She Clearly Couldn't Stand Properly Because Her Legs Were Weak, Okay!

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The quiet, morning sunlight filtered in through the windows.

Ji Nuan had been bullied all night and was now sleeping deeply. The moment she opened her eyes, she thought Mo Jingshen had already left for work and tried to get up.

However, she was pressed back down before she could even move. A bare chest was snugly pressed against her bareback.

She was stunned. She turned around to glance at the man lying by her side. His perfect face was charmingly handsome under the sunlight, causing one to wonder if he was God's flawless creation. Although he had just woken up, his black eyes were as clear and bright as water.

After being pressed down for the entire night, she was slightly afraid of him. Subconsciously, she twisted to avoid him but was pressed down on the bed and was unable to get up.

"Why are you awake?" The man's voice was light and slightly husky.

"By now it should be almost 9:00 a.m., why haven't you gone to work…?"

"The senior management meeting is at ten, and this place is close to the company. I'll accompany you to sleep for another two hours. There's no rush."

Ji Nuan felt that she had brought this man—who was usually serious about his work—astray. Mo Jingshen had actually chose to laze in bed with her on a work day.

However, this could not be considered lazing around. Not only did she almost lose her voice last night, right now, she felt she did not have the strength to leave the house for two days.

She turned around to see that the man's black hair was slightly messy. Unlike President Mo, who typically appeared high up in his dress shirt and pants, this was real and intimate in a way that strongly moved her heart.

"Not going to sleep more?" he asked.

Ji Nuan wanted to say that she thought men were more dangerous in the day but seeing that Mo Jingshen appeared only to want to accompany her to rest, she did not try to get up further.

The main point was that her entire body was sore; more sleep was good.

She moved her gaze to the side and saw how the man's shoulders were covered in passion marks, cough; those were clearly made by her.

She moved her gaze back and could not help but look up at the man as he closed his eyes. Looking at his peaceful face and charming brow, it was impossible to comprehend how this man was incessantly demanding of her last night.

She fell asleep in his arms without any awareness. This time, she only slept for less than an hour before she suddenly awoke.

Her hands moved around the bed. Although the sheets still held some of Mo Jingshen's clean scent, he was no longer around.

Ji Nuan turned over and smelled something fragrant. Her gaze moved toward the bedroom door.

If he would cook to reward her body and stomach every time he pressed her down, for the sake of Boss Mo's handmade cooking, she would not mind training more to prevent her bones from shattering.

Ji Nuan was tempted by the scent and could not lie down any longer. She abruptly stood up, pushed aside the sheets and clambered down the bed. She was about to move to the closet to look for the clothes she had bought last night.

However, the moment her feet touched the ground, she fell backward onto the bed.

Her legs were so weak, she could not even stand up!

She laid on the bed quietly for a several seconds before gritting her teeth to stand up. She barely managed a few steps to the closet.

After she took out what she needed, she turned to return to the bed but could not bear the ache after taking one step forward. She fell toward the side and rushed to grab onto the closet's door. Mo Jingshen, who had abruptly entered the room, held her up and pressed the unclothed her into his embrace.

"How did you manage to slip even in the bedroom?"


She clearly could not stand because her legs were weak, okay!

Ji Nuan tossed the clothes in her hand at him. "It's because of you that I lost all my strength! If we continue like this, I won't even be able to step out of the house!"

Mo Jingshen glanced at her angered, bright red face and softly chuckled. "If you don't have strength, then do you have the energy to eat breakfast?"

Ji Nuan turned away to ignore him. He had teased her even though it was apparent why she had fallen earlier. She was truly the first to discover the nasty character this man was hiding in his bones. She was going to be driven to her grave by anger.

Although her head was turned away, her hands successfully snatched her clothing back from him. She tugged the loose dress over her own body.

Mo Jingshen saw her puffed cheeks and lost his smile.

All of a sudden, he wrapped his arm around her waist and carried her up. Ji Nuan turned her head around warily. "What are you doing?"

"Didn't you say that you don't have any strength? I'll carry you to breakfast." His words were straight to the point. By the time he had finished speaking, he had already carried her out of the bedroom.

The sunlight landed on the dining table.

It was only after Mo Jingshen carried her over to sit down, placing her on his lap and pressing a glass of warm milk against her lips, that Ji Nuan returned to her senses. Frightened over how doting he was, she tried to leave his embrace.

Help, Mo Jingshen wanted her life! Her small heart really could not take it!

She had yet to leave his embrace when Mo Jingshen pressed her down. "Don't even have the strength to drink milk?"


Ji Nuan instinctively grabbed the glass from his hands and drank a big gulp. She then pointed to her lips, signaling that she could drink it herself.

"I do it by myself. I can eat…"

She originally wanted to be pampered, but this man was really crafty.

Yesterday's breakfast was Chinese. Although today's breakfast was simple, it could be considered Western.

Being served so thoroughly by Boss Mo, Ji Nuan felt that she did not want to return to the Yu Garden. What to do…


Seeing that Ji Nuan wanted to stay here, Mo Jingshen arranged for the helpers at Yu Garden to send over some of her things. He also sent Auntie Chen over to help her tidy up, although, in the end, Ji Nuan still sent her back.

Subconsciously, she hoped that this place would be a quiet home belonging only to Mo Jingshen and her. There was no need for helpers, nor was there a need to ask Auntie Chen for help for everything. After all, she was no longer that Eldest Miss Ji. Ten years of memories were sufficient for Ji Nuan to become independent.

At around eleven, she began sorting out the laptop she had brought into the study. She wanted to research all the recent information related to the country's property market. In addition, she wanted to become familiar with everything happening inside and outside of the companies; They had just reorganized their employees after changing ownership.

She had just opened her laptop when her handphone, placed on the table, rang.

Ji Nuan glanced at it and found it was an unfamiliar number.

While glancing at the data she had copied from the company a few days ago, she casually answered, "Hello, who is this?"

"Yesterday, you came to our hospital but left so quickly. I didn't have the opportunity to give you the analysis results of that bottle of medicine. Miss Ji, when do you have time?" Qin Siting's voice came through the receiver unhurried and slightly indifferent.

"Are the results out so quickly?"

"Miss Ji gave the orders, how could this Qin dare to be slow?" Qin Siting's voice was extremely calm, as though carrying a smile, yet it still made others feel a sense of distance. "You said that this medicine is what your father has been recently taking?"

"That's right, does this medicine have any problem?"

It was quiet on the other side for a moment. "I'll explain to you when you come and receive the results."

"If it's convenient for you, Doctor Qin, I'll head over now." Ji Nuan stood up while speaking. She turned around to change and leave the house.

"En, I'll hang up now."