Atem, Yugi happened with the victory of the later allowing Atem to finally depart to the afterlife.

My only problem is that i dont know when exactly I am in Duel Monsters, like I am after Battle City, in the middle of the Duelist Kingdom, or just before the initial duel between Kaiba and Yugi/Yami Yugi? I was really confused, and not entirely sure of what to do right now, I mean, I have no quest, system or deck with me, I have no idea what I am doing here; and i know that if thats true then, i can literally become a npc or mob letting the entire plot play by itself without my intrusion, heck i dont even have to treat with the main cast at all, I am literally free!

Me and my big mouth


Yep, either one of the egyptians gods hate me, or someone from the multiverse has it out for me

*sigh* "Ok, lets do this" I said to none in my nakedness while waiting for the so called system to finish whatever they were doing, for some reason their loading bar was quite similar to the Windows XP bar, damn I am old, though, "I guess I am not old anymore" I said while once again looking at my body, this time without a mirror but just tilting my neck to look down at the rest of my body, for when I said, not knowing at that time, that the boy in my mirror was quite handosme with a urgent for some Vitamin C, his body, outside of his natural paleness had nothing to scoff at, as I said before I was build like a swimmer, lean but phisically in my prime, but muscles that for some reason I knew that wouldn´t impede my movement but at the same time give a fill of phisical power contrary to my lanky forty year old body, I was quiten nimble, and there was some kinf of energy deep inside me, like, having the feeling that I could go to a 400m race and win wiothout effort.

Ok, no, thats one of the most phisical demanding races in the olympics and its nothing to scoff at or exaggerate about, nonetheless i felt like my body was in peak condition, and taking in consideration other things like my stature or the why I haven´t put a boxer or any underwear at all over junior, and ignoring the point that half of my hair was a black and red rip-off of the protagonist, at least I wasn´t bald, there was the particular feeling that, this actually was always my body,like i grew up it and everything, my birth bidy I mean, it didnt felt foreing or like I was wearing a costume or suit of some sort, the more i moved in my really tiny apartment the more comfortable I became with my body, it was a novel experience, and I didnt dislike it at all, pretty sure i was smiling at that time.






AGE: 17






"My system is...a card shop?" i asked at nothing except maybe the air and the translucent screen right in front of my face, seeing that it didnt answered or caused a reaction of sort, I tried touching the screen hoping that my finger wasn´t going to go through it making me feel like an idiot in the process and ignoring the point that the damn system just shared my perosnal information with the wind, dont forget, even the winds has ears.

The moment that my finger pressed againts something that resemble the screen of a smart phone, the system opened, like i was just unlocking the screen of my phone and gave me three options to use.




Neither slow nor lazy I tapped on the Deck/s option, ignoring the feeling of sheer dissapointment on having such a basic system, and let go a sigh of relief when I could see three decks inside of it, my decks that i could use at any moment every time that I logged in Master Duel, of course they werent my only decks, not at all, they still were more of course, but my most important, my Vandread and Chimera deck were safe, alongside my still under construction Dragon Maid deck, well more like stil deciding if i wanted to go Branded with them, I mena they are broken not imposible to put down but they are no joke, at least my tries on Master Duel said so.

But of course there is always a but "This cards hasn´t been created yet" and it was true Chimera with the new Ilusion type alongside the game changer that are the Branded and the summon control of the Dragon Maid plus the effect gain and ritual summon from both hand, graveyard and field of the Vandread plus the Eldlich use of magic and trap cards were already far too overpowered for the poor beginnings of Duel Monsters especially during this era when the rules were still being created, at this point point the original Yu-Gi-Oh! resembled something similar to a quasi DnD but with cards which you use to summon monsters

Still, I choose my Dragon Maid deck it wasnt complete not at all, I needed at least Albion, Lubellion and Mirrorjade x2 plus the Branded magic cards, I already had Albaz, Eclessia and Aluber, with that said I got out of the Deck option and directly when toward the Card Shop option, and what I got, didnt surprise me in the least "Isn´t this just Master Duel card shop?" and it was, to some extent, besides the packs which still acted more like a gacha oriented game both in real life and in the Master Duel, it was still quite useful, nonetheless the currency which werr gems or crystals was still, in 0 like last time "Man it has been a few months since I played Master Duel didn´t I?" I knew that i wasn´t up to date regarding the meta, but I only played to have fun not to be a proffesional, and my sentiment regarding that hasn´t changed at all.

"Very well I still has my UR, SR, R, N chips anyways let´s see if can dismantle some UR that I am not going to use any time soon and see what i can get" it wasn´t my first time doing this, I could be quite obsessed the moment i came around with a new deck i wanted to make, so dismantling some UR and SR didn´t hurt me much espcially since most of them didn´t exactly go with my type of game or considering my other decks which i finished quite a long time ago they weren´t necessary anymore, of course, any Dark Magician and Blue Eyes were completely out of the picture, thank you.

Once I was done with adquiring the cards i wanted, i was quite satisfied with how the deck ended, of course it wasn´t the kind of deck that would go toward a WC but still hit like a brick to the face, which I am now doubting to use, nor forgetting about the posible consequences that may come with using an entire new set of cards that were neither made Pegasus himself or by any other company in the DM world; this deck alongside my Chimera can easily dominate the game, or at least the actual game in the anime, when even Ritual summon, Fusion summon and Special summon were quite rare and difficult to do, but as I said before, quasi DnD rules and effect, I mean I don´t think anyone is going to forget the point that the MC literally won by...smashing the fucking moon!!

How?! Why?! WTF?! No, just no, no thank you, I am really interested in challenging both Yugi and the Pharaoh to a Duel but if they are bringing that kind of shit to me then I am out dammit, I wont let the usual anime mind fuckery get to me anytime and much less directly form the hand of the MC thank you.

Where was I? Right! My DM Deck ok, its pretty sweet and really unfair as of now, i made it like this:

Main Deck

-Chamber Dragonmaid x 3

-Parlor Dragonmaid x 3

-Nurse Dragonmaid x 1

-Laundry Dragonmaid x 1

-Kitchen Dragonmaid x 1

-Dragonmaid Nudyarl x 1

-Dragonmaid Ernus x 1

-DragonmaidTinkhec x 1

-Dragonmaid Lorpar x 1

-Dragonmaid Changeover x 1

-Dragonmaid Hospitality x 2

-Dragonmaid Tidying x 3

-Dragonmaid Downtime x 1

-Sweet Maid for You x 2

-Fallen of Albaz x 2

-Aluber the Jester of Despia x 2

-Incredible Eclessia the Virtuous x 1

-Branded Opening x 3

-Branded Fusion x 3

-Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x 2

Coming soon

-Pot of Greed x1

-Card of Sanctity x 1

-Draining shield x 1

-Botomless Trap Hole x 1

-Mirror Force x 1

-Black Hole or Raigeki x 1

-Monster Reborn x 1

Extra Deck

-Albion the Branded Dragon x 2

-Lubellion the Searing Dragon x 2

-Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon x 2

-Dragonmaid House x 2

-Dragonmaid Sheou x 2

"I-I t-think I exaggerated...just a little bit" An imaginary sweatdrop fell downward my right cheek or at least I wanted to think that it really did, even now I am astounded of how I made this killer deck, of course I didn´t mean to sound arrogant or something, but this was good, of course it could use other supports like the Snake-Eye, the Icejade or the Labrynth, but I am trying to have fun here not trying to destroy someone´s dream...now i am feeling like changing to my Vandread Deck more and more "Enough, it´s enough, for now" I declared I didn´t see how time passed while I was occupied with finishing my deck, looking at the clock on my desk, I saw it was barely ten past nine in the morning.

"I gain nothing by delaying the inevitable" I said while making sure not to fall on the floor once again thanks to having my legs crossed for what i felt was hours in the same position, actually two hours passed while I was busy with my cards so you might imagine how my legs might n¿be feeling right now, once I was sure that everything was right and that I could stand without supporting myself on the nearest wall, I made way toward the door only to feel a breeze in my lower area, and after looking down once again I remembered that I stilla was but naked, and ignoring the point that I was pretty much going to go Commando on a city that I knew nothing of, and that I needed money, my identification, etc; "some things never change even in Anime I guess" and now dressed in nice tight black jeans, comfortable black and gold sneakers, an open Yellow Sleeveless ragged jacket over a tight but comfrotable sleeveless shirt that actually let my arms open and with a neat but kind of awesome red blood scarf that seemed to be riding and invisible breeze, I decided to go outside of my apartament and confront my new reality, there were some earrings but i never liked them so put them back where I found them and never looked back, though there was something that caught my atention while I was dressing but my eyes, or at least the iris were red a particular shade of red that seemed to shine, gonna eat an entire head of garlic in the night just to make sure I am not some shining vampire by the way, in the light.

Making sure that I had everything in me this time, underwear included of course, I took my first step toward my unknow new future, not knowing at that time that the wheel of fate started to spin out of the original story and that from now on, I will confront some of the most exiting but frightening challenges in my life, still this is my story and I will see it to the end.























That took me years! yes i know barely a day has passed but between re-watching some intructions regarding the dragon maids and seeing how beautiful a Branded deck can go and make and entire duel a nightmare, an spectacle to my sore eyes, it took much more to build the deck at least on the right conditions I mean, and as for the Coming soon well not really much to think about right? its literally other cards that are coming soon, some of the most classic cards out there like the spellbinding circle, mirror force, raigeki, heck even the jars are coming back, magic jammer included and more of the old school, but i didn´t put them in the list because it would be annoying so i decided to name some of them in here.

Well, with that said enjoy the new chapter, and wait for it, tomorrow its the anticipated reunion with Grandpa Muto and some of the first changes to occur in the series, so be ready everyone, meh its not something so game changing, the game changin aspects will come in time, I promise, for now, bye! going to sleep and to get better from this sickness though

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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