5 His Decision!

"Hmm? Your face… why do you look so puzzled?"

"Well, that's… Can you please tell me what you mean by aerial speed and physical damage? Are you implying that there are different types of speed and damage outputs?"

"But of course. The world is simply too vast and profound, thus many different species have their own set of racial advantages and variations. Isn't that only natural?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right… Sorry, I was being stupid for a moment there."

Inwardly though, Solis was having the shock of his life by how intricate and complex the game's design was. Of all the video games he's tried out, Fatal Fantasy might just be the only game that paid such great attention to its features and maximized it to the fullest potential. From what Grazier said, Solis got an impression that this VRMMORPG was astoundingly unlimited in its game elements. It felt utterly unreal to him who was an avid gamer, and without exaggeration, it could even be called a dream come true for all gamers out there.

'This is simply the best…! Thank you to whatever tech company you were called for creating Fatal Fantasy for us!' Solis cheered in his head.

Meanwhile, Grazier continued, "To my knowledge, there are four different types of speed: movement, flying, climbing, and swimming. One of the races you've picked—the Merman Race—is a perfect example of a species having achieved unparalleled speed underwater. A world-renowned fact is that the ocean is the most dangerous place in existence, but only in the planes of man, that is. And the Merman and Mermaids are the rulers of the boundless ocean; just as how the Humans are the rulers of the earth."

"Huh? Humans rule the earth?"

Solis was plainly surprised to hear this. I mean, what supposed qualities do humans even possess to surpass all the other fantastical races? Thinking of it logically, it shouldn't be possible for such flimsy monkeys to go up against existences that are clearly a level above them in the evolutionary ladder.

"Incidentally, what is the weakest race in the world?" he asked.

"The Humans," Grazier stated matter-of-factly.

"But… that doesn't make any sense… You were the one who said that—"

"I know what I said. It's quite confounding yet curious, isn't it? You're probably thinking right now: How can Humans be the rulers of the earth when they're in fact the weakest race out of all the mythical beings that walk on it. And to that I say: It is precisely because they are the weakest that they can stand heads above the strong."

"What do you mean…? Can you please explain it to me more deliberately?"

"Simply put, Humans are a disgusting and persistent race. Because they are inherently weak, they were granted by mother nature the ability to rapidly reproduce like locusts plaguing the lands. Because of their weakness, they resort to all sorts of diabolical schemes and machinations just to survive the cruel environment they were born in. Because of their peasant blood, they can assimilate any noble bloodlines into their own, breeding formidable demi-human hybrids to lead them to each grueling battle. Yes, it is exactly because of their peasant blood that they can transfuse any powerful bloodline into their system, granting them powers that are beyond what they were formerly capable of!"

"Wow… I don't know what to say. Does that mean that if I chose to remain human, I can inject any bloodline to my system and acquire the powers of that particular race?"

"Correct. Unfortunately, you can only do this once, and the requirements for such an endeavor are also something to take into consideration. You would need to find a Blood Mage who has a rank 4 Blood Transfusion Art at least, and an Alchemist skilled enough to prepare the necessary components and concoctions to guarantee your success. But all of those are only things to consider for in the future when you do get yourself a tube of blood essence from a powerful or ancient being. It may be a Dragon, Qilin, Phoenix, or even the blood of a literal God."

"That sounds amazing…"

"I bet it does. But in the end, being a Human is a huge gamble. If you are lucky enough to encounter such serendipity and have the corresponding destiny to seize it from all adversity, then you are truly deserving of the title 'Heaven's Chosen.' Most often than not, Humans are bound to fail in acquiring extraordinary bloodlines and just settle for the blood of the other playable races, ultimately resulting in their own inferiority. They would become second-rate trash that no one would deign give respect to."

The quantity of information he received put Solis through a state of deep pondering as he closed his eyes. Solis willed his brain to digest and remember every single detail that has been shared here today, because he instinctively understood that what Grazier was telling him was valuable knowledge that could be exploited sometime in the near future.

"I see…"

Solis eventually opened his eyes after organizing everything in his head. His mind and eyes became as clear as a still lake, and then he directed his gaze to Grazier.

"Hehe~ What is it? Are you perhaps tempted~?"

"No. I don't believe or rely on the ephemeral mirage called luck. I would rather put my chips towards something more substantial."

"Is that so~? Anyhow, finally, we'll be able to talk about the last race you've chosen—the Red Orc Race. Afterward, you will have to ultimately decide on your race, which is unchangeable later when you've reincarnated."

"I understand. Please, tell me about the Red Orc Race."

"Mm. The Red Orc Race is one of the four ethnic groups of Orcs. The three other kinds of orcs are the Blue Orcs, Green Orcs, and Yellow Orcs. The four different orcs each are superior in two attributes—the Red Orcs have strength and dexterity; the Blue Orcs have intelligence and wisdom; the Green Orcs have vitality and endurance; and lastly, the Yellow Orcs have perception and agility." Grazier paused for a moment, before addressing a doubt she had. "By the way Solis, are you aware of what those eight attributes that I have just mentioned entail?"

"Hmm… I think I do, but I want to hear Grazier's input nonetheless."

"Fine then. You sure make me explain a lot of things, you know? It's really starting to tire me out~" she sighed.

"I'm terribly sorry. But your unrequited guidance is very precious to me."

"Heh~ Unrequited guidance, huh. What a horrible thing to say~"

A smirk of slight amusement graced her luscious lips, and Solis in response gave a gentle smile that softened his good-looking face.

"Sheesh. I can't win against charming men, can I? Alright, listen up. Basically, strength is your physical power, and vitality is your health points; intelligence is your magical power, and wisdom is your mana points; agility is your movement speed, and dexterity is your attack speed; endurance is your energy or stamina, and perception is your vision. Did you get all of that?"

"Yeah, it wasn't that hard to understand their effects."

"Good. So, the Red Orc Race is naturally a league superior to the three other Orcish Races when it comes to strength and dexterity; meaning that they hit pretty hard, pretty fast."

"I get it. Thank you for your guidance and for answering all of my questions until now, Grazier. I'm really quite fortunate to have met you."

"Mm. Your welcome. Now, it's time for you to finally choose your race. Afterward, there are only two procedures left, and in the end, we'll say our farewells as you depart from this place."

The time to decide has at long last come. What race will Solis be choosing?

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