2 The New Team Formation

Once me and Superboy made our entrance with Superboy being more loud then me once we made our way in Superboy gave me a look of who are you so I just gave him a funny response "Hey I'm the other guy they podded up how's your escape going." I gave him a smile after that while he looked at me with an indifferent look so I said to him "tough guy to please guess that's gonna be on my to do list when we get out of here." He gave me another indifferent look with an inch of intrigue.

After our little moment happened Desmond was running up to us when he saw me he stopped frozen in his place saying "you how did you get out that pod was suppose to keep you completely frozen until we say otherwise." Which I smirked at saying to him "well you can't keep everything caged up Doc." And at that moment the three heroes made there presence known by speaking all three said "who are you" which I tell all of them "I am the World war 2 war hero that took down the nazi organization Hydra Captain America" which everyone in the room was completely shocked even Superboy I cut the discussion for anther time so I freed Kid Flash and Aqualed while Robin freed himself and all five of us escaped which everything happened like in cannon until Desmond took the Blockbuster formula.

All five of us with Guardian and the other Genomes were in the hallway when Superboy made his decision to fight for himself and be free until Desmond showed up with him saying "Project Blockbuster will give me the power to restore order to Cadmus" when he was about to drink the formula faster then anyone could see I snatched it from his hands and punched him in the jaw knocking him out while the other stood there Robin came up to me and said "why did you do that" and without missing a beat I told Batman's young protege "I stopped him before he could use this serum to make him stronger and give us and even bigger headache" when I told him that he believed me but with some suspicion but all in all we got out of Cadmus and the three sidekicks called the league.


Once that happened all of the league members came and just like what happened on the show happened with some changes.

One is where Superman and Superboy I knew I had to get them to be on good terms so I had Martain Manhunter in my mind and show that Superboy is not a bad threat which Superman recognizes and will try to do better by Superboy and in turn Superboy will be better by Superman guidance and Superboy thanked me for helping him out even though he doesn't even know me.

Then Second is that Batman wanted to have me checked up on and wanted to run some test on me I agreed and got all of the test when they found my identity which they were even more surprised by that I was a seventeen year old war hero in the 21st century which Batman said that he would like for me to join the team with Robin,Superboy,Aquald,Kid Flash,and a soon to be Miss Martain. I accept and decided to live at mount justice but before I did that I bought my own place with the 10,000,000 that God gave me and used the strong materials and other things in that time span it was a few days before I would meet the team I made 4 suits all Captain America suits with Black and white colors with the Vbranium and Supermanim materials with a personalized jet I made with a A.I. installed in the jet and in my suits which I named Jarvis.

Then the third and final thing was that Batman wanted me to be the team leader for the team I didn't want to at first but he was insistent to making me the leader so I agreed but with that I wanted Aqualed to be my second in command which Batman accepted. And the day came where I met the team officially I stood there waiting on them with Superboy I was wearing a black shirt with jeans and black shoes with a black leather jacket. I look at Superboy and say "So your new name is Conner Kent huh" he tuns and smiles and says "yeah Superman gave men the name and I like it" I smile and nod which prompts him to ask what is yours I didn't catch it at Cadmus so he says "Hey what is your name if I might ask" I say "My name is Tyler Rogers" he smiles and nods after that Batman and the rest of the team comes in and he explains about us being in a covert type roll for the justice league and that me and Aqualed which Robin wasn't too happy about but one Batman glare and he stood down for now and Aqualad says the iconic words "Today is the day."

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