1 Chapter 1: Am back

There was a crowd at Z3 arrival pick up zone at Z city airport. The international flight from A nation to Z city has  landed .

A beautiful woman strode into Z city pick up zone , her thick black eye lashes flickered gently as her maroon coloured hair fluttered behind her back, her nine  centimeter heels drew the attention of passer by as they starred at her in awe

      "Is she a celebrity ? " A girl asked still starring at her

       " Obviously, can't you see the lastest channel bag in her hand " her friend answered

Her red coloured lips curled up slightly in a cold smile as starred ahead at the big Bill board

        " I xi bie am back " she said coldly as she wore her dark shade covering half of her pale face , she wore a fur coat and a long leather pant which made look alluring more than some models and company ambassadors , the aurora she emitted alone was filled with elegance and nobility.


she strode to a corner as she took out her phone to make a call

      " Hey bitch I just landed "

       " Speak of the devil , am on my way gimme ten minutes " shen fie said as she put on her wind breaker .

Xi bie and shen fie had been friends since kindergarten, they share things in common as they had similar characteristics .

Shen fie got down from her car as she looked around trying to find xi bie ,as  she brought out her phone to make a call she felt a light tap on her shoulder as she yelped

     " Hey you scared me " she shouted earning looks from passer by

     " I knew you were blind"


     " Is that how you to address your older sister after four years of running away "

      " Whatever just take me home  " she said rolling her eyes

Shen fie seems to have noticed something as she stopped and faced back

     " Xi bie "

      " Hm" she answered trying to drag her black leather box

       " Where is xio nishan ? " She asked looking around

       " Don't tell me....."

       " Yh I left him with George "

       " OMG bie bie are u crazy"

           " Xio fie stop acting like George is gonna kill him or something ,George is my music manager okay and he keeps most of my secret , besides if I bring him to Z city ,whose gonna hire a celebrity with a three and half year old kid who doesn't even know who is father is"

          " ... Fine am sorry for reminding you of the past"

        " Alright am starving"

       " Hm dear foodie"



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