476 Known

Penny's head was on the pillow, her mind still raking in the day as she pieced the memories together, remembering the time of when it happened and how things had turned out to be. It must have been a week or two before her mother had claimed to fall sick.Β 

"I met an elemental bearer before the water person," she let Damien know, her head still heavy with sleep which was only leaving her mind right now, "It was a wind element."

"That's great. Did he teach you how to use your ability?" he asked, elated by the news. At least there was some good news which wasn't just hurtful and bad memories that Penny had to go through but when he saw Penny shake her head, he asked, "Why not?"

"He asked me to meet him at a certain place but I couldn't meet him. I forgot about him," Damien gave her an understanding look. Penny's mother sure was a bitch who had misused her own family for her own benefit, "But that wasn't all. He said I was a water element too."


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